5 Amazing Tarantino Movie Moments

Before I met Matt, I hadn’t ever watched a famous Tarantino film and it makes me cringe to even admit that. He’s practically a living legend, right? I missed out for a very long time. Even when Matt tried to introduce me to his work, I was apprehensive and I put them off for such a long time – for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

We practically lived and died films for years. We’d fit in 20 minutes of a film whilst on the bus to the cinema to watch one of the new releases, before watching another 20 minutes on the bus back home. Straight after college, we’d see what ‘LoveFilm’ disc had been posted to us and we’d stick one on. All films were discussed and rated afterwards on our IMDB account – if our personal ratings differed, we would even rate them as an average of our two scores. Super nerdy, I know, but we loved it.

Pulp Fiction Dance Scene Tarantino Movie Moments

What I’m trying to say is, after all of that, I still hadn’t watched any film directed by Quentin Tarantino. Thankfully, I eventually sat back and let Matt take me on a Tarantino journey, and although we’re nowhere near finished, we’ve made pretty good progress.

Here are some of my favourite Tarantino movie moments so far. Narrowing it down to five was difficult, so you’re going to have to forgive the countless other incredible scenes that haven’e been included!


The Bride Vs. Gogo Yubari Fight Scene from Kill Bill Vol. 1:

Bride Vs Gogo Kill Bill Scene Gif

Jack Rabbit Slims Dance Scene from Pulp Fiction:

Jack Rabbit Slims Dance Scene Pulp Fiction Gif

Basement Bar Scene from Inglorious Basterds:

Basement Bar Scene Inglorious Basterds Gif

Ear Cutting Scene from Reservoir Dogs:

Ear Cutting Scene Reservoir Dogs Gif

Burning Theatre Scene from Inglorious Basterds:

Burning Theatre Scene Inglorious Basterds Gif


What’s your favourite Tarantino movie moment?


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4 Subscription Boxes I’d Love To Try

I have this weird fascination with subscription boxes, yet I’ve never actually ordered one! They’re always so full of wonderful things. I don’t often find the time to buy myself little gifts so having somebody else send you a selection of goodies in the post each month is just so appealing.

When I do decide to take the plunge and fork out a bit of money each month, here are the 5 subscription boxes that are just calling for me to own them:

Bloom and Wild:

Bloom and Wild Subscription Box

Having fresh flowers dotted around the home is one of my favourite things. These ‘letterbox flowers’ are carefully delivered in the post each month for around £15 a month (depending on the subscription you choose). There is also an option to send these as a one-off, which would be a perfect gift idea!


OwlCrate Subscription Box

Each month, the lovely folks at OwlCrate round up a themed bunch of goodies and pack them into a box fit for a queen bookworm. This was the first subscription box that I ever happened upon – in fact, I found this company back on Instagram a while ago, when they were a tiny little thing, packing boxes in their living room. Filled to the brim with bookish goodies, these subscription boxes are £25 per month.

Loot Crate:

LootCrate Subscription Box

Loot Crate is the ultimate geeky subscription box. Every month has a different theme with some past crates being ‘invasion’, ‘dead’, ‘futuristic’ and ‘dystopia’. It’s pretty hard to describe the contents of these subscription boxes as they vary so much month to month – generally, they include a Pop Funko and a geeky t-shirt! On a monthly contract, you can get these geeky boxes from £21 a month!


CatLadyBox Subscription Box

I am a massive cat lady so, no surprise, this is my dream subscription box! Anything kitty related is just my best friend. The box is full of goodies for you and your furry friend, including items of clothing, jewellery, home-ware or treats for your cats, all for £32 a month.


Are you subscribed to any boxes? Which one’s would you like to try?


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My Favourite Movies Of All Time

Engrossing myself into works of fiction is something I really love. Unsurprisingly, as well as fictional books and games, I am a huge fan of films. Now that I’m a little busier than I used to be – with a full time job and shit to do – I don’t get to watch as many films as I’d like to, but c’est la vie. When I do sit down to watch a film, my attention is fully absorbed and I’ll savour every moment.

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t often re-watch my all-time favourites. Instead, I kind of lock them away in my mind with a huge label across it saying “wow, never ever forget this film.” I do, however, have the tendency to re-watch some of the cheesier, guilty pleasure movies, but I can’t help myself… Mamma Mia, for example, is my ultimate, embarrassing guilty pleasure and I can’t get enough. I just love ABBA lots.

I thought it would be a really nice idea to share a huge list of some of these favourites. I would never be able to narrow them down to just one! So, here’s a snippet of my all-time favourite movies.

My Favourite Movies Of All Time


Moulin Rouge

This is probably the film that means the most to me. Me and Matt watch it on our anniversary every year. 


The Aristocats

Catch Me If You Can

It’s been on my list of favourites since I was a child. It’s an incredible movie!


Cast Away

Even the name “Wilson” chokes me up… 

Black Swan

Donnie Darko

Dirty Dancing

Gran Torino

The character development in this film is just immense. 


The Truman Show

This is a very special kind of film. It’s goofy, because of Jim Carrey, but the revelation and plot are incredibly moving.

Pulp Fiction

Mamma Mia

Perfect Sense

Me and Matthew watched this early on in our relationship and, to this day, we still sometimes just say “wow, do you remember Perfect Sense? That ending…”

Ex Machina


12-year old Morgan would smack me if I didn’t include Titanic. After all, it does still make me sob every time. I bloody love this film.

Alice in Wonderland

Shutter Island


A fantastic insight into where technology is heading.

The Green Mile

Love Actually



Definitely the best lone location movie I’ve ever seen. So tense.

Easy A

Wreck It Ralph

Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper being awesome again. It’s a very relatable story about mental health.



The Grey

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

Thinking about this film makes my heart hurt. So enjoyable until your heart breaks.


That’s definitely a very varied list and I know that I’ve missed so many. I’m sure I’ve forgot some big ones too, but I could just go on and on and on and on… When me and Matt first met, we’d spend full days watching movies over the weekends. We’d rent whatever movies we could find from our old Love Film subscription, so we’d end up with a right jumble of movies – I think that could actually be why I have such a varied taste in films! We would watch easily four films a day. Although we did watch a lot of crap, we found some fantastic movies and some of them are still my favourites to this day.

So, what are some of your favourite movies?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Enjoy Books

As a massive fan of both books and technology, the physical versus digital debate is something I always consider before starting a new book. Generally, I have a physical and a digital copy of the books I read, so which one do I choose? For me, that depends on what I plan on doing! If I’m planning to travel a lot, then a digital copy will be way handier – I can open up the Kindle app on my phone and it takes up no extra space. If I’m cosy at home, then I’ll always read a physical copy. There’s nothing like it.

Cassie, who writes at Cultural Coverage, has written and shared a guest post which delves deeper into how technology has changed the way we enjoy books. With us both sharing a love for technology, entertainment and all things books, it’s a pleasure to have Cassie on the blog!

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Enjoy Books


Aside from the obvious screen time versus page time, there are major ways book lovers benefit from how the technology age has transformed the written word.

From tablets to apps, there are more ways than ever to make books enjoyable, and armed with a little tech advancement and a few tools, these five points are sure to convert even a hard-copy-only reader into a digital lover.

  1. A Variety of E-readers Means a Choice of Features

The world went wild when Amazon’s Kindle released. Would this be the end of hardcover books? Are our eyes going to suffer from all the screen time? Is it really possible to download whatever we want to read instantaneously?

While the answers didn’t upend the publishing world completely, they did change things. Now instant access to literature is possible, our eyes have learned to adjust, and there are still plenty of hardcovers out there for the masses. E-readers have branched out considerably. Some are waterproof, such as the B&N Nook GlowLight Plus. Some are incredibly lightweight and easy to travel with, such as the Amazon Kindle Oasis. Others have new features like ad-free reading, integrated lights and a streamlined design.

  1. Indie Writers Get Exposure

The internet and all its book lovers have really made the indie writer huge in the last twenty years. From chapter-by-chapter writers such as Hugh Howey and his book “Wool” to global best-sellers such as E.L. James and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the day of the publishing-house-only rule is long gone. Now writers can self-publish online, and readers can discover them even if they’ve never signed a book deal.

Websites such as Blurb help writers of travel, cookbooks and even magazines self-publish and then provide the books for sale on their site in the staff picks section. Blogosphere platforms such as Tumblr and Reddit are also great places to discover the next up-and-coming talent, all for free.

  1. Audiobooks Offer More Entertainment

While the audiobook is nothing new—CDs and cassettes have long been in rotation—they have become more convenient and accessible. From Audible to Amazon, there are a million choices for readers who are looking to listen their way through the next great classic.

Not only do the voiceovers offer endless entertainment—Harry Potter is even more popular since Jim Dale took to reading the series—they can also enthrall readers who are commuting or who are too tired to stare at a page by giving them new ways to become a part of the story.

  1. Apps and Online Tools Enhance the Reading Experience

New tools also help to discover new books and authors, keep track of old books and transfer downloads from one device to the next, so here’s the shortlist of must-haves for the avid book lover.

  • Goodreads: It’s all in the title. This huge online resource for book reviews is number one in letting you express your opinion on your last read and get started with your next one.
  • Shelfie: This app works like an online library where you can organize books you have and even download free (or reduced price) e-books to carry around in your pocket.
  • Scribd: Scribd is for the reader who is spending more than $10 a month on new reads. At $8.99 a month, the app has over a million titles to choose from and unlimited access to them. It’s perfect for on-the-go readers and digital nomads.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo: This online program is great for not just book lovers but writers as well. The name “camp” harkens back to childhood summers, and this online guide to getting your first work into print offers the same kind of fun with daily writing goals. Well-paced and full of resources, Camp NanoWriMo is the go-to for budding novelists.
  • ExpressVPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is great for readers who love their devices and download e-books a lot. From protecting your reading device—be it tablet or e-reader—from security breaches to allowing you to navigate international texts even if they have a geo-location block, VPNs like ExpressVPN are the perfect aid to any online reader.
  1. Free Books Mean Greater Accessibility

It’s no secret the book industry is an expensive one, but since websites have discovered the beauty of self-publishing and the end of copyright, many books are available to the masses completely free of charge.

Websites such as Project Gutenberg provide free e-books for download, and Google Books provides titles on their website e-reader free of charge (with the added help of Google Play, where those inclined can peruse their buyable titles), which means you can get going on a new book without a visit to the library (although I still encourage you to do that!).

From great applications that organize books we’ve read to devices that allow us to take whole libraries on the go, technology has had a major impact on the way we read, and the good news is it means great reads aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So tech up, and go consume great works of art!

About the author: Cassie is a self-diagnosed bibliophile and tech guru always on the search for ways to get written words out into the world and especially into her ear. Working on a novel of her own, she hopes one day to publish and join the ranks of the great like Twain, Gaiman and Morrison. She wishes you happy reading!


What do you think? Do you prefer physical or digital copies? Either way, there’s no denying that technology has absolutely revolutionised the way we enjoy books.

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Currently, I Am… | #8

Hi, friends!

I absolutely love writing posts for my “Currently, I Am” feature. It’s such a personal thing to do – to let someone into your real life – but I really enjoy putting together and summarising what I’ve been up to. Not only does it help me appreciate my life more, it also lets you know what hobbies, interests and memorable moments have happened in my life. I guess you like to know this, right? You follow me for a reason! I’ve always been pretty personal on my blog, anyway. It’s like a giant diary to share with friends I met along my blogging journey.

My last catch-up post was, coincidentally, a month ago today. This is a fairly irregular feature but a happy coincidence nonetheless! A lot seems to have changed since then. But, it’s one of those months that’s only kind of changed inside of me… you know? It’s hard to explain! Even though I’ve felt like a lot has changed, maybe to an outsider I’m just doing the same old.

Graduation Currently I Am

Let’s get cracking then! What have I been up to lately?


Currently, I am feeling

…a lot of things, actually. I’m happy with my home, my life and how perfect Matthew really is. I fear that all of that could change in the next couple of years though. I’m nervous and frightened about what my future holds after yesterday’s terrible news that Britain will be leaving the EU. It was a horrendously rushed and violent period of our history that brought out the worst in so many people. A lot of ‘vote Leave’ supporters are already starting to regret their decision.

Currently, I am watching

Orange is the New Black, season 4! We’re only on episode 6, so no spoilers please. We’re both enjoying it so far though. To be honest, it’s just really refreshing to see so much diversity in one show again. I have a feeling that’s actually going to be problematic though, considering the recent ‘woopsie’ that Piper just made… we’ll see. Game of Thrones finale tomorrow too! I can’t even talk about it… I’m so excited and nervous and ahhhhh it’s so good.

Currently, I am reading

The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R Carey. I started this last year but only read a couple of chapters. I was going through a terrible patch and I couldn’t find the concentration to do much more than crawl out of bed in the morning. However, I’m feeling good recently and I’m so glad I went back to this book! It’s absolutely incredible! I’m just over half way, and I think this may be one of my favourite books of all time… I hope that’s not a premature statement. I guess if it has a terrible ending that could all change. The writing is just amazing though. I don’t see it letting me down!

It’s been kind of a running joke in these posts about how little I’ve read recently… that’s changed. I can’t wait to smash through my fantastic list of books!

Currently, I am playing

…not a lot really and not very often. I’m enjoying work a lot, which is obviously fantastic, but it means I’m mentally exhausting myself every day. When I get home, I don’t really want to do anything other than snuggle up on the couch with Matt or read my book. I’m still technically in the middle of Elder Scrolls: Online (which I think I may jump on after I finish writing!) and if I have a spare half hour in the evening, me and Matt are still loving Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Currently, I am excited for

…omg, a lot. July is going to be an incredibly busy and exciting month! At the beginning of the month, me and my mum are going to stay in a beautiful country house for the night which we’re both really looking forward to. Matt also graduates soon! In the same week, he graduates from university and turns 22. Busy week. I’ve took a couple of weeks off work to celebrate everything plus to have a little ‘summer holiday’. We’re planning on bus hopping around Yorkshire for a week like we did last summer. I can’t wait!


What have you been up to lately? Are you watching Orange is the New Black?

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Iconic Film Posters

Trying to balance my love for books, writing, gaming, nature, photography, TV shows, art and film in my spare time is a challenge. If your explanation of your day-to-day hobbies is a mouthful, then I’m sure it’s safe to say that it’s a bit of a task in the real world, too.

#FirstWorldProblems, right? I sound like such a spoon.

I just love immersing myself in my hobbies. Luckily, every single one of them can be shared with the love of my life and best friend, Matt, so it’s not hard to find the balance between home life and hobbies – this seems to be the issue for most people, when hobbies are discussed. Instead, it’s just a tough one for me to decide what hobby I want to play with each day!

I don’t just love a bit of everything, I love everything completely. Yes, I’m a bookworm – I could build myself a blanket fort, drag in a crate of books and stay in there for days. I’m also a blogger – my days are filled with ideas, inspiration and an urge to write from morning to night. Then there’s photography – my camera is my sidekick, my third eye and it never leaves my side. I don’t do anything half-heartedly, really. I give everything my all and, today, that everything is film.


Here are, what I believe to be, the most iconic and most striking film posters of all time!


Colour Movie Posters

127 Hours | The Truman Show | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The use of colour in all three of these posters are the reason they’re so striking. 127 Hours is my personal favourite here – your eyes are quickly drawn to the struggle right in the center of the image, which is split between the looming-night sky and the hot red stone. The Truman Show cleverly combines bright colours with a myriad of stills from the film. It comes across pretty positive… despite what actually happens. The Star Wars poster uses a tradition combination of “good guys” blue and “bad guys” red. It’s simple, and it works!


Illustrated Movie Posters

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman | Casablanca | Singin’ in the Rain

I think illustrated film posters are wonderful and I’d love to see this style of poster return! All three could similarly find a place in my “colour” section – they’re full of it. How interesting that they are have a primary focus on yellow!

Text Based:

Text Based Movie Posters

A Clockwork Orange | Buried | Trainspotting

Let me just say, Buried is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly, almost intolerably, tense and Ryan Reynolds is perfect. The poster is just as impressive and it creates a similarly claustrophobic feel. I haven’t seen either of the other two films (I know, I’m terrible!) but I can completely appreciate how unique they both are.


Simple Movie Posters

American Beauty | GoodFellas | Forrest Gump

Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go.

Personal Favourites:

Classic Movie Posters Favourites

Inception | Pulp Fiction | Titanic

Although I love every single one of the movie posters I’ve featured, a certain few have a stronger place in my heart. Out of my selection of favourites are these three goodies. Inception – which also happens to be one of my favourite films – has an incredible poster and DVD cover. It’s mysterious, it hints at the complexity of the story line and it introduces all main characters. I love that. Pulp Fiction is just… Pulp Fiction. It’s a fantastic film with a just as great poster. Last, but not least, is Titanic. The poster is just as romantic as the movie itself, yet the famous passenger liner noticeably looms over the couple… I’m sure we all know it doesn’t end well.


What are your favourite movie posters?

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No credit claimed on any images. All images belong to their respective companies.

8 Female-Led Movies I’m Excited About

2016 brought with it the rise of the female-led movie! Whether that’s down to the recent rise in gender equality expose or it’s simply a coincidence, I don’t care either way. I’m just excited to see some fantastic actresses – including Emily Blunt and Mia Wasikowska – take their rightful place as top dog.

Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass

There’s a handful of female-led movies being released this year that I’m super excited to watch. Some are future hits and some, admittedly, aren’t taking themselves too seriously but we all need a little fun in our lives at times. If I only watched serious movies, instead of the odd comedy or animation here and there, I’m sure I’d be a much more intolerable and unhappy lady.


Making sure I covered a wide range of genres, here’s my pick of 8 female-led movies that I’m looking forward to in 2016:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

“Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.”

Thankfully, this Tim Burton extravaganza was recently released in the UK and I’m eagerly awaiting the day I pop to the cinema to watch it. I’ve had Alice Through the Looking Glass on my radar for a while now and, with the story of Lewis Carroll’s Alice having such a fond place in my heart, I didn’t ever doubt that Tim Burton’s sequel would pass me by without a watch.

What I enjoy so much about his Alice in Wonderland adaptations is the colour and the fancifulness. I think it’s completely reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s madness. There surely isn’t anyone better than Tim Burton to adapt Carroll’s story… they’re both bonkers.

Related: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (Book Review)

The Boss

“A titan of industry is sent to prison after she’s caught insider trading. When she emerges ready to re-brand herself as America’s latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.”

I absolutely love Melissa McCarthy. I think she’s just hilarious and I’m willing to give anything ago if she’s the star. This comedy clearly isn’t taking itself very seriously at all but I couldn’t care less. It looks fun, silly and I’m sure I’ll be leaving the cinema with a grin on my face.

The Girl on the Train

“A train commuter investigates a mystery revolving around a couple whose house she passes every day.”

When I first watched the trailer for this movie, me and Matthew barely breathed. It looks fantastically intense and I’m sure this mysterious thriller is going to be right up my street! I haven’t actually read the book so I barely know a thing about the plot, other than it’s a bit psychological and possibly a little ‘did she? didn’t she?’ – that’s what the trailer seems to highlight, anyway.

We’ll see though! I have a feeling this is going to be a huge hit so I’ll make sure I don’t miss my chance to see it at the cinema.

Lights Out

A woman is haunted by a creature that only appears when the lights go out.

This is definitely a movie that I should not watch (horrors stay with my for years) but I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist… It’s a collaboration of two film companies, Atomic Monster and New Line Cinema, that previously worked together on Annabelle (another movie I would sure as hell never ever watch). However, this horror is based on a viral short film that made its way around the internet a few years ago. You can find that here but be warned, if you’re a little bit of a scaredy cat then you maybe shouldn’t watch it.

I think producing a movie around this fantastic short film is a great idea and I have a feeling that’s why the movie interests me so much.

Bad Moms

“When three overworked and under-appreciated moms are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.”

Bad Moms looks hilarious. I’m sure a lot of mums will appreciate what this comedy is trying to highlight and everyone else will be able to recognise the “oh, f**k it” attitude that we all feel once in a while! It seems like this is the first movie where Mila Kunis, renowned sex symbol, is actually playing a mum – thankfully, she isn’t being portrayed as the typical frumpy mum (which is definitely a stereotype that needs to bugger off) and I’m sure that’ll make this movie that little bit more relatable.

Finding Dory

“The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.”

After 13 years, we finally get to see Dory, Nemo and Marlin hit the big screen once again. I am beyond excited for this release! Dory is a wonderfully sweet character and I’ve always wondered what happened to her, her memory and her family. To finally have some answers will be lovely.

It seems as if the movie doesn’t actually have a villain as such. It’s been suggested that life itself it Dory’s enemy. That’ll be a very interesting plot line if that’s the case! I can’t wait.


“Morgan is about a corporate risk-management consultant who has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an artificial being’s life that was made in a laboratory environment.”

How could I resist a science-fiction thriller whose protagonist, an artificial being created in a lab, has the same name as me? That’s a little shallow, I know, but my name used to be a huge insecurity of mine so, now I’m comfortable with it, I like to revel in its glory!

Shallow name vanity aside, this movies looks like it could be fantastic. The trailer is suspenseful but doesn’t give too much away. I do like a bit of mystery.


“30 years after Ghostbusters took the world by storm, the beloved franchise makes its long-awaited return. Director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today.”

This is a biggie. Ghostbusters seems to have created quite a stir around the online film community – it hasn’t even been released yet and people are slating it. Is is because people disapprove of the female casting choices or it it simply because people are cross they’re revamped a classic? Either way, this hatred is no way to be acting over a movie that you haven’t seen. It could be fantastic, it could be terrible. As of yet, nobody knows.

Personally, I think it looks great. I love the choice of actresses and to revamp a classic with such a twist (oh hello, completely female lead) is pretty refreshing. Actually, it’s quite brave considering how much hatred the feminist movement is getting right now. I’m looking forward to it!


Are you looking forward to any of these movies?

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