9 Cute Wallpapers For Your Phone

I don’t know about you but I love regularly changing my phone’s wallpaper. It always makes me feel like I’ve got a completely new phone – pair this with a quick reorganise of my apps and folders and I’m a happy bunny. I recently thought about creating my own wallpapers so they’re more personal to me. It’s pretty easy to turn drawings and paintings into digital copies if you have a mobile phone or a scanner. That was the idea but it didn’t quite go to plan. I’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime, I decided to scour the beautiful world of Pinterest. I knew I wanted something colourful but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to grab myself a cute and simple wallpaper or something relating to one of my many fandoms. I couldn’t make a decision so I saved lots of wallpapers for future use instead, allowing me to swap and choose when ever I like.

What type of friend would I be if I didn’t share these gorgeous wallpapers with you, eh? You have been warned, I’m going through a pastel ‘phase’ and I just can’t get enough.

9 Cute Wallpapers For Your Phone

Cactus Wallpaper | Doctor Who Wallpaper | Strawberry Wallpaper

I am loving all three of these but, come on, you know that pastel pink TARDIS is my favourite. Combining pastel pink and Doctor Who gets a giant thumbs up from me.

9 Cute Wallpapers For Your Phone

Gotta love the turtles. I’m loving that green and metallic gold combination too.

Flowers Wallpaper | Flamingo Wallpaper | Turtle Wallpaper

9 Cute Wallpapers For Your Phone

Obviously, I just had to include something Disney related. Even more importantly, I had to include an Aristocats wallpaper. Look at those grumpy little kitten faces! Fun fact: When I found this wallpaper, I went off on a one hour tangent looking at The Aristocats merchandise (include Halloween outfits… and yes, I found an adorable Marie costume).

Lemon Wallpaper | The Aristocats Wallpaper | Geometric Wallpaper


Which one is your favourite?

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17 thoughts on “9 Cute Wallpapers For Your Phone

  1. These are all adorable! I actually don’t like changing my wallpaper too often, I prefer something that’s simple and minimalist and something I don’t get sick of. I quite like the ones that come as the defaults haha x

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