Wedding Bells!

After a whole day of holding up my camera, squatting up and down to reach the children’s eye level and being on my feet (in heels!), I’m a giant bag of exhaustion. Matt’s mum got married yesterday and it was a really beautiful day.

Wedding at The Guildhall, Hull

The couple tied the knot at the local registry office but, wow, what a building. The Guildhall in Hull is spectacular and renowned city-wide for it’s beauty. The room’s high ceilings made it feel massive and the large white pillars made it feel majestic – it was really something. Afterwards, a whole bunch of their family and friends made way to a nice pub for food, drinks and wedding cake (which was delicious).

As well as being a very happy guest, I was asked to photograph the day. It was the first wedding where I had free roam of the wedding ceremony, so being stood up whilst Matthew and family were all formally seated was a bit nerve-wracking. After taking a few snaps though, I got over it. I just wish the shutter on my camera wasn’t so damn loud! This privilege did mean that I was a very busy lady. Dressed in my glad rags and high heels to fulfil the wedding guest side of things, I was up and down the aisle, around the guests, bent over this way and that… my feet are killing, my arms are killing and I’m tired to the core. You wouldn’t believe how exhausting photography can be, especially under pressure, unless you try it for yourself. From the bride’s hair and make-up to the cutting of the cake, it was constant. I’m sure it would have been a lot more enjoyable (the photography side of things, not the wedding) if I wasn’t also considered a guest. I could have worn comfortable shoes and I wouldn’t have had to socialise so intensely between taking photographs. Matt’s family is a proper chatty bunch!

Wedding at The Guildhall, Hull

Overall though, it was such a great day. I stayed up incredibly, naughtily late last night, aiming to get a handful of photographs edited and processed to show the newly weds. I’ll edit the rest tomorrow, when I’ve fully recovered. Today has been just for me. I gave myself a little break: I had a nap, I played a game, I took some photographs for my blog and I ordered a takeaway. If that’s not recovery, then I don’t know what is. Maybe I’ll have a cup of tea, too.


How beautiful is that bouquet?!

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

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