A Night at Napoleons Casino

I went to a casino for the first time yesterday! Just down the road from me, smack bang in the centre of Hull, is a wonderfully fancy looking building, home to Napoleons Casino. Alongside a handful of other lovely Hull bloggers, I was invited to try out the casino and restaurant. Of course, I head out in my fanciest dress – super excited for the new experience and super nervous to meet some new bloggers! Everyone was incredibly kind, so not only did I get to try out something new but I also was able to meet some lovely, local bloggers.

Here’s something you may not have considered, ever… If you put a group of bloggers around a table, in a stunning restaurant and in front of some fantastic food, what do you get? “This lighting is terrible for photos”, “There’s a shadow”, “What app do you use to edit your Instagram photos!?” plus a whole load of selfies, angles and tweets. When there’s only one of you (generally that’s me on my billy bob!) you don’t realise.

A Night at Napoleons Casino in Hull

Anyway, on arrival, we were escorted to the bar for a drink, before being seated at our table. Thankfully, the table was tucked away in the corner so we could all snap away without bothering anybody else – and trust me, there was a lot of snapping away because this place is gorgeous.

The highlight, for me, was the food. I quickly decided that I’ll be going back but living so close is just an extra bonus! Being a vegetarian is a bit awkward sometimes, especially if you’re visiting a new place, but Napoleons had some fantastic options for me to try. To start, I had strips of melon with a blackcurrant sorbet and pomegranate. My favourite course was the main – a mushroom and ale pie, wow. It was so rich and delicious that I instantly tried to find a similar recipe on Google. I need to make this myself! For dessert, I had my all-time favourite pudding which is pavlova topped with fresh fruit. How beautiful does that sound? It was one of the most incredible meals that I’ve had in a very long time.

A Night at Napoleons Casino in HullA Night at Napoleons Casino in HullA Night at Napoleons Casino in Hull

With very full bellies, we were then escorted to the casino floor for a crash course in Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Roulette from the wonderfully helpful Ash. He thoroughly talked us through each of the games, with a few cheeky practice games, before letting us loose into the real world. I felt like a little girl with pocket money. I didn’t know where to spend my £5 chip! Roulette was the best option for us all, we thought, and we head straight there. It turns out I’m pretty lucky – I won £17.50 on my first spin!

Me and Matthew have already decided that we’ll be going on Monday to try out this package for ourselves. Yes, it was so good that I’m going to go again within the space of a week.

A huge thank you to the staff at Napoleons Casino for having us! 


Have you ever been to a casino?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

13 thoughts on “A Night at Napoleons Casino

  1. Been through a casino a few times – once when I flew into and out of the Las Vegas airport (on my way to and from Arizona), and when I went to a conference that was held at a resort. Never gambled, but that’s fine, too. I’d like to see one of the shows and partake of one of the restaurants.

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