The Wall Street Crash

My lovely friend Kat, who’s a qualified makeup artist and is studying a degree in the subject, recently asked me if I’d be the model for a 1920’s makeup competition that she was taking part in. Now, if you don’t already know, I’m ridiculously uncomfortable in front of the camera. I can tolerate the odd “Matthew, take a photograph of me in front of this beautiful landmark” type thing, because I know it’s my camera and I could always delete it anyway. Again, when I’m feeling pretty fly (hands up if you just mumbled “for a white guy”), I’ll take a cheeky selfie. But, the idea of putting that power into the hands of a professional, meaning I’d be unable to double check and delete any images that made me look bad, gave me the jitters. She’s my friend, though, and I was absolutely over the moon to help her out. Either way, I got to dress up as a rich 1920’s lady of leisure and that was pretty exciting.

For me, a full face of makeup is made up of my trusty mascara, winged eyeliner, translucent power on my nose and a bit of red lippy. Being put into the hands of a makeup artist, who literally has a suitcase full of makeup with her, was pretty daunting. I was met with primer, foundation, a ridiculous number of different eye shadows, false lashes and lots of other things that I don’t even know the name of. Honestly, it felt weird but I definitely wouldn’t look too out of place during the 1920’s.


The brief was “Wall Street Crash”. Kat’s plan was to do a full face of 1920’s inspired make-up, before sitting me down alongside lots of other models, as all of the makeup artists performed their special effects magic. I was expecting a pretty tense atmosphere but I actually had a really good time – Kat covered me in fake blood, cuts and bruises, whilst I just sat there and watched the world go by. There was such a range of different looks going on in the competition room. Some makeup artists went for realism, like Kat, and some took it to the other (far) end of the spectrum with stilettos in eyeballs or shards of glass sticking out of the model’s skin.

Kat’s overall look was incredible. It showed how I was trampled during the people’s rush to the banks, hence the huge bruising to one side of my face. It looks bloody painful, right!?




Didn’t she do such a good job!? If you want to have a look at her makeup artist Facebook page, you can click here! She posts all of her makeup work – from beauty makeup to special effects – on this page, so it’s definitely worth a like.

What do you think of the final look?


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Hello, September! Hello, Autumn!


I say it every year, but Summer absolutely flew by.

As much as I love the warmth, the light nights, the summer evenings and the time off University, I cannot wait until Autumn gets into full swing. It’s most definitely my favourite time of year.

It’s going to be a busy season this year. Both me and Matt are starting huge chapters of our lives. I’ll be going into a year long placement at Seed Software, and Matt will be starting his final year of University! On top of this commitment though, there is so much more I want to accomplish and so much to look forward to.

I’ve never taken care of myself much. My mum was always really selfless, and I think putting others before myself is something she passed on to me.
This season I hope to put much more time and effort into keeping my skin and hair a lot healthier. I’m also still quite set on dying my hair blonde for the durations of Autumn/Winter, so we’ll see!
Hopefully, I’ll get into a proper skincare routine and stop being so simple with my hair and make-up. I currently have 2 ways to style my hair: straight or curly. I have 2 make-up routines: mascara and winged line with no facial make up or no make-up at all.

Home Life:
Even though I’ll have a lot less spare time, I should hopefully be a lot less stressed this year. We’ve debated back on forth on the subject of moving house, into somewhere with an extra bedroom. Our lease ends in November, so possibly!

As above, this is something both me and Matt are hoping to kick into gear as soon as we can. A death in the family is always a shock to the system. For us, when we found out the cause was as simple as heart disease, it made us think a lot about how we could prevent such things happening to us later in life. We always used to talk about exercising together as a hobby, but this month it’s going to happen. How, what or when is still debatable.
We’re also in the transitional phase of becoming vegetarian. Doing so, has worryingly limited the options we have. I have about 10 awesome vegetarian meals that we could quite happily live with, but besides that, when we’re lazy we’ll scoff chips or eggs on toast. We need to brainstorm some more lovely meals, so we don’t get ourselves stuck in an unhealthy rut.

Of course, I’m going to make the absolute most of Autumn weather. Jumpers and long boots and woolly hats. It’ll be socially acceptable to refuse plans simply because it’s cold or rainy. Coming home straight from work, into pyjamas and putting the kettle is no longer a bit sad. The leaves start to change, and the conkers start to show! Autumn is really the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye of all the seasons!


I think I’m most excited about a beautiful vintage coat I’ve had stored since early Summer. I found and bought it at a vintage fair despite the hot weather, I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t snap it up. It’s very similar to the Collectif Pearl coat, if any of you are vintage fashion lovers! It’s been far too hot to wear recently, but the time has come!

Exciting! September is when the saving and planning is hugely accelerated. We have mentally planned almost every aspect, meaning we know exactly what we want. We now have to start actually thinking about how all of the wonderful bits and bobs will come together!

Well I am now quite possibly the most excitable little lady in England. So many plans, so little time!

Alongside all of the wonder I have planned, there is Bonfire Night, my birthday, mine and Matt‘s 4th anniversary, Halloween and a lot of challenges left on my 101 Things in 1001 Days!

Let’s get cracking! 🙂