My Degree Results Are In!

Exciting news! I found out I’ll be graduating university with a high First Class degree in computer science. I’m so happy with myself I could scream!

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I’m so proud of myself!

Four very hard, very demanding and very tearful years of university have come to an end and at least I have something incredible to show for it. I may no longer want to pursue this industry but there’s no doubt that, if I ever wanted to find a place back into computing, I’d be welcome with this qualification.

Before the release of my results, I was actually pretty down about graduating. I don’t want to walk onto stage in front of hundreds of people – I feel sick just thinking about it. There’s so many outdated, old-fashioned rules that have to be followed during a graduation ceremony too, so it’s really not my cup of tea. But, now I have my results, it feels like it can be an actual celebration. A goodbye to two of the best and two of the worst years of my life. University has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions!

During this time, me and Matthew built our little family together. We wouldn’t have our home if we didn’t decide to study at The University of Hull. We wouldn’t have our cats. Our life is wonderful and, despite the ups and downs we faced at university, coming home together was always happy.


Have you had any good news lately?


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Saturday’s Super Six | Facts About Cats

If I could describe my character with only three traits, cat lady would definitely be one of them. Although I love all animals, cats are just my favourite.

I can’t walk past a cat on the street without stopping to say hi. When it rains, my little heart aches for the strays (and unloved pets) that are stuck outside. Don’t even get me started on how often my own fur babies are on my mind – constantly. I don’t easily settle anyway (I’m a giant worrier) so having two babies to look after is just intense. They are my children. I can’t love anything more than I love them.

Ivy Cat Photography

Our precious little tabby, Ivy.

If you haven’t stopped by before, I have two precious girls called Ivy and Harley. I’ve never seen cats with such personalities and sassiness. Clearly, they take after me. They’re both huge soppy divas who’d do anything for a big cuddle. I’m a very lucky cat mum!

So, because it’s my lovely blog and I adore my lovely cats, today’s Saturday’s Super Six is dedicated to them. It also gives me the chance to share some beautiful pictures of my girls. Win, win.

As always, I hope you enjoy!


Here are my super six facts about cats:

1. The pattern of ridges on a cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint.

2. Pope Innocent VIII, in the 15th century, believed cats were demonic and ordered them to be incinerated (mean!).

3. Cats can’t see directly below their noses, so it’s not completely their fault when they leave that little tiny bit of food in their bowl.

Harley Cat Photography

Our green-eyed angel, Harley

4. Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the cat flap after his cat, Spithead, repeatedly opened the door and spoiled his light experiments.

5. Cats spend between 30 and 50 percent of their lives cleaning themselves!

6. The little hairs inside cat ears are called “ear furnishings”.


Do you know any weird and wonderful facts about cats?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

Friday Night, Every Night

Me and Matt are terrible sleepers.

I have always been a thinker, a worrier and a bit of a stress-head so sleep never found me easily. Matt, on the other hand, is a volcano, erupting heat onto himself, the covers and me which you can imagine doesn’t help the situation at all. Recently though, now we’re on holiday from university, it became ridiculous. It’s no longer a matter of ‘we can’t sleep’, it’s simply ‘we don’t want to, we don’t need to, so let’s not.’

Sleeping pattern? Routine? What are those words? Who knows. Last night, we went to bed at 6am, and woke up at 2pm. Our body clocks have temporarily broken. It’s altering our perception of days and nights, our food, our schedules and probably our health too. The ultimate night-owls.

We figured out our problem though. Sleeping is a waste of time, so we put it off for as long as possible. We enjoy each other too much, and love being in the other’s company. We enjoy our hobbies and our home and our cats and never want to leave. Our brains are busy and we’re happy. We’re making the most of our last stress-free weeks in the foreseeable future before it all gets too serious.

In 2 weeks, real life kick-starts once more. This isn’t long term. We’re both looking forward to getting back into the world of normality and routine, yes, but for now let’s make the most of everything we can!

Sleep is rubbish.