Lush Review | Pumpkin

Some bath bombs are loved for the spectacular shows they put on in the tub and some are loved for their simplicity – Lush’s Pumpkin bath bomb, part of the Halloween collection, is the latter.

Pumpkin doesn’t spill out a myriad of colours. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling silky and moisturised. Once it’s plopped in the tub, it doesn’t even stick around for very long. Yet, despite all that, this Halloween exclusive is the perfect accompaniment for an autumn soak.

Lush Review Pumpkin Bath Bomb


As the name suggests, the bath bomb looks like a pumpkin! You don’t often see character themed bath bombs so it’s definitely an eye-catching product. It screams Halloween and, if anything, it’s worth picking up as a seasonal treat just to get your spooky fix. The colour though is very simple – like the resulting bath water, it’s a basic shade of orange.

What makes this bath bomb so special is the smell. It smells like autumn! It’s sweet (thanks to the vanilla extract), spicy (hello, cinnamon) and incredibly warming. If that doesn’t sound perfect for these colder nights, then I don’t know what does.

Lush Review Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Although Pumpkin doesn’t leave your skin feeling super moisturised like a lot of Lush bath bombs, it melts all your aches and pains away. When I jumped into the bath, I slowly laid back and let out a very dramatic groan of approval – it’s incredible. This is completely down to the warming cinnamon bark old extract, making this ideal for those achy, tired autumn nights.

Lush Review Pumpkin Bath Bomb

If you’re looking for a taste of autumn for £3.95, give this a try.


Have you tried Pumpkin yet?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

5 thoughts on “Lush Review | Pumpkin

  1. My friend popped into lush yesterday and came out with a ton of goodies 7/8 being from the Christmas collection!The Halloween ones seem just as amazing, it sounds so comforting and autumnal…Unfortunately I won’t be investing in it this time due to money but next year I might just have to have a lush splurge in Autumn ☺️

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