My Favourite Movies Of All Time

Engrossing myself into works of fiction is something I really love. Unsurprisingly, as well as fictional books and games, I am a huge fan of films. Now that I’m a little busier than I used to be – with a full time job and shit to do – I don’t get to watch as many films as I’d like to, but c’est la vie. When I do sit down to watch a film, my attention is fully absorbed and I’ll savour every moment.

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t often re-watch my all-time favourites. Instead, I kind of lock them away in my mind with a huge label across it saying “wow, never ever forget this film.” I do, however, have the tendency to re-watch some of the cheesier, guilty pleasure movies, but I can’t help myself… Mamma Mia, for example, is my ultimate, embarrassing guilty pleasure and I can’t get enough. I just love ABBA lots.

I thought it would be a really nice idea to share a huge list of some of these favourites. I would never be able to narrow them down to just one! So, here’s a snippet of my all-time favourite movies.

My Favourite Movies Of All Time


Moulin Rouge

This is probably the film that means the most to me. Me and Matt watch it on our anniversary every year. 


The Aristocats

Catch Me If You Can

It’s been on my list of favourites since I was a child. It’s an incredible movie!


Cast Away

Even the name “Wilson” chokes me up… 

Black Swan

Donnie Darko

Dirty Dancing

Gran Torino

The character development in this film is just immense. 


The Truman Show

This is a very special kind of film. It’s goofy, because of Jim Carrey, but the revelation and plot are incredibly moving.

Pulp Fiction

Mamma Mia

Perfect Sense

Me and Matthew watched this early on in our relationship and, to this day, we still sometimes just say “wow, do you remember Perfect Sense? That ending…”

Ex Machina


12-year old Morgan would smack me if I didn’t include Titanic. After all, it does still make me sob every time. I bloody love this film.

Alice in Wonderland

Shutter Island


A fantastic insight into where technology is heading.

The Green Mile

Love Actually



Definitely the best lone location movie I’ve ever seen. So tense.

Easy A

Wreck It Ralph

Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper being awesome again. It’s a very relatable story about mental health.



The Grey

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

Thinking about this film makes my heart hurt. So enjoyable until your heart breaks.


That’s definitely a very varied list and I know that I’ve missed so many. I’m sure I’ve forgot some big ones too, but I could just go on and on and on and on… When me and Matt first met, we’d spend full days watching movies over the weekends. We’d rent whatever movies we could find from our old Love Film subscription, so we’d end up with a right jumble of movies – I think that could actually be why I have such a varied taste in films! We would watch easily four films a day. Although we did watch a lot of crap, we found some fantastic movies and some of them are still my favourites to this day.

So, what are some of your favourite movies?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

16 thoughts on “My Favourite Movies Of All Time

  1. Oh, you have great movies on your list. There are so many I would include on my list. Happy you included animated films too., So, many adults automatically dismiss them. Mulan was a great movie. After seeing Mulan I expected to see The Lion KIng on your list.

    Love Memento, Titantic, Gran Torino, Dirty Dancing. Just saw Buiried last night for the first time. Thanks for this wonderful post. A pleasure to read.

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  2. Generally we don’t like to watch films with a lot of profanity, but Silver Linings Playbook is a really special story. The casting/acting/direction is all around excellent. We had fun with that one.

    My top favorites include Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (because, all connection to the books aside, I think they’re both great examples of modern fantasy film), How to Train Your Dragon and Brave, and like you, my 12 y/o self would smack me a bit if I didn’t include Labyrinth and The Last Unicorn. (Get the tissues out, to this day, usually just at the mention of the titles…)

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    • I agree with you there. It’s a really really great film. I’m looking forward to watching it again, actually.
      Wow, your taste in films is very similar to my long lost list of favourites. I completely forgot to include The Last Unicorn and How To Train Your Dragon! The Last Unicorn is just beautiful.
      I’m very surprised I didn’t include the Harry Potter movies… thinking about it now, they are some of my favourites too.

      Great choices for your list of favourites :).

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  3. It’s so cute that watching movies is one of your “things” you do together! Everyone loves a good movie and some of the ones on your list are definitely on mine as well. I’m now going to look up Perfect Sense because your comment about it intrigued me 🙂

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