Matt Asks Me Weird Things

You know what’s a really incredible thing? Loving and living with your absolute best friend in the world.

After 5 and a half years – or, almost 2000 days (I don’t know why I Googled that) – being asked weird questions by my better half, Matthew, has become the norm. We have the strangest conversations, like everyone else, but Matt in particular comes up with the most ridiculous things. Tonight, I was thinking about this one particular memory, and I suddenly remembered that I noted down a few of the weird questions he asked me, just for, I don’t know, future notice, I guess.  We went on a summer hike in the middle of nowhere, and periodically throughout the walk, he’d turn to me and ask a question. As if the beautiful walk, rolling hills, and blazing sunshine wasn’t enough, this made for a super special memory.

For all you lucky people that do live with your best friend, especially if that best friend of yours is a massive, random weirdo, you’re probably gonna relate with me a little here! If not, admire a few of the weird and wonderful things that Matthew thought to ask me throughout the duration of one hour.

Green Landscape Trees

If you had a horse, what would you name him?

Frasier, Dougie, Ezekiel, Felix. I think I love Ezekiel the most, but I can imagine my fictional, beautiful, shiny stallion with all of the above names.

What mythical animal would you most love to find in the wild?

To clarify, he also meant “to find and have as a per”. This was easy for me. I’d want to find a domesticated unicorn or Pegasus or Rapidash (do Pokémon count?). As you probably already guessed, I’m pretty obsessed with horses – but, alas, I do not own a horse. I did also consider a Phoenix because 1) it’s beautiful, 2) you won’t be sad when it dies, because it will come back to life 3) they have the ability to heal with their tears.

Would you chop off your own arm if you could replace it with a mechanical one?

Basically, no. We debated this one for a while because, yes, the mechanical arm has countless advantages but I can’t imagine any of those advantages outweighing the unimaginable pain of having to cut your own arm off. I also like the idea of, at least for now, being completely human. If you were offering a deal more like “would you chop of your pinkie to become a bionic human, or human 2.0, with massively improved cognitive functions?” then I might say yes.


What do you think?


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10 Famous Movies I Haven’t Seen

There are hundreds (literally hundreds… I made a list) of famous movies that I haven’t got around to watching. Yet, throughout the 4 years of our relationship, me and Matt have given it a really good try – there’s now a considerable dent in that list.

To keep all of this progress neat and organised, I store the movies I want to catch up with, the movies I’ve watched and their rating on IMDB. It’s practically Goodreads, but for films.

When I was recently scanning through this monster of a list, I noticed a huge number of iconic, ultimate “best films of all time”. A lot of the films I watch and enjoy aren’t considered huge hits – small budgets and interesting plots interest me a lot more than an all-star cast and explosions – and over the past 2 years, with us owning memberships to CineWorld, we watch a lot of new releases. The classics are sadly being left behind.

Saying that, there’s an insane number of blockbusters that I really do want to watch. Matt is going to be so pleased… these are the ones he’s been suggesting I watch for years, and I’m finally in the mood to crack open that endless box of classics.


My 10 most-anticipated famous films, that I haven’t seen (yet):



“You’re gonna need a bigger boat…” How have I lived 21 years on this planet and never seen one of the most famous films of all time?

I can’t swim anyway, so the concept of Jaws never freaked me out of the water, but I really wanna see a giant shark go all badass on a load of holiday makers.

The Godfather:

The Godfather

I would be absolutely loaded if I had a pound for every time Matt talked about, quoted or wanted to watch The Godfather. It’s official, I have caved and I’m ready to lose my Godfather virginity.

There are so many references to this movie in popular culture that I kind of have to watch it so I can keep up …

The Silence of the Lambs:

The Silence of the Lambs

Honestly, this type of film is right up my alley… Thrillers are my absolute favourite, and I have no doubts that I’ll enjoy this movie.



Alfred Hitchcock is a legend, and Psycho (arguably the most famous of his films) is one I haven’t seen. Ridiculous, I know, and when I went through that huge Hitchcock phase I should have watched it, I know… but… I didn’t.

But I will.

American History X:

American History X

I pretty much only know two things about this film: neo-Nazi skinheads and the tooth curb scene. Oh, and Edward Norton. I don’t recall watching him in anything other than Fight Club, but he was absolutely brilliant.

I think this is one I’m looking forward to watching the most!



None of them. None of the Alien movies. What is wrong with me? I have the full box set, including all the Predator movies too, waiting for me at home and I just haven’t got around to watching them.

Saying that, they’re pretty much my idea of perfect.Science Fiction is my babe.

The Shining:

The Shining

I’ve seen way too many parodies of this movie for me to not watch it (The Simpsons one was clearly the best). I’ve also put off reading Stephen King’s novel for way too long, thinking it’s too scary for me.

We’ll see. Sometimes I like a good scary movie. I just have to prepare myself for the weeks for sleepless nights afterwards! Scaredy cat…

Singin’ in the Rain:

Singin in the Rain

“Singin’ in the Rain” is one of my all-time favourite songs, and Gene Kelly is life. I can’t believe I didn’t watch this sooner.

I’ll be going through a huge classic film purge soon – I’ll be watching Elvis, Marilyn, Ginger and Fred for my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge!

The Wolf of Wall Street:

The Wolf of Wall Street

A huge hit that we just missed. No fault of anybody’s but Time, and isn’t she a pain in the arse? It’s quite a long film too… you could fit 6 episodes of Parks and Recreation into the length of this film!

Leo, crime, money and corruption though. Yes, please.



It’s one of those films that is drilled into you as an ultimate romantic classic. Even saying or reading the word Casablanca makes me swoon, and I don’t even know the plot.

I don’t care – it’s renowned as a classic must-see, and was released in 1942. It survived 73 years, and people still talk about it.


How many of these have you seen? Which one was your favourite?



Saturday’s Super Six | Doctor Who Planets

Good evening, lovelies!

Tonight’s instalment of my Saturday’s Super Six is going to crack down on my favourite Doctor Who planets! There is most definitely a running joke that the series stays very close to home – with a preference for London – but it does in fact introduce some wonderful, beautiful planets.

I have a huge list of favourites, but some are so striking they just have to be remembered.


The Rings of Akhaten:

Okay, technically, this isn’t a planet. The rings are orbiting the sentient planet of Akhaten, but it’s not the planet itself which is the beauty here, it’s the civilisation that surround it on the asteroid belt.

The Rings of Akhaten is actually one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes. The 11th Doctor’s monologue is heartbreaking and completely emotional. I’m sure it’s a speech that non-fans would even well up at…

It’s a civilisation of faith, which eventually could of lead to its demise without help. However, it’s beautiful.

Akhaten Planet


A planet made of diamond glaciers, and completely airless so it’s practically impossible for humans to destroy it. Absolutely perfect.



Doctor Who focuses a lot on Earth-based stories. However, it’s not always simple London 2000’s. We travel backwards and forwards in time – sometimes to the beginning and the end of human existence. We travel around the world, into hugely important moments of history. We actually see most of the most iconic Doctor Who monsters on Earth itself! The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels and the Silence…


The Library:

A planet of books. Every book that has ever been. Heaven.



A beautiful planet, with glass mountains and purple sky, but riddled with disease, hoping to contain it as much as possible. Instead of letting the contagion ruin the lives of the natives, the Two Streams Facility was set up to allow the ill to continue living their lives, whilst their families have the ability to live it out completely – in a day. Grim, yes, but would you rather live a full life of pain with your loved ones together or share the final 24 hours together?



Yeah… Gallifrey is most definitely the most iconic planet of Doctor Who. The Doctor’s home land. Fields of red grass, a sky of orange and forests so bright they looked like fire. The rust coloured planet is beautiful, home and discovered…



Do you have any other favourite Doctor Who planets?




Doctor Who’s “Hybrid” (Trailer)

I can’t believe it’s nearly over. There are only 2 weeks – that’s only 2 more episodes – until season 9 comes to an end.

Am I sad that the series is ending, or am I excited for the finale and conclusion? I can’t decide. Either way, we get to see River at Christmas! I’m wishing away the weeks to see how they sneak her back into the Doctor’s time-line.

River Song

Back to my point, I wanted to share this absolutely fantastic, spine-chilling, goose-pimple-inducing, fan-made trailer for the season finale. It’s called the “Hybrid”. If you’re a few weeks behind, consider this a spoiler warning as it contains clips and a brilliant speech from previous episodes.


Hybrids. Once you start to think about it,  Doctor Who is full of them. The trailer, very cleverly, cuts together a story of a Hybrid Warrior, and the reasons the Doctor left Gallifrey to begin with, as Davros’ memorable, chilling speech narrates.

It even puts forward a montage of candidates for this Hybrid Warrior – some unlikely, but others are quite interesting to think about. Here are some of the examples from the trailer:

Ashildr: Human and Mire.
Captain Jack Harkness: Human and time itself.
Dalek (from series 1’s “Dalek”): Dalek and Human.
Daleks (from series 9’s “The Witch’s Familiar”): Dalek and Time Lord.
Melody/River: Human and Time Lord.
DoctorDonna: Human and Time Lord.
Dalek Sec and Dalek Humans: Dalek and Human.
Osgood(s): Human and Zygon.
Bad Wolf: Human and the Time Vortex.
Laszlo: Human and Pig Slave.
Meta Crisis Doctor: Human and Time Lord.
Jenny: Human and Time Lord.

There are a lot of hybrid hints throughout series 9 in particular, foreshadowing a possible hybrid-based finale. I hope so. Having closure on the hybrid arc would be fantastic!


Did you enjoy the trailer? Are you looking forward to the season finale?


“Hello, Sweetie” | River Song Is Coming Back!

“Another Christmas, another special for Doctor Who – and what could be more special than the return of Alex Kingston as Professor River Song? The last time the Doctor saw her she was a ghost. The first time he met her, she died. So how can he be seeing her again? As ever, with the most complicated relationship in the universe, it’s a matter of time…” – Steven Moffat

River Song

Evening lovelies!

I cannot stress how happy I am with this news. There is so much constant hate about River/Moffat thrown around the fandom (which is completely unjustified, in my opinion), that I was sure she wouldn’t ever return in fear that the BBC would lose viewers.
But, here it is! The most Christmas wonderful news. She will be returning in the 2015 Christmas Special alongside Peter Capaldi.

She’s been one of the highlights for me, with her story spanning through both David’s 10th Doctor to the near end of Matt’s 11th. She’s the perfect combination of intelligent, feisty and caring that eventually creates a powerful chemistry with the 11th Doctor. If anything, the mystery chemistry between River and the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is reason enough for even casual watchers sneak a nosey peak. Presumably, this was the clever reasoning behind her comeback on Christmas day, where the show is watched nationwide by many families and hardcore fans alike.

River Song

Understandably, the story behind her return must have its reasons as her most recent farewell to the Doctor seemed final, creating a peaceful way for fans to (eventually) get over the loss. I can’t imagine she will be brought back for a flimsy reason though, and there are even rumours she is returning for a full ‘Specials’ season in 2016 before her final final good-bye. Personally, I think that’s a great idea. We’ll get see to a different side to the 12th Doctor, and it pains me to think how River is going to react – the most complicated relationship in the universe, and it breaks my heart every time!

She is a huge part of the Doctor’s history. It seems a bit unfair for fans to state “her arc is over” or “I never liked her” as reason behind why she shouldn’t return. She arguably shaped the Doctor’s personality in many ways, she is portrayed by an absolutely excellent actress and Doctor Who is primarily based on time travel: anything can happen. There is no finite reason she shouldn’t return.

Like many others, I’m over the moon! Roll on, September and roll on, Christmas! It’s another good year for the Whovians.

Are any of my readers fans of Doctor Who? What do you think about River Song’s return?