Why Hate Valentine’s Day?

It’s that time of year again, when the entire world is split into three camps: the lovers, the haters and those who couldn’t care less. Despite the day’s focus on romance, there seems to be a huge amount of bitterness and hostility between the lovers and haters of Valentine’s Day, and I’ve never understood why. Personally, I love Valentine’s Day – I don’t go out of my way to plan something special every year, nor do I buy or expect expensive gifts and gestures. I just really like the idea of a holiday that’s sole focus is romance.

Matthew and I are both thrifty (well, you have to be when you’re a poor student) romantics at heart, so Valentine’s Day has never been a chore for us. Last year, we made a huge blanket fort, watched films and slept in the living room. It was memorable, cute as hell and it meant we could spend the whole night being totally together. Sure, we could have done that any other day of the year too, but our blanket fort felt like a great idea for Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re making our own pizzas, having a glass of wine and watching a film – for us, that’s perfect.

Valentine's Day Flowers - Why Hate Valentine's Day?

The busy parents, unhappy singletons and those who are struggling either physically or mentally, simply can’t and/or don’t want to celebrate, and of course I understand that. However, there are also some popular yet trivial problems that people tend to have with Valentine’s Day, and although I recognise them, I really do not understand them.

I love my partner every single day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day:

Of course, me too! But, I also don’t see any harm in saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” instead of “Morning!” when I wake up – either way, Matt still gets a kiss and a cuddle.

You can’t celebrate when you’re single:

Sure you can. Go see your mum or your grandma and, if you have some money, buy them a bunch of flowers. Celebrate with your single friends. Why not just have a night in, with your favourite food and favourite film? Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, not just romantic love. Celebrate familial love, friendship and self-love.

It’s a day for couples to rub their relationships in other people’s faces:

Definitely not. If love, or seeing love in others, bothers you then you’re clearly going through some hardship that you need to take control of. If you’re not and simply seeing happy couples genuinely bothers you, you have issues and your hate should not be projected onto the happiness of others. That’s your problem, sort it out.

It’s just another money grabbing holiday:

Yep, probably, but who is making you spend money? Romance isn’t expensive gifts and extravagant date nights. It can be a homemade meals, or making your own Valentine’s Day cards. Self-love doesn’t have to be expensive either. No need for fancy spas: run yourself a bubble bath and paint your toe nails.


There’s no need to hate Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t celebrate, you have to admit, it’s a pretty cute idea. Love is in the air today, so don’t shoot it down.

What do you think of Valentine’s Day?


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Treat Yo’ Self Sundays

If you’re now completely in the mood to watch Parks and Recreation, my job here is done. Be my friend. If not, you should really watch that show. It’s the best combination of comedy, life lessons and a giant dose of realism.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll agree that Sundays are really wonderful. They’re either full of absolutely nothing or absolutely everything but, either way, they’re enjoyable. Yes, you’re a tiny step closer back to work on Monday but at least you spent it doing something you wanted, right?

Treat yo' Self

Sunday evenings are the perfect excuse to treat yourself.


Eat lots of chocolate:

I don’t know about you but there’s a giant bar of Dairy Milk and a full box of Cadbury’s Heroes in my fridge, waiting for me. I don’t often eat chocolate but when I do get that sweet tooth… God help us all.

Take a bubble bath:

Melt your worries away. Don’t give me that “men don’t take bubble baths” malarkey, either. Everyone can enjoy a good soak. Whether you do that in a bright pink bath tub full of glitter, well, that’s your choice.

Read a book:

Immerse yourself in one of your favourite fictional worlds. Personally, getting tucked up in bed with a good book is practically unbeatable on the scale of relaxation.

Try to stop worrying:

Now, I say try because, understandably, we all have our own shit going on. But, if there’s any chance of you treating yourself (mentally or materialistically) then you should probably just breath and let it go – even if that’s only for the evening.

Get yourself some fresh air:

As tempting as it is to stay indoors all day, with the curtains closed as if the outside world doesn’t exist (or is that just me?), it’s well worth taking a stroll outdoors on a Sunday. This is even more of a cause in the autumn, when those Sunday afternoons are just perfectly crisp.



Treat yo’ self, everyone.

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills