Matt Asks Me Weird Things

You know what’s a really incredible thing? Loving and living with your absolute best friend in the world.

After 5 and a half years – or, almost 2000 days (I don’t know why I Googled that) – being asked weird questions by my better half, Matthew, has become the norm. We have the strangest conversations, like everyone else, but Matt in particular comes up with the most ridiculous things. Tonight, I was thinking about this one particular memory, and I suddenly remembered that I noted down a few of the weird questions he asked me, just for, I don’t know, future notice, I guess.  We went on a summer hike in the middle of nowhere, and periodically throughout the walk, he’d turn to me and ask a question. As if the beautiful walk, rolling hills, and blazing sunshine wasn’t enough, this made for a super special memory.

For all you lucky people that do live with your best friend, especially if that best friend of yours is a massive, random weirdo, you’re probably gonna relate with me a little here! If not, admire a few of the weird and wonderful things that Matthew thought to ask me throughout the duration of one hour.

Green Landscape Trees

If you had a horse, what would you name him?

Frasier, Dougie, Ezekiel, Felix. I think I love Ezekiel the most, but I can imagine my fictional, beautiful, shiny stallion with all of the above names.

What mythical animal would you most love to find in the wild?

To clarify, he also meant “to find and have as a per”. This was easy for me. I’d want to find a domesticated unicorn or Pegasus or Rapidash (do Pokémon count?). As you probably already guessed, I’m pretty obsessed with horses – but, alas, I do not own a horse. I did also consider a Phoenix because 1) it’s beautiful, 2) you won’t be sad when it dies, because it will come back to life 3) they have the ability to heal with their tears.

Would you chop off your own arm if you could replace it with a mechanical one?

Basically, no. We debated this one for a while because, yes, the mechanical arm has countless advantages but I can’t imagine any of those advantages outweighing the unimaginable pain of having to cut your own arm off. I also like the idea of, at least for now, being completely human. If you were offering a deal more like “would you chop of your pinkie to become a bionic human, or human 2.0, with massively improved cognitive functions?” then I might say yes.


What do you think?


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Saying Goodbye

Today, I lost a very special friend. My childhood cat and best friend, Kiara, had to be put to sleep, and another chapter of my life ended. All of my childhood babies – my 3 gorgeous cats and the best dog I’ve ever known – have left me now, and I’m so sad. I wasn’t even there to say goodbye… Yeah, today is a sad day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m going to be perfectly honest here, I had a post planned for today but I just aren’t in the mood to write about anything other than my little princess right now. I sometimes get so wrapped up in writing for you, that I forget to write for me.

I just wish I had some better quality photographs of her. She was always sat on my knee, so most of the photographs I did get of her were always taken with me! That’s adorable and everything, but it doesn’t lead to photos that show off how bloody pretty she was. It’s so different for my two fur-babies now, because every single photograph I take of them is taken with great quality cameras. Either way, I have photos to remember her and that’s all that matters.

Losing a pet is crap.


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I Didn’t Make A New Year’s Resolution

Last year, I had one New Year’s resolution: I wanted to learn how to play the piano.

For some reason though, when I make resolutions in the new year, I don’t take into account the difficulty, free time and plans of the year ahead. This seems to be a case for a lot of people, where your mind goes blank and all of the resolutions you’re making – for one split second – seem manageable and doable alongside your work and your family.

Sure, I can fit gym in 4 times a week after work, and I have time to make smoothies for lunch before I leave, and I’m sure it’s not hard to quit smoking, and I bet I have time to learn Spanish, too. Easy.

I eventually realised I don’t have time to learn how to play an instrument right now. I was in the middle of mountains of coursework and reports throughout the early months of 2015, and come summer I was due to start a full-time software development internship. Fast forward to today, work takes up my entire day. I get home, cook tea, tidy up, blog, shower and then it’s time for bed. I’d have to sacrifice my blog, and it’s too dear to me to let any new extra-curricular activity come between us.

Home Office Blogging

This year, I didn’t bother making a resolution. Resolutions don’t tend to last anyway. By the middle of January, the excitement goes away and normality creeps back in, as do the bad habits. Instead, I intend to just keep going. Maybe try to feel a bit better about myself. Maybe try to enjoy the daily grind a bit more. Maybe give myself a bit of a break. But maybe not. Either way, entering a new year doesn’t magically make a difference to anything. It doesn’t matter. Why do we want to say good-bye to what could have been the best year of our lives?


Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Do you think you’re gonna stick to it?


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Moody Monday

Happy Moody Monday, lovely reader.

Today marks my first day back to work after the super exhausting, not at all relaxing festivities. I’m going to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it at all.

Typically, my morning starts at 6am. I get up, get ready, cook lunch, drink a cup of tea (that I can’t start my day without) and leave. In the background, Matt holds me together. I despise mornings, and I’m a very lucky duck for having such a caring best friend and better half to help me.

Because we don’t drive, we’re full on “bus wankers” and it’s crap during the winter. Walking to the station in the wind, rain and cold is bad enough without then having to sit near strangers. 

Ignoring the monotony of our mornings, I have bigger issues today. Before breaking off work for Christmas, I had a rough couple of weeks. I was constantly sad, really sad. I wasn’t sleeping. I couldn’t concentrate.  I was uneasy.

I guess I’m feeling so negative towards going back to work because this is all I can remember – it’s hard to think about all the enjoyable moments I’ve had in that environment, when the bad bits are unforgettable. It feels like that big, dark cloud is going to just come and swallow me again, as soon as I get back into that environment.

My point: I don’t want it to. I wanted 2016 to be a year of saying “no” when I’m overworked, scared, uncomfortable, cold, stressed etc… but I guess in reality, that’s just not realistic.


Anyway, now that’s out of my system…
Here’s hoping that today is a good day!


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Happy New Year

After a hell of a lot of decision making, questioning the point of everything and “what ifs”, me and Matthew eventually decided that New Year’s Eve is better spent in the company of ourselves and our cats.

Instead, we bought ourselves a bottle of Jägermeister, a 12-pack of stubbies and spent the night listening to music and playing games. Ever heard of “Heads Up“? It’s a digitalised version of that family guessing game where you have headbands with words on, or stick post it notes to your forehead – it’s brilliant, and it had us in absolute stitches to a point where we almost missed the countdown to 2016!


After a loud, late night, today will be spent doing absolutely nothing. We had plans to go to The Deep (an aquarium) and take a walk around the marina, but I can’t shake this headache… We can always do that tomorrow, instead.

Marina Hull

Right on my doorstep. We’re very lucky to live in the city centre.

Matthew, the absolute sweetheart, made me a nest on the sofa, with cushions, blankets and a quilt. The candles are lit. I have everything I need to read, write, plan and relax right by my side, and a cat by my feet. It was clearly a ploy to distract me with cosiness, so he could play Batman on the Xbox all day, but win win!

So, today is going to be a quiet start to the new year. I’m conserving my energy. 2016 will be a completely exhausting year.

Happy New Year!


What are your plans for today? Family goodness, lazy self-indulgence?


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Feeling Cute?

Today was a long day, so I’m going to end it with absolutely nothing other than sweetness.


Cute Duck GifCute Puppy GifCute Sleepy Kitten GifCute Sleepy Kitten GifCute Dog and Kitten GifCute Bunny Rabbit GifCute Puppy and Dog Gif


Do you have a favourite? I think mine is the sleepy kitten in the water… oh my, she’s so cute.