5 Very Special Years

An education, a home, two furry babies, an engagement, lots of love and five years later, me and Matthew are still inseparable. It’s our 5 year anniversary today!

I was lucky enough to meet somebody so very special when I was young, and I’ll always be grateful of those extra few years we had together before we were “grown-ups”. Meeting as teens, we grew up together, we worked together, we made decisions together and we moved on to university together. He’s my best friend in the whole world and, even though he’s sat right in front of me playing on his game, simply writing about him fills me with butterflies.

Five Year Anniversary Engagement Ring

We celebrated our anniversary early this year because, with it falling on a Monday, we didn’t want to make plans straight after work and be all tired out! Over the weekend, we went on a 12-mile hike, we sat by the sea at the seaside and we spent the day in the bustling city of York – as you can probably guess, I had an absolutely amazing time and it’s going to be a memorable one! Five years though… that’s a biggie so it’s worth a little extra effort. Tonight, I’m making us a vegetarian spaghetti bolognese and we’re going to make each other an anniversary card with a glass of wine (or two). That sounds like a cute little night to me!

Five Year Anniversary

Pink Hearts

I can’t fully put into words how beautiful he is to me, inside and out. He’s kind to me, he loves me so much, he’s hilarious, he respects me, he’s proud of me and he’s gorgeous. Happy anniversary, sweetie.


I’m sorry about this very soppy post (not really!)

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

24 thoughts on “5 Very Special Years

  1. Wow. 5 years is quite a long time and it is so sweet that you still get butterflies when you see him ❤ ( I still get mine after 7 years but not so much when he gorges on my share of cheese popcorn 😛 ) He sounds like a great guy and you both make a really beautiful couple. Wishing you infinite years of happiness and blissful togetherness ❤

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