I’ve Been a Busy Bee

Hi, friends! How are you enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend? If you were at work today, I do apologise for rubbing it in, but to just further rub salt in the wound, I broke off work for 2 whole weeks of annual leave on Friday! No work for me in the morning, yey :). I have my fingers crossed that I can catch a bit of sun before autumn heads our way!


Rocking a leopard print dress for Julie’s hen do! Does this count as an OOTD?

To celebrate my partial freedom from the world of work, me and Matt watched a couple of films (Mad Max: Fury Road and Ant-Man, if you’re interested) with some beers on Friday night. We initially had plans to go out for a nice meal and a few drinks but, after such a long week, I really couldn’t be bothered. With a busy weekend ahead of us, we probably made a smart move.

Now, I’m not a very social person. Socialising exhausts me! Awkwardly, it’s like every social event of the summer had to fall in this one weekend. Matthew’s mum is getting married in the morning (exciting!) so there’s a lot of build up and the entire weekend has been spent with Matt’s family. We spent Saturday visiting Matt’s auntie, who flew over from Switzerland for the wedding, and on Sunday I was at the hen do. Although I really enjoyed both nights, spending today relaxing and pampering myself has been exactly what I needed.

So, tomorrow is a big day! Not only is Matt’s mum getting married, which is obviously wonderful news alone, but I’m also photographing the wedding. Like, I would have been photographing the day anyway but being asked was lovely. Me and Matt are both really looking forward to it. Any excuse for us to get all dressed up is a winner for me :).

I’ll more than likely be a bit quiet around here tomorrow, but I’ll be all back to normal from Wednesday. Me and Matt will be travelling around the countryside next week too, so there will also be lots of photographs to share (and you know that they’re my favourite posts!)

I feel like this two week break from work is going to be a good one. Lots of happy plans are coming my way. I’m excited.


How did you spend your weekend? 

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

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