Matt Asks Me Weird Things

You know what’s a really incredible thing? Loving and living with your absolute best friend in the world.

After 5 and a half years – or, almost 2000 days (I don’t know why I Googled that) – being asked weird questions by my better half, Matthew, has become the norm. We have the strangest conversations, like everyone else, but Matt in particular comes up with the most ridiculous things. Tonight, I was thinking about this one particular memory, and I suddenly remembered that I noted down a few of the weird questions he asked me, just for, I don’t know, future notice, I guess.  We went on a summer hike in the middle of nowhere, and periodically throughout the walk, he’d turn to me and ask a question. As if the beautiful walk, rolling hills, and blazing sunshine wasn’t enough, this made for a super special memory.

For all you lucky people that do live with your best friend, especially if that best friend of yours is a massive, random weirdo, you’re probably gonna relate with me a little here! If not, admire a few of the weird and wonderful things that Matthew thought to ask me throughout the duration of one hour.

Green Landscape Trees

If you had a horse, what would you name him?

Frasier, Dougie, Ezekiel, Felix. I think I love Ezekiel the most, but I can imagine my fictional, beautiful, shiny stallion with all of the above names.

What mythical animal would you most love to find in the wild?

To clarify, he also meant “to find and have as a per”. This was easy for me. I’d want to find a domesticated unicorn or Pegasus or Rapidash (do Pokémon count?). As you probably already guessed, I’m pretty obsessed with horses – but, alas, I do not own a horse. I did also consider a Phoenix because 1) it’s beautiful, 2) you won’t be sad when it dies, because it will come back to life 3) they have the ability to heal with their tears.

Would you chop off your own arm if you could replace it with a mechanical one?

Basically, no. We debated this one for a while because, yes, the mechanical arm has countless advantages but I can’t imagine any of those advantages outweighing the unimaginable pain of having to cut your own arm off. I also like the idea of, at least for now, being completely human. If you were offering a deal more like “would you chop of your pinkie to become a bionic human, or human 2.0, with massively improved cognitive functions?” then I might say yes.


What do you think?


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Why I Love Blogging

It’s definitely starting to feel a lot like autumn. I think, for me, that’s because I spent the day in my pyjamas, I painted my nails a deep red colour, I have scented candles burning and I’ve had countless cups of tea. Because of that, I’ve spent the day thinking a lot about my blog.

I began blogging just over a year ago. Autumn came around a lot sooner last year than it has this time and blogging was the perfect hobby for me to take on as the nights became colder, darker and cosier. I guess that’s why an autumnal feel in the air made me reminisce about my early blogging days. Since then, I’ve definitely changed but my love for it has only grown. It’s now just a part of who I am.

Why I Love Blogging

Lots of people blog for lots of different reasons. Here are mine:

I use my blog to channel my creativity

If you’ve stopped by before, I’m sure you’ve picked up on my love for arts, crafts and anything else considered creative. I love it all. I’ve dipped my toe into every possible nook in the world of creativity (or at least all the ones I can think of, anyway). Some stick, such as drawing and photography, and some don’t – but that’s fine.

My blog is a place where I can share all of this. It gives me a bit of a purpose. “Oh, if I finish this drawing soon I can share it on my blog” or “I mentioned that I’d like to make a skirt. I’ll get started” are fantastic blogging prompts for me.

I use my blog to meet new people

My blog has allowed me to meet people all over the world. I’ve had to chance to talk to people from Ukraine, India, Canada, Austria and, in one way or another, we’re similar. Meeting in the blogosphere means that readers generally share common interests, whether that’s reading, writing, photography, film… It doesn’t matter because there’s always something to talk about.

I use my blog to share my photography

Photography, for me, is one of those things in life that makes everything feel okay. I feel happy when I’m taking photographs. I concentrate so intensely on what I’m doing that any negativity in my life, however big or small, fades away into nothingness. I don’t have anywhere to properly share my photography work, so my blog helped me fill a hole. I’m thinking about creating a Facebook page simply for my photography – what do you think?

I use my blog to document my life

Having somewhere to write about my life is what catapulted this little piece of the internet into creation. It’s something I’ve always done. I’ve had countless diaries for me to write about what I’ve been up to and how I’m feeling. When I was younger, I did share snippets of my life on the internet, in novel ways like MySpace questionnaires, but never to this extent. I love it – the internet was made for sharing.

I use my blog to write

Most importantly and most obviously, my blog gives me somewhere to write. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved writing. As a kid, I wrote stories about growing old with my childhood crushes. In school, I wrote about war and mental health and, even now, when I next find the time I already know where my writing is going to take me (but shh, it’s too early to talk about it).

Writing calms me down, makes me smile, keeps my fingers busy and it can still produce something special at the end of it!


What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

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Top 10 Fictional Locations

I really can’t help it, but I am forever living vicariously through the interesting lives of characters from my favourite books, games, TV shows and movies. As much as I enjoy my lovely little life, immersing yourself into your favourite fictional location is just an incredible place to be. Writing about your favourite fictional locations is a close second.

Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One

Fun fact: originally, this was supposed to be a “Top 5” post. After fangirling hard, I ended up with way too many choices and I found the narrowing down process completely impossible. I just love them all! I have such a varied taste too, and that makes a post like this so much more exciting to write.

As always, I hope you enjoy!


10. Kingdom of Far Far Away:

Kingdom of Far Far Away Shrek

I’m a princess (well, that’s what my fiancé always tells me so it must be true). Obviously, a princess needs a castle and the Kingdom of Far Far Away from Shrek is a place where every single fairytale character lives. That sounds like a place I’d like to visit!

9. Panem:

Panem Hunger Games Trilogy Mockingjay

Despite the obvious horrors of the Hunger Games trilogy, the Capitol is a fantastic place. Again, that’s until you remember what monsters live there. The advanced science and technology that the Capitol has created is fascinating and the outlandish, completely unique fashion of the civilians is so refreshing! I love it.

8. Pandora:

Pandora Avatar Film

James Cameron’s lush jungle Pandora from Avatar is arguably one of the most beautiful fictional worlds to have ever been created. It’s absolutely magical.

7. Carnivorous Island:

Life of Pi Floating Island

After being shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean, Pi encountered a floating island made out of carnivorous algae. It gave him the much needed boost he desperately needed before revealing it’s evil true colours and forcing him to leave. It eats it inhabitants. The beautiful island is full with tiny meerkats though – that’s enough of a reason to love it.

6. Middle-Earth:

Lord of the Rings Middle-Earth Elephants

I couldn’t write about the most iconic fictional locations without mentioning Middle-earth, could I? The landscapes are beautiful, yes. For me, though, the Tolkien universe deserves it’s place on this list for the incredible range of fictional creatures. It’s forever interesting.

5. Hogwarts:

Hogwarts Harry Potter

Obviously. I need some magic in my life.

4. Westeros:

Westeros Game of Thrones

Let’s be real, this is mainly because of the dragons. Westeros is an evil place but it’s undoubtedly beautiful. Like a lot of the above fictional locations, I’d absolutely despise living here though (because seriously, I’d be killed within days).

3. Wonderland:

Alice in Wonderland Flowers

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is one of my all-time favourite movies. Of course, I had to include it here too. Wonderland is magical. It’s kind of terrifying but in the exciting kind of way. Yes, the Queen of Hearts could have me executed but at least I’d die surrounded by magical playing cards. Yes, my only friend is a psychotic cat but at least I’d finally be able to talk to my favourite animal that that’s the dream. It’s just fun!

2. Tamriel:

Skyrim Tamriel Dragon Fight

Dragons, again, I know. I like dragons. But, Tamriel (in this case, mostly Skyrim) is also full of magic, fantastic beasts, monsters and landscapes to die for. It’s like all the previous fictional worlds rolled into one! Living inside my favourite game… what an exciting place to be – as long as you watch out for that dragon fire, of course.

1. Pokémon World:

Pokemon World

As a child, my one wish was to own a Pikachu or a Rapidash. I grew up and learned the horrible truth that this could never happen, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t dream! A world where your choice of animal friend is almost infinite would be an absolutely fantastic place to live.


What’s your favourite fictional location?

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5 Favourite Book Covers

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…”

It’s a fair statement, in lots of situations, but if you put an amateur, unprofessional looking book cover in front of me, that looks as if it was made in Paint or Microsoft Word, I’m probably going to be a bit put off. The same goes with a book cover covered in zombies or ghosts.

Book covers are our first impression, and although we like to think we don’t judge, they provide us with a little insight into the genre and style of the book. If you don’t like scary novels, a book with a terrifying cover probably isn’t for you.


Some books covers have been the sole reason that I picked up the book in the store. Some books covers are intriguing, some are beautiful. Here are some of my favourites, and my reasons why:

The Maze Runner Series:

Maze Runner books

Giant, bold letters filled with with vivid scenes of dystopia? Yes please. These covers caught my eye, and are what actually led me to buy them. I saw them, uttered “ooooooh” and then read the very intriguing blurb.


1984 Book

One of my favourite books happens to have one of my favourite book covers too. The cover very subtly is violent. Can you spot the barbed wire around the border? The plot of the book based on the cover is practically unknown, despite the eye. It’s like it’s watching you… oh, I wonder why?

Life of Pi:

Life of Pi Cover

I haven’t read Life of Pi. I watched the film, and it was breath-taking. Amazing. The book cover portrays what the book is about perfectly. It shows isolation, yet at first glance you can’t deny the thought “what the hell, is that a man on a boat with a tiger?” It’s a really simple, beautiful book cover.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

It’s such a beautiful cover, my absolute favourite. Matthew bought me this edition in the early years of our relationship, and the edges of the pages are gold – it’s stunning. The cover focuses on the classic, original illustrations too, lovely.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time:


Honestly, I was initially attracted by the intriguing name. I didn’t have a clue what the book was about, but with a quirky title and a very ambiguous cover, I had to read it. The font is childish, and the colour scheme is very bold, instantly making it feel child-like. I wasn’t wrong! Enjoyable book, you can read my review here.

Do you, from appearance alone, fancy reading any of these books? Have you ever bought a book simply because of it’s cover?