5 Things I Need To Stop Caring About

You know all of those negative thoughts, opinions and questions that hover around the back of your mind? Well, I’m having a clear out.

It’s Saturday night. I’m dressed in the cutest silky pyjamas, drinking a beer, and contemplating whether or not I should sleep soon. When I remembered I was 21, not 81, I started to wonder why is it socially frowned upon to be introverted when you’re young? I quickly got over it because I’m happy and, once I decided to not care about that anymore, I started to think about what else I need to stop caring about.

5 Things I Need To Stop Caring About


1. I need to stop caring about achieving the “perfect body”.

In the past, I’ve envied flat tummies, skinny legs, curvy legs, little boobs, big boobs, short ladies, tall ladies, tanned, pale and everything in between. Like everything in my life, I’m undecided. I don’t know what’s perfect because there’s no such thing. I’d just like to be healthy. I want to run up the stairs and not need to take a ten minute breather. I wanna look at my naked body, full of confidence, and whisper “you go, girl”.

2. I need to stop caring about what other people think of me.

Worrying about what other people think of me has altered my life massively. Sometimes, it’s like I live two different lives – my home life, with my true self, and the fake life I live when I’m around other people. No wonder I love being cosy at home so much.

3. I need to stop caring about being the “best”.

This is going to sound really petty, but I don’t like losing and I don’t like it when people are better than me. I’m a terrible person, I know. Since I was really young, I’ve pushed myself to do better and better. Be better and better. This made damn sure I got amazing results in primary school, secondary school and college but, as I get older, it’s toxic. I can’t relax without an overwhelming sense of guilt swooping over me. Pushing yourself to be the best is great and everything, but not if it’s making you unhappy.

4. I need to stop caring about likes.

I regularly share snippets of my life on my blog and social media platforms and, yes, I get bummed out if they don’t get any love. Is that normal? I’m not really sure. Nobody should feel like they’re worth any less just because only a handful of people ‘liked’ their Instagram selfie.

5. I need to stop caring about what other people are doing.

Comparing yourself to others is just the worst. It can turn a proud and well deserved achievement into an unrealistic punch in the gut. “Oh, you won an award, did you? Sally got three awards and I heard a 12 year old achieved this last year” says my brain. It shouldn’t matter to you what other people are doing with their lives. Everyone is different. If your first car is a £300 banger from down the road and your friend got a brand new mint coloured Mini Cooper for her birthday, that’s fine. If other people your age are spending their money on lipsticks and shoes but you want some new curtains for the living room, that’s fine.

You do you. Divider

Do you need to stop caring about things, too?

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16 thoughts on “5 Things I Need To Stop Caring About

  1. I think there is a struggle for people of all ages to keep up with what others are doing (keeping up with the Jonses) and that causes more drama and heartache than anything. People want to be liked and loved. Ones self image is unfortunately a product of how people view us physically. I hope you can find that place where you can be, you.

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  2. Morgan my geeky friend, you are you and you’re perfect at being you. It’s good you have realised this and I hope it makes you happier and willing to shine your inner Morgan to the world. ☺

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