I know, I know. This post is a little bit late… I do have an excuse though. I’ve been busy enjoying my break from work! With lots of big things happening around the same time (a wedding, a night at the casino etc.), finding time to post my monthly round-up was a little tough. Sunday seems as good a day as any, though. Today has been wonderful so far. Me and Matthew woke up late, played scrabble and downloaded one of our favourite games in preparation for our games night tonight! Topping off the afternoon with a blog post sounds like a great idea to me.

August was a very busy month and I’m happy to see the back of it. September is looking like a good one!

August Monthly Wrap-Up


So, what did my August look like? (If you missed last month’s monthly catch-up, you can find it here):


  • I finally got my hands on a Samsung Gear VR. It’s so cool. You can play Minecraft in virtual reality… so, you play Minecraft in the world of Minecraft. Insane.
  • Me and Matt went to Humber Street Sesh in Hull. It’s a ‘festival’ to showcase a lot of local bands. We both properly enjoyed ourselves.
  • It was my blog’s first anniversary!
  • I had my first ‘little ones’ shoot with my mum in law’s foster children. I’ve got my first cake smash photo shoot in January (a long time away, I know).
  • Me and Matt went around to his brother’s house for UFC 202. I fell asleep during the title match at about 5am… I managed to stay awake until the most important fight!
  • I bought a Surface Pro 4. It was bought with the intention of being a massive help throughout university, but in the meantime I’ve been using it for digital art and blogging.
  • I went to my first ever hen night. Matt’s mum got married 2 days later and the wedding was lovely.
Happy birthday, blog! Birthday cake and balloons.

Yep, I had a birthday blog photo shoot.


  • Robot Wars! Although the first episode aired in July, the majority of episodes were in August. Excuse my language but it was fucking amazing. Me and Matt would sit right in front of the TV, cheering!
  • I read my first comic book and I wasn’t overly chuffed. It wasn’t long enough for me so I never felt invested in the story.
  • Me and Matt finally started playing the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 maps.
  • I started playing a game on the Xbox One called Unravel. It’s absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to review it.
  • Me and Matt started watching Pewdiepie’s videos on YouTube. You know what, I really like them too. He’s a bit of a moron, but he’s funny.
  • We also watched Mad Max: Fury Road and Ant-Man. Both were really good but I think Mad Max was something special. I’m excited for the sequel!


I’ve been very unhappy with my blog this month… I’m finding it really hard to feel proud of my blog! I think it’s because I had the life sucked out of me at work at the beginning of the month, so the latter half has been a pretty lengthy recovery. Despite that, off of my favourite posts were from the beginning of the month. Weird, it’s been weird.

I do have my fingers crossed that September will be a little better!


How was your August? 

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

11 thoughts on “August

  1. Don’t be unhappy with your blog, it is lovely and a joy to read. You are a very honest and refreshing person. Just take it easy and enjoy, even if it is different as you expect. Have a super September Morgan!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOVED the casino. I felt a bit nervous gambling but it was fun once I got into it :).
      It wasn’t like the stereotypical hen do you see in films and things. We all went out for a meal and met up with the ‘boys’ afterwards for some drinks with family etc. It was really great and the bride loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been to a casino a couple of times myself and won money the first time which was pretty fun! As long as you’re sensible, it’s good 🙂 The bride loved it, that’s the main thing x


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