An A – Z of Me

Animals | If I could spend my life rescuing and caring for abandoned animals, I would be a very happy lady. Animals > humans.  That’s my ultimate life goal.

Blogging | Starting my blog was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve created myself a bubble of creativity, where I’m capable of sharing whatever tickles my fancy. I’ve met lots of wonderful people. I’ve had so much fun and it’s only been a year!

Cats | If you’ve been around long enough, this one makes complete sense. My cats are my world. They are everything to me! I’ll never understand people who think cats are evil and manipulative. I get daily cuddles and I can even sing one of them to sleep.

Disney | The Aristocats, Mulan and Alice in Wonderland are my three favourite Disney movies. Ah, I love Disney.

Empress | On my birthday, or other special occasions, I have a very particular nickname – I can’t believe I’m actually going to admit this to the world. “Empress Namrog the Third, Mother of Kittens, Queen of Francis Court and Ruler of Matthew’s Attention.” I’m channelling Daenerys Targaryen here.

Feminist | “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” Those who prefer not to call themselves a feminist confuse me. Do you seriously think woman are lesser simply because of their gender?

Gaming | Matt was actually the one who sparked my love for gaming. Some of my favourites now include the Fable series, Skyrim, Child of Light and practically any indie you can throw at me.

Honesty | I’m incredibly honest – for the good and for the bad. It’s one of those personality traits that I’m so grateful for.

Interests | Photography, books, crafts, programming, cooking, beauty, art, writing, film…

Jokes | I’m the worst at telling jokes. I’m sure people generally laugh at my reaction to the joke rather than the actual joke itself. I think I’m hilarious.

Kindness | I try my absolute hardest to be kind every single day.

Lists | I’m not one for spontaneity because I love to be prepared. I’ll always find something to write a list about. I also have a tendency to write lists of the lists I need to write, seriously.

Matthew | The love of my life.

An A-Z of Me

Nature | Plop me outdoors, surrounded by nature, and I’ll be one happy bunny. Spring and autumn are my favourite months to be out and about.

Organised | You know, organising things is actually a hobby of mine. When I have free time, let’s say a really quiet Sunday, I love taking out my drawers and reorganising them all over again.

Photography | My camera is my third eye. I document my entire life through photographs. It started out as a way to avoid being scared of losing my memory – I don’t want to forget the wonderful things I’ve done. After that, it just developed into a full-on love for the photography process in general.

Quiet | I’m as quiet as a mouse when I’m away from the comfort of home.

Reading | I love reading. At this point, I think it’d be pretty much impossible to get through all of the books I’d like to during my lifetime!

Sleep | I could sleep for years and still wake up tired. Falling asleep is a massive struggle for me so, when I do finally get there, I like to soak up every second I can. Every single cosy second.

Tidy | My tidy home makes me happy – it’s my special sanctuary. So, when ‘Facebook mums’ share quotes such as “a clean home is the sign of a wasted life”, I get really irritated and offended. Just because I make time to tidy my house (even when I don’t have the time, I might add), it doesn’t make my life any more boring than yours.

University | I’m now in my fourth and final year of university. I’m studying computer science at The University of Hull. I have a good feeling this year is going to be the best year of university so far.

Vintage | I always feel far prettier and more put together when I’m in a vintage-inspired outfit with a bit of red lippy. I feel like myself!

Wedding | I’m obsessed with anything to do with weddings. I’m constantly picking up inspiration for my own wedding, and you bet I started a Pinterest account solely to stalk amazing weddings.

X Factor | A big, fat, giant guilty pleasure. I haven’t watched it for a couple of years but this year I’m loving it. There’s a lot of acts that I’m full-on excited about. I’d buy their albums, for sure.

YouTube | I think it’s incredible that YouTube actually rivals television for me, nowadays. There are so many YouTube stars that I enjoy watching. When I was young, I just used it for funny fails or cute cat videos.

Zombies | The only fictional ‘monster’ that I just cannot deal with. They terrify me!


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24 thoughts on “An A – Z of Me

  1. Don’t worry, Facebook parents who claim that there are “more important things in life than cleaning your house” ALWAYS suffer from anxiety, running late, disorganization, don’t get enough sleep, are probably having an affair or their spouse is cheating on them, their kids secretly hate them, and if the police showed up and needed to see their driver’s license, they wouldn’t be able to find it in their junk-mess of a house. 😉

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