Taking On Too Much

Well… howdy. I’ve missed you, the community and my writing an awful lot. I never thought I’d take a break from blogging but, here we are, almost 20 days later saying hello all over again.

Taking On Too Much

The transition between September and October (and the weeks that followed) was a bit manic, to be honest. After finishing my work placement, a.k.a Hell on Earth, I was quickly reintroduced to the life of a not-so-typical university student. A lot of people seem to think I took a year out of university to get a job, but that’s not the case. Instead of sticking with three years, my degree is made up of four with a year of industrial experience plonked right in the middle – that’s what I was up to last year and, frankly, it was crap. It was obvious I’d never be able to smoothly transition back into my final year of university but, as a whole, it hasn’t been so terrible. It’s nice to be back on my own schedule and it’s really nice to not be surrounded by bullies day in, day out.

Despite that, it wasn’t university that led me to take a break. I just took on way too much, way too quickly.

Being all over-excited that I’d finished my work placement, I instantly began building up my photography portfolio. If you know me at all, you sure know how deep rooted my love for photography is, so I jumped at the opportunity to monetise my passion. I began photographing practically all of the children in my family and, without me realising, I didn’t have weekends to myself anymore. After finding myself completely chuffed with the results, I recently moved on to photographing friends of friends’ children and people I’ve never met before. I’m finding this more of a challenge as I have to maintain an air of professionalism whilst entertaining the children, reassuring the parents and working behind the camera. It’s tough, but I love it. The whole journey has been incredible in lots of different ways – incredibly enjoyable, because I am in love with being behind the camera, and incredibly insightful, because who knew it could be this hard?

With my degree, my photography and all attempts at maintaining this standard of mental health, my much loved blog just fell behind. A day hasn’t gone by without me feeling guilty but taking a break was definitely the right decision.


Anyway, enough of the excuses. It’s good to be back.

What do you think of the new look? Check out my blog’s home page to have a peek at my new design!


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You can read my previous post here.

Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

23 thoughts on “Taking On Too Much

  1. Yeah, I noticed the new look right away. Very different from what you had before. I think it’s just great that you’ve been getting more into your photography. It’s always recommended to find what makes you happy and go from there in life. 🙂

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  2. Glad to see you back Morgan. I had thought you are busy with things. I noticed the new look, Nice at first but ….. sorry about the criticism but being honest I find it hard to read as it is very faint, small and too pale specially on the sidebar, that is very pale red and hard to read, well for me. Sorry about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Given the way I abandon my blog for months at a time, usually out of sheer laziness (although I do actually have an excuse of being really busy this time), I don’t blame anyone else for taking a short break for being too preoccupied with other things :p It’s cool to see you’re capitalising on your photography skills, anyway.

    Love the new look btw.

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