The Wall Street Crash

My lovely friend Kat, who’s a qualified makeup artist and is studying a degree in the subject, recently asked me if I’d be the model for a 1920’s makeup competition that she was taking part in. Now, if you don’t already know, I’m ridiculously uncomfortable in front of the camera. I can tolerate the odd “Matthew, take a photograph of me in front of this beautiful landmark” type thing, because I know it’s my camera and I could always delete it anyway. Again, when I’m feeling pretty fly (hands up if you just mumbled “for a white guy”), I’ll take a cheeky selfie. But, the idea of putting that power into the hands of a professional, meaning I’d be unable to double check and delete any images that made me look bad, gave me the jitters. She’s my friend, though, and I was absolutely over the moon to help her out. Either way, I got to dress up as a rich 1920’s lady of leisure and that was pretty exciting.

For me, a full face of makeup is made up of my trusty mascara, winged eyeliner, translucent power on my nose and a bit of red lippy. Being put into the hands of a makeup artist, who literally has a suitcase full of makeup with her, was pretty daunting. I was met with primer, foundation, a ridiculous number of different eye shadows, false lashes and lots of other things that I don’t even know the name of. Honestly, it felt weird but I definitely wouldn’t look too out of place during the 1920’s.


The brief was “Wall Street Crash”. Kat’s plan was to do a full face of 1920’s inspired make-up, before sitting me down alongside lots of other models, as all of the makeup artists performed their special effects magic. I was expecting a pretty tense atmosphere but I actually had a really good time – Kat covered me in fake blood, cuts and bruises, whilst I just sat there and watched the world go by. There was such a range of different looks going on in the competition room. Some makeup artists went for realism, like Kat, and some took it to the other (far) end of the spectrum with stilettos in eyeballs or shards of glass sticking out of the model’s skin.

Kat’s overall look was incredible. It showed how I was trampled during the people’s rush to the banks, hence the huge bruising to one side of my face. It looks bloody painful, right!?




Didn’t she do such a good job!? If you want to have a look at her makeup artist Facebook page, you can click here! She posts all of her makeup work – from beauty makeup to special effects – on this page, so it’s definitely worth a like.

What do you think of the final look?


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Patisserie de Bain: Creme Pâtissière Review

If you’ve ever wanted to rub the sweet scent of vanilla all over your body, then you’re going to love me for introducing you to Patisserie de Bain.

I picked up this gorgeous gift set (which includes a shower gel, a body souffle and a vanilla-scented body scrubber) from Superdrug a couple of weeks ago. It was actually a free gift for buying two selected skincare products and I didn’t even realise what a little gem I had my hands on until I got home.

Patisserie de Bain: Creme Pâtissière Review

Before I even gave the products a sniff, I did a quick bit of research to check if the company was cruelty-free, vegan friendly and/or owned by a nasty parent company. I was over the moon to discover that not only are all of the products cruelty-free but they’re almost all suitable for vegans. The exception to the rule here is the lip balm, which does include beeswax. Routine checks, done.

Simply opening up these products was heavenly. The vanilla scent hit me immediately and it’s really, really mouthwateringly realistic. Both products smell equally as beautiful, too. The shower gel does take a bit of effort to lather up nicely, but you really can’t complain too much as the scent lasts on your skin all day. The body souffle, which is just a fancy way of describing a body butter or body cream, is absolutely perfect. It’s thick, it’s moisturising and it dries quickly, leaving you smelling fantastic.

I’m in love with this set. I, stupidly, presumed that these scents would be the company’s only choices but I was so wrong. There’s a massive range of other scents, including lemon bon-bons, cranberries and cream and orange zest. You bet I’ll be going back for some more!


Have you ever tried any Patisserie de Bain products?


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Hey There, New Hair!

Evening, lovelies! I’ve been putting this post off for a couple of months now, to be honest. I knew that sharing this would have to include a big old cheesy selfie featuring my new hair, and I’ve been a little embarrassed to post one! Oh well, let’s do this.

One of my chosen challenges for the 101 Things in 1001 Days project was to get my hair cut and coloured professionally for the first time – I’m almost 22 and, before this, I hadn’t had my hair dyed by an actual hairdresser. It was about time, really. I’ve been blonde, strawberry blonde, ginger, red and very, very red but never brown (apart from that stupidly temporary wash-out dye I tried when I was in school, but that doesn’t count). I was properly craving a change! I absolutely loved my red hair, but I was started to feel very self-concious and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with my appearance again if I didn’t give it a go… so I did. From bright, ruby red to a dark, glossy brown – voilà!

Hey There, New Hair

Technically, this finished look wasn’t created by a hairdresser. After spending a horrific amount of money on a professional hairdo (and 4 hours of my life that I’ll never get back), I came home absolutely mortified. It was dead and dry. It was patchy and I could see at least 5 different colours and shades muddled together – and not the whole natural multiple colours either, the bad muddle. It was awful and I was so sad. It wasn’t even brown although that’s what I asked for! It was a faded red/ash/ginger. Seriously, it wasn’t very nice at all.

I left it a month, because I didn’t want to risk killing my hair any more with a too-soon dye, then I grabbed a couple of dark brown box dyes with a huge ‘fuck it’. 30 minutes later, I had the most beautiful shade of dark brown I could have asked for.

Honestly, I’m over the moon. I feel like I’ve always been a brunette. I once talked about my struggles with being accepted socially because of the prejudice and judgement I faced at university in such a male-dominated industry, which you can read here. For some reason though (probably the placebo effect), I feel as if that doesn’t apply to me anymore.

Yes, I’ve got banging brown hair and I’ve finally ticked a big one off my 101 Things in 1001 Days project! Win, win :).


Whatcha think? Have you ever had a huge change in your appearance?

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Massive Lush Haul!

What a surprise! I splurged a little. By now, I’m certain you understand my love for Lush. Although it started with a simple love for their bath bombs, it eventually blossomed into a part of my daily life. Now, I’m always eager to try anything that Lush has to offer!

Alongside the scrubs, shampoos, creams and lip products will always be a giant box of bath bombs though. I don’t ever bathe without a bath product because, after a couple of years of continuous Lush baths, they feel weird and boring. When I see my supply of go-to products dwindling, I know it’s time for a trip to my Lush store. That place is just heaven. If you didn’t know, Lush are completely cruelty-free, all products are suitable for vegetarians and there are a lot of vegan products too! On top of that, everything smells divine… You always know when you’re about to pass a Lush store in the street – you can smell those places a mile off.

Massive Lush Haul Blog Post

Massive Lush Haul Blog Post


So, what did I stock up on?

Big Blue: Full of seaweed and sea salt, this is the only bath bomb that makes me feel like a mermaid. I generally pair it with a glittery bubble bar called Sunnyside which transforms the blue water into a turquoise, glitter-filled paradise.

Frozen: Originally I bought this for the Frozen film hype because I wanted to feel like Elsa for a while. It turns out that Frozen is one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever tried. It’s full of silver glitter which completely sparkles against the deep blue bath water. I’ve already reviewed this product (one of my favourites) which you can read here.

Superdad: Superdad, which is part of Lush’s Father’s Day range, is a very large bath bomb that I’ve heard only good things about. I’ll be trying and reviewing this bomb soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lava Lamp: I had super high expectations for Lava Lamp, yet after recently using and reviewing it, I found it too oily and messy to enjoy. I won’t be purchasing this product again. You can read my review here.

Intergalactic: This is one of those products with the whole package. It’s incredibly beautiful in and out the bath, it smells divine, it feels great and it’s completely reminiscent of a galaxy! My review for this beautiful bath bomb can be found here.

The Comforter: It’s probably one of the most popular bubble bars and that’s completely understandable. The Comforter creates bright pink bath water, fluffy white bubbles and lasts for at least 4 bubble bars so it’s incredible value for money too. It smells beautiful and makes me feel so girly for the evening! You can’t argue with that.

Dragon’s Egg: Arguably (definitely arguably, because I can’t decide completely), Dragon’s Egg is my favourite bath bomb. That’s why I bought two. I rave on about it all the time because words cannot describe how utterly perfect this product is. It’s everything. You can read my full review here if you want to learn more about how much I love it!

Avobath: See, Avobath is probably on par with Dragon’s Egg for me. That’s why I can’t decide which one I prefer! Whilst Dragon’s Egg is full of glitter and surprising colours, Avobath is simple because it doesn’t need to show off. It’s perfect for evening baths because it’s mellow scent and mellow performance is ideal for a wind-down.


Have you tried any of these products?

I always love to stock up on my favourites!

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Lush Hand Care Routine

I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with keeping my hands and nails well kept and in good condition. Dry hands were something that didn’t affect me up until a few years ago when adulting became unavoidable. Daily life takes its toll, like it has to eventually! So, when I started to notice my once-delicate little hands becoming slightly rough, I made a point of trying to reverse and prevent it from becoming a problem in the future.

Since then, I’m pleased to say my hands are just as lovely as they were when I was young and carefree (albeit, I do have way longer and nicer nails now). It’s all thanks to these two wonderful products!

Lush Handcare - Lemony Flutter Cuticle ButterLush Handcare - Helping Hands Hand Cream


Before finding (and falling in love with) Lush Cosmetics, I would use simple hand care products such as compact, scented hand creams that could easily slot in my handbag. I’d always forget I had them with me though so the habit never stuck.

Then, Lush came along and brightened both my life and my hands.

In March, Lush’s Mother’s Day range was released and I excitedly picked up a gift box to try out some of the new products. As well as a lovely selection of bath bombs, bubble bars and shower gels, the gift box also included two lovely hand care products. Lemony Flutter is a beautiful, lemon scented cuticle butter and Helping Hands is an unbelievably softening hand cream with a subtle almond scent. Both of them are fantastic and I’ve been using them ever since.

Before bed, I always use my hand cream first as it’s very creamy formula means it takes a little while of rubbing before it all ‘soaks’ into your skin. I finish with the lemony cuticle butter – it’s such a great way to relax before bed! I’ve not only noticed a dramatic change for the better in the condition of my of my cuticles, but I can also end the night with my all-time favourite scent. I think it’s a lot like the Avobath scent which, again, is my favourite smell on the planet. Beautiful.

I go to sleep and wake up with incredibly soft hands! I’m finally happy with them too. I know this may sound a bit silly but I feel like my hands actually belong on a grown-up lady now. Taking care of yourself in the smallest little ways can do wonders.


Do you consciously take card of your hands and nails?

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Lush Review | Golden Egg Bath Bomb

If you’re looking for something a little bit more luxurious then I think Lush’s Golden Egg is the one for you. A few of the limited edition Lush product I review have been and gone by the time I write them up, but luckily this one is still actually available to buy. So, if you like what you see, your heart won’t drop when you find out it’s not available anymore!

Lush Review Golden Egg

Unlike the majority of other Lush reviews I write, this isn’t actually a bath bomb and, in fact, instead is called a bath bomb melt. That’s because it’s bath bomb centre is surrounded by a deep layer of cocoa butter that leaves your skin feeling ridiculously soft and smooth. It’s recommended to leave these until they’ve melted before getting into the bath, and that’s plenty of time for all of the cocoa butter, olive oil and glitter to distribute around the bath.

Lush Review Golden Egg Bath BombLush Review Golden Egg Bath BombLush Review Golden Egg Bath Bomb

I know what you’re thinking though… All that glitter. Is it annoying? Does it venture into unwanted places? Do you leave the bath looking like a sparkly fairy? No, to all of the above. It’s actually really pleasant. The glitter is the first to come away from the product, and it eventually floats to the bottom of the tub until you wobble about, shaking it up like a snow globe.

I’m not a fan of yellow, to be honest, but I kind of got over it. Golden Egg is so yellow that it’s hard to ignore. It didn’t matter in the end. The smell of this product is so beautiful that the colour of the bath water was completely at the back of my mind. It has a toffee scent – it’s super sugary and super sweet. It smells slightly chocolatey too.

Lush Review Golden Egg Bath BombLush Review Golden Egg Bath Bomb

Overall, I’d completely recommend snapping up this product before it’s gone for another full year. The golden colour of the water, the clouds of glitter, the toffee scent and the moisturising abilities are all as wonderful as each other. Lovely!


Have you tried this product?

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Saturday’s Super Six | Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At

Beauty lovers, try not to hate me. I promise it’s not my fault – I didn’t fall into beauty loving groups of friends when I was younger, my mum isn’t the greatest fan of make-up and I’ve always had very sensitive skin. I wasn’t taught. Beauty was never a priority.

As I grew older, though, I did start to try. My make-up routine began to include a little bit of blush. Before this, my full-face of make-up would be mascara on my top lashes and if I was feeling bold, a bit of liquid eye liner. Skin make-up, though!? I felt like such a rebel.

Beauty Blogging Things I'm Rubbish At

I then eventually braved into the world of red lipstick. In both cases, I never ventured any further than that. I once used a facial moisturiser, that turned out to be one of those gradual tan creams. I went out in public like that… Yeah, I never dipped my toe into that end of the facial make-up ever again.

I’d like to think my avoidance of make-up is the reason I don’t get spots! But, hey, it might not be.

Make-up isn’t the only beauty thing I’m rubbish at though…


Beauty Things I’m Rubbish At:

  1. Foundation and Contouring:

My full face of make-up is pretty embarrassingly small in comparison to a lot of other ladies and gentlemen. Mascara and liquid eye liner are my go-to pieces if I choose to wear make-up at all. Did I mention I’m 21, not 81? A bit of red lipstick is appropriate if I’m feeling fancy. That’s about it. Imagine my horror when contouring became a thing. I felt/feel so… unfashionable? ugly? not put together? I can’t decide.

I completely envy those who can contour like the best. It’s impressive and, when done correctly, is definitely an art form. You can change your face, completely! Insane.

2. Selfies:

Nope. I just can’t do them properly at all… I don’t get it. I get so bummed out looking at my own face.

3. Eyebrows:

Eyebrows are such a big deal nowadays. It’s pretty well spoken in the beauty world that without good eyebrows you’re nothing, not pretty, not keeping up with the times, or whatever.

It never happened for me! Those sculpted brows, wow, seriously, they can look fantastic. But, they can also look like slugs, and I never risked it. Knowing me, I’d end up with horrible slugs and I wouldn’t want the embarrassment of being told I can’t do them properly!

4. Current Fashion:

Well, considering my style focuses primarily on 1950’s, maybe even 1940’s, fashion.. it’s pretty hard for me to stay on trend. Luckily, for a tiny little while, vintage fashion was kind of a thing. It came and went pretty quickly though so I was kicked backed out into the unfashionable realm.

And yes, I used realm thinking about Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Wow.

5. Moisturising:

I was always told by my mum and nanna how important moisturising is for your skin, but I didn’t really follow their advice. It was only in my twenties, and that’s literally only 2 years, that I began to worry about saggy, horrible, dry, elderly skin in the future.

Maybe if I’d have started at 12, like they suggest, I’d be as smooth as a babies bum at 60, like my nanna.

I always forget though… I’m so busy, or tired, or lazy. But, I do try!

6. Hair Styles:

Not wearing make-up doesn’t bother me, really, so this one is probably my most regrettable beauty mistake. I can’t style my hair.

You’ll see me, every day, with my pretty average, straightened, red hair. Maybe, my hair will be tucked behind my left ear. On special occasions, I might be fancy and curl the bottoms but oh my, it must be a pretty special occasion for that.

I don’t ever wear my hair up, because I hate (with an absolute raging passion) my right ear. I don’t wear my hair back, in a head band etc., because I hate my forehead. Every single hair style involves showing your ears, forehead or super thick model hair.

Straight hair, it is!


What beauty things are you rubbish at?

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