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My friends, it’s so good to be back. It’s been a while. Did you miss me? I properly missed you, all of you.

I’m not going to coo about how unbelievable it is that it’s been a whole year already because, frankly, this year feels like it lasted an absolute lifetime. As I’ve told you, repeatedly, this has been the worst, most soul-destroying year of my life and I can’t believe I’m still around to see the back of it – honestly, it was touch and go for a long time. But, I made it. I’m here and we can all kiss this disaster of a year goodbye in just one more day. Hopefully, that black hole of negativity that I’ve been waving around will disappear too.

I know, I know, the passing of one more day won’t actually make a massive difference in any literal way. It’s just another day, after all. For me, though, it’s more of a symbolic passing. Au revoir, you arse.

Anyway, despite the little amount of time I’ve spent around my lovely little blog this year, it still means so much to me. I’m hoping that 2017 will reignite the love I have for writing and socialising with the wonderful people I’ve met during my time as a blogger, because that’s something I miss for sure.

So, what did my blog accomplish throughout 2016?


Blogging Stats:

Total number of posts published in 2016: 156 – considering it feels like I wasn’t around an awful lot, that’s not bad!

Total number of followers overall: 465 – I didn’t reach my goal of 500 WordPress followers, but I did reach over 650 followers on Twitter which was an unexpected delight.

Total number of unique views in 2016: 16,933

My Year in Review | The blog


Best Posts:

Statistically, my most popular posts of 2016 were:


Blogging Goals for 2017:

Post regularly: This year was a bit of a mess for my blog, and if I have any regular readers left I’ll be flabbergasted (how wonderful is that word?). I’d love to begin posting regularly again and, hopefully, planning my posts more efficiently will help with this!

Interact with my readers more: I failed so bad with interaction, especially during the second half of the year. I miss you all, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been writing about.

Read more blog posts from other bloggers, old and new: I haven’t read somebody else’s blog post in a very long time (apart from the odd one that catches my eye on Twitter). Sitting down and reading my friends’ posts used to be an important part of my blogging setup, so I can’t wait to get stuck back in.


Do you have any personal goals for your blog in 2017?


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You can read my previous post here.

35 thoughts on “My Year in Review #1/3 | The Blog

  1. I’ve barely spent any time on my blog this year either…I’ve written a grand total of 34, wow. Compared to the year before when I used to write that in two months! Anyway, here’s to a new year filled with blogging 🙂 Hope the new year is good to you x

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  2. It is definitely good to see you back, Morgan! Considering everything that’s been going on for you, though, I can understand why you weren’t “around” much online – sometimes “real” life just becomes the priority. My new year will be pretty busy to start with – but mostly good things, so I know how that is, as well.

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  3. Joy to your heart… and warmth to your home! As the New Year arrives… Hope it brings along happiness, hope and good tidings… To stay on and on Happy New Year, dear Morgan! I have a big list for the next year…

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