Lush Review | Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

Lush is practically famous for the extravagant displays that the majority of their bath bombs perform. The Fizzbanger Bath Bomb is very simple in appearance, but that doesn’t make it boring. It’s a citrus delight! The beautiful yellow outer shell protects a centre of bright blue, which fizzes and pops thanks to all that popping candy – the resulting colour is a toxic lime green.

I absolutely loved the final colour of the water from this bath bomb! I don’t recall ever having a green bath before, so it was a bit of a novelty too. Green is my favourite colour so I was sure to love it, but it definitely was a shock. Looking at that lovely yellow bath bomb, you wouldn’t imagine it creates something so green!

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb Review


The scent of Fizzbanger is what stands out to me the most. It has a very strong citrus smell on first sniff, but then you begin to pick up the apple and spicy undertones it has. It’s kind of like a sweet apple pie, with a little bit of cinnamon! It’s really lovely. I found that the scent didn’t last the entire time I was in the bath, but it lasted long enough to leave its scent on my skin which is a big thumbs up from me.

It’s a slow fizz meaning it sticks around for much longer! It also means there’s enough time for a very simple display. Unlike the multitude of colours a lot of other Lush bath bombs produce, Fizzbanger sticks with yellows and blues. They can swirl together like a Catherine wheel or the overpowering yellow can creates little rays of sunshine in the tub. Either way, it puts on a good show.

Once the bath bomb has completely fizzed away, you’re left with the lime green resulting water and a white creamy layer on the surface. This is incredibly moisturising so I sat there soaking myself in it’s loveliness for a very long time – it was one of the nicest baths I’ve had in a while! It’s a pretty all-around great bath bomb to be honest. I do highly recommend it.

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb ReviewLush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb ReviewLush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb ReviewLush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb ReviewLush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb ReviewLush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb Review

Lush’s Fizzbanger is a simple looking bath bomb with a simple but effective performance once it’s plopped in the tub and a very, very beautifully sweet scent. I can imagine this will go down a treat in the autumn months!


Have you ever tried this bath bomb? What did you think?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

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