Giants of Rock | Minehead

Giants of Rock – sounds great already, right? – is an annual adults-only rock festival hosted by the one and only Butlins. I promise, this is not a joke post. Butlins really does host a rock weekend.

You think of Butlins and, like me, you probably think of the seaside, family holidays, cheesy music and a place as far away as humanly possible from several thousand rockers. You’d be right, because Butlins is an awesome place for a family holiday, but did you know they also regularly hold live music weekends just for us grown-ups? And they’re incredible.

At the end of January, Matthew and I, alongside Mark and Kat – also known as Matt’s brother & brother’s girlfriend, good friends, best man & maid of honour, which ever tickles your fancy – jumped into the car for a 5 hour car-ride down to Minehead. We booked this weekend away so long ago, on a bit of a whim really, after visiting Matt’s mum and her foster children during on of their family holidays at Butlins. All four of us are child-free and loving it, so whilst Butlins (and the prospects of music, drinks and swimming) is forever enticing, the idea of spending a long weekend around many, many children is not. All they had to do was throw in “adults-only” and “rock music” and we were sold.

The music was, obviously, the highlight of the entire weekend. Surprisingly, though, the surrounding area came a very, very close second and that’s what I want to share with you today.

Minehead Butlins Beach Sunset

The Butlins resort we stayed in was in Minehead – almost 300 miles from our home city. It’s down in Somerset (which is also kind of near Wales), so even the car ride was a thing of beauty. I’m a bit dramatic when it comes to nature, I guess you’d say. I can’t quite control my excitement with how overwhelmingly and sincerely beautiful I find everything. It still baffles me how people can pass rolling hills and not look at them in awe, but that’s a story for another day. So, when we rocked up at the resort and head down to the nearby beach, I was blown away.

The beach seemed to start right at the base of a huge cliff, before winding all the way over mounds of huge rocks, around the bright green fields of a nearby golf course and into rolling hills in the distance. It went on forever.

Minehead Butlins Beach SunsetMinehead Butlins Beach Sunset

We went for two walks on the beach. One walk was full of fog and an orange sun that made the whole place look warm (even though it wasn’t). Even in the fog, it was incredible. During the second walk, we caught the sunset before almost being caught in the high tide. You bet we practically ran back to safety.  I could have walked up and down that beach for days… but only minutes away was the Butlins resort calling us back with an itinerary full of rock music and how could we turn that down?


Have you ever been to Minehead or Somerset? I wish we could have explored a little more but, this time, we paid for the music and not for the nature!


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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

My Day in Photos | Hornsea Mere!

Evening lovelies,

Me and Matt are being super adventurous recently (for two huge introverts, that is), and today we visited Hornsea. We did pop to the beach, but the most enjoyable part of the day was our trip to Hornsea Mere, which is the largest freshwater lake in Yorkshire!

The water was a bit choppy, so I didn’t want to push my luck and go on a boat again, so instead we walked around the lake, kept our eyes open for wildlife and skimmed stones. It was another super lovely day!
I’m absolutely exhausted now though. We’ve walked miles and miles over the past few days, but we’ve been all over East Yorkshire so it’s worth it.

A short and sweet post tonight before I go to bed, because I just wanted to show some snaps I got of the lake etc. We were enjoying ourselves a bit too much to worry about taking wonderfully composed photographs, but I did catch a few simple, pretty ones! If you live in Yorkshire and haven’t been, I really recommend it. It’s stunning!

Hornsea Mere

Another stunning sky today.

Hornsea Mere

Choppy waters and a single seagull.


This friendly little bird was inches away from us. We don’t know what it is though. Anybody?


Photograph inception. A picture of me taking a picture of a swan!


A sneaky shot of me.

Me and Matt

Cheeky couple shot.

Me and Matt

Had to stop for a cup of tea/hot chocolate to warm our bones.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve had a nice day/night wherever in the world you are.



101 Things in 1001 Days | Boats, Boats, Boats

We have huge news for the girl who is terrified of boats, water and can’t swim.
I guess this is also very small news for the boat fans and swimmers of the world, but let me have my moment of fame!

I went on a boat, and therefore finished another smaller quest for my 101 Things in 101 Days Challenge!

Boats Boats Boats

I had a beautiful day in Bridlington with Matt yesterday. It was one of the most perfect days, but we just had to top it off with a little scary task for me to accomplish.
Like I said, I’m super scared of water because I can’t swim. This in turn means a boat on the sea is one of the scariest things you could make me do – it’s probably in second place, behind making me go on a plane ever again.

But, I did it! We went on a pirate ship, a little 10 minute ride out into the sea. It was a gorgeous day for it too. It may have been the warmest day out me and Matt have experienced all summer, and the skies were beautifully blue. Of course I took photos, I hear you ask.

Short and sweet post, but I thought I’d top it off with a little collection of some photographs we took throughout the day (including the pirate ship, obviously!)

Shoes in the Sand

Wasn’t quite warm enough for the sea.

Sea and Sky

Blue skies and choppy seas.

Pirate Ship

Pirate ship! How beautiful does the sky look against the flags?

Sea and Sky

View from the boat, overlooking Bridlington beach

Thanks for reading! 🙂


My Day in Photos | Whitby!

Evening lovelies,

Me and Matt have been super demotivated recently. Not just lacking in motivation to work, but also to make plans and the make most of the limited summer we have left! Yesterday was a good kick start back into the outdoors for us, and it was lovely – we went out with my parents, brother and his girlfriend to Whitby, North Yorkshire.

On our way, we passed by the Hole of Horcum, and had a little mooch around the top of it to stretch our legs. It’s pretty much a giant hole (400ft deep) in the North Yorkshire Moors, and in the summer it fills with purple heather. According to legend, the hole was formed when a giant scooped out some dirt! My mum told me that when I was younger, but it’s one of those strange stories that sticks with you!

Luckily, when we did get to Whitby the sun was shining. It wouldn’t have made much difference anyway because the town is so pretty. We stopped for fish and chips, had a nice walk along the beach, found some rock pools and then went crabbing. I didn’t take many photographs, but I thought I’d share the few I did get with my readers!

Enjoy! 🙂


This was pretty much the first view when I got out of the car. So so pretty


My dad found this little crab in one of the pools!

Starfish Rockpool

I’ve never seen a starfish before, so this was a treat


My pink crabbing line (ft. sneaky me)! We didn’t catch a thing, but at least we could feed all the left over bread to the seagulls.


Sparkly rock pools!


This was the sky on the way home. Unedited. So bright and dramatic. This was taken on a mobile phone and that just amazes me!


Thanks for reading!