So, it’s August. How did that happen? Am I getting old? The weeks and months seem to be passing by super quickly recently.

Soon, summer will be long gone. That sounds a little pessimistic but, even though we’ve only had a handful of summer-worthy days, once we hit the end of August, autumn is well and truly on its way. I don’t mind. I’m looking forward to my autumn just as much as I’m enjoying my summer. Obviously, I’m completely not grouping my absolute nightmare (for my mental health, that is) of a job in with that sprout of happiness. I’ve only got to deal with that until the end of September and then,we can try and pretend like it never existed!

July Monthly Catch Up

July was a busy month! It had some incredible moments and I celebrated some big days with Matt, including a couple of snippets that will become lifelong memories. It bloody dragged though. Yes, it’s all well and truly shocking that we’re already in the 8th month of the year, but July felt like a lifetime!

My blog continues to feel fantastic and I’m loving the online community recently. When I first started my blog, it definitely felt like more of a group of friends. It’s completely my fault, but I drifted away from them and I followed a path into pristine, white flat lays, statistics and stress. I’m now trying to squeeze myself back into the WordPress community, hoping that I’m not long forgotten! It’s been nice, so I’m looking forward to continuing that throughout the rest of August (and beyond, of course).


So, what did I get up to in July? (If you missed last month’s monthly catch-up, you can find it here):


  • I went to a beautiful hotel in Scarborough with my mum called Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. I reviewed it on my blog, and it’s probably one of my favourite posts.
  • Matt graduated! It was such a good day. After all the formal celebrations, we went to the pub with his brother and brother’s girlfriend. We had a cracking night!
  • It was also Matt’s 22nd birthday in July. We had a beautiful day at the beach.
  • I popped into Hull’s Folk Festival on Hull Marina. Me and Matt had an ice-cream, basked in the very hot sun and listened to the folk music.
  • I had one of the best days of my life. Me and Matt went to Sewerby Hall (which was lovely) and then we walked down to the cliffs – we found a little spot under some white cliffs, overlooking the crystal clear sea… it was incredible.
  • I went to a vegetarian restaurant called Hitchcocks.
  • I spent the day at North Landing with Matt, my mum and my dad. So pretty!
North Landing Flamborough Photography

My parents on the beach at North Landing.


  • In July, Pokémon Go was released. That was a wild ride. I went completely mental for it at the start… I felt hugely nostalgic and I really enjoyed the catching element of it. Eventually, a couple of days ago, I kind of got over it. Until the game introduces trading and local battles (like you’d presume a Pokémon game would include), I doubt I’ll be taking it seriously again.
  • Me and Matt re-watched series 9 of Supernatural in our full re-watch of the show. We’re currently on series 10 now, and recently watched the epic 200th episode show. If you’re a fan, I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about.
  • I got sucked into the drama of Marina Joyce.
  • With hopes of getting fit, I’ve started using Xbox Fitness. Using the Kinect, it follows my movements and tells me where I’m going right and where I’m going wrong. I even get achievements so that’s a massive incentive, too.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released! Yey. I have my copy. I’ll be reading that tonight and tomorrow.


I’m very happy with a lot of the posts from July. Some I look back on and think “meh”, but c’est la vie.


How was July for you? What was your highlight?

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

14 thoughts on “July

  1. Woah you had a busy month! And managed to squeeze in quite a bit of blogging too 🙂 Love these little snippet posts as it’s a great way to catch up with everything I’ve missed 🙂

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