Matt Asks Me Weird Things

You know what’s a really incredible thing? Loving and living with your absolute best friend in the world.

After 5 and a half years – or, almost 2000 days (I don’t know why I Googled that) – being asked weird questions by my better half, Matthew, has become the norm. We have the strangest conversations, like everyone else, but Matt in particular comes up with the most ridiculous things. Tonight, I was thinking about this one particular memory, and I suddenly remembered that I noted down a few of the weird questions he asked me, just for, I don’t know, future notice, I guess.  We went on a summer hike in the middle of nowhere, and periodically throughout the walk, he’d turn to me and ask a question. As if the beautiful walk, rolling hills, and blazing sunshine wasn’t enough, this made for a super special memory.

For all you lucky people that do live with your best friend, especially if that best friend of yours is a massive, random weirdo, you’re probably gonna relate with me a little here! If not, admire a few of the weird and wonderful things that Matthew thought to ask me throughout the duration of one hour.

Green Landscape Trees

If you had a horse, what would you name him?

Frasier, Dougie, Ezekiel, Felix. I think I love Ezekiel the most, but I can imagine my fictional, beautiful, shiny stallion with all of the above names.

What mythical animal would you most love to find in the wild?

To clarify, he also meant “to find and have as a per”. This was easy for me. I’d want to find a domesticated unicorn or Pegasus or Rapidash (do Pokémon count?). As you probably already guessed, I’m pretty obsessed with horses – but, alas, I do not own a horse. I did also consider a Phoenix because 1) it’s beautiful, 2) you won’t be sad when it dies, because it will come back to life 3) they have the ability to heal with their tears.

Would you chop off your own arm if you could replace it with a mechanical one?

Basically, no. We debated this one for a while because, yes, the mechanical arm has countless advantages but I can’t imagine any of those advantages outweighing the unimaginable pain of having to cut your own arm off. I also like the idea of, at least for now, being completely human. If you were offering a deal more like “would you chop of your pinkie to become a bionic human, or human 2.0, with massively improved cognitive functions?” then I might say yes.


What do you think?


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5 Very Special Years

An education, a home, two furry babies, an engagement, lots of love and five years later, me and Matthew are still inseparable. It’s our 5 year anniversary today!

I was lucky enough to meet somebody so very special when I was young, and I’ll always be grateful of those extra few years we had together before we were “grown-ups”. Meeting as teens, we grew up together, we worked together, we made decisions together and we moved on to university together. He’s my best friend in the whole world and, even though he’s sat right in front of me playing on his game, simply writing about him fills me with butterflies.

Five Year Anniversary Engagement Ring

We celebrated our anniversary early this year because, with it falling on a Monday, we didn’t want to make plans straight after work and be all tired out! Over the weekend, we went on a 12-mile hike, we sat by the sea at the seaside and we spent the day in the bustling city of York – as you can probably guess, I had an absolutely amazing time and it’s going to be a memorable one! Five years though… that’s a biggie so it’s worth a little extra effort. Tonight, I’m making us a vegetarian spaghetti bolognese and we’re going to make each other an anniversary card with a glass of wine (or two). That sounds like a cute little night to me!

Five Year Anniversary

Pink Hearts

I can’t fully put into words how beautiful he is to me, inside and out. He’s kind to me, he loves me so much, he’s hilarious, he respects me, he’s proud of me and he’s gorgeous. Happy anniversary, sweetie.


I’m sorry about this very soppy post (not really!)

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

Saturday’s Super Six | Non-Clichéd Valentine’s Dates

Evening lovelies,

Captain Jack Harkness gif

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Are you groaning or cheering? It seems like a pretty divided ‘holiday’, but personally, I enjoy it. I’m a huge romantic every single day of the year but any reason to do anything extra cute is good for me.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, then holding hands across the table at a pretty restaurant isn’t the only way to spend your night. Do something different. Here are six non-clichéd Valentine’s Date for tonight’s super six:


Do nothing:

Valentine’s Day is just another day after all. Nobody is forcing you to plaster hearts all over your living room, so just snug up with your significant other and keep on doing what you do.

Go see Deadpool at the cinema:

You know that new quirky romantic comedy that was released, about the revengeful boyfriend who loves the colour red? I kid, but seriously… if you’re both fans of films, controversy and superheroes then seeing this film together would be a fantastic use of your Sunday.

Deadpool Romcom Banner

I hope lots and lots of people fell for this poster…

Have a games tournament:

Cards, board games, console games, PC games, drinking games… whatever the choice, you get to spend a lot of time together, have fun and do it all for free!

Build a blanket fort:

Blow up an air bed, or cover the floor in pillows, and enclose yourself in a fantastical fort of blankets, fairy lights and cosiness. Add sweets and drinks then you’ve got yourself an absolute binge tent.

Wrap up warm and go to the park:

Be cute, and walk around hand in hand in nature. Take photographs of the frost/blooming flowers (bloody global warming), play on the swings like big kids!

Nature Photography

Cook a three-course meal instead of going out to a restaurant:

Choose your three favourite dishes, and cook them yourselves. Together. You won’t be restricted to only what’s on the menu, plus you’ll save yourself some money.


So, fun fact: Me and Matt have done/will be finishing off this entire list over the Valentine’s weekend. To be fair, we have pretty active weekends anyway, so we’re not running into the open arms of Valentine’s Day – we’re just insanely in love. (Try not to vomit from cuteness, I do apologise).

Happy Valentine’s Day, you!

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