Halloween Lush Haul

It’s time! Yesterday, Lush’s Halloween products were released in my local store and I couldn’t have snapped them up any quicker. Straight from work, I jumped onto a bus and then practically ran to the store. In all honesty, I presumed they’d have ran out by the time I got there but, luckily for little me, the products were still piled high. Like always, I almost drooled upon arrival. The smell is intoxicating. Walking into a Lush store is one of my favourite things in life – those colours, the smell, the atmosphere and the fantastic staff make shopping there an actual experience.

Alongside lots of other fellow Lushies around the world, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this release for a long time. The return of Lord of Misrule, my all time favourite holiday exclusive product, is a personal highlight, for sure. I previously caught a sneak peak of the Halloween products when they were leaked, not too long ago, and lots of them caught my eye. I imagined I’d pretty much buy the whole store. However, I did refrain from buying one of everything and, instead, I stuck to a handful of products that I was eager to try.

Lush Halloween Haul

So, what lovely Lush Halloween goodies did I pick up this year?

Monsters’ Ball:

I love themed bath bombs! They’re a bit of a guilty pleasure really. Whenever a silly or strange looking product is released, I snap one up. Monsters’ Ball looks like a pink Mike Wazowski and what’s better than that? I’ve already seen a sneak peak at the show this bath bomb puts on in the tub. I can’t wait to use it.

Lord of Misrule:

Lord of Misrule is a showstopper. It’s a must-have Halloween bath bomb and if you haven’t yet tried it for yourself I urge you to treat yourself. It’s a beautiful combination of spicy, earthy and vanilla scents. That smell is quite something, but it’s the performance it gives in the bath that makes this product stand out.


Pumpkin combines spicy cinnamon with the sweetness of vanilla and, I think, it’s the most pleasant smelling of the Halloween products.  It smells like autumn.

Autumn Leaf:

This is one of the most beautiful bath bombs I’ve ever seen. It’s made up of jumbles of baby blues, yellows, oranges and pinks. It has a very fresh scent which only emphasises the autumnal feel of this bath bomb. Look at the size of it, in comparison to the others! It’s massive.


I’m super pleased with my mini Halloween haul. I managed to snap up some gorgeous smelling and incredible looking bath bombs that I just can’t wait to try! It really is starting to feel like autumn now. Roll on, Halloween!

Have you tried any of Lush’s Halloween products yet?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

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