Crazy Squirrel Lady

No, really, I love them. In England, you don’t see red squirrels often – honestly, I’ve never seen one in real life – so you have to settle with the common grey squirrel. I’m not complaining because how damn cute are they? Those fluffy tails, tiny little front paws, the way they bound across the grass, how they hold food and nibble on it… Ah, it’s too much.

Crazy Squirrel Lady Nature PhotographyCrazy Squirrel Lady Nature Photography

I’m not quite sure where my obsession with squirrels came from. One of my earliest memories of cooing over squirrels was when I was very, very young. I was playing in the park with my giant brick of a mobile phone, probably thinking I was really grown up. The only ‘music’ it had on it was a beepy tune of the Mission Impossible theme. Every time I played the song, a squirrel would appear. I don’t know why and I’m sure it was some sort of massive coincidence, but I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I kept on repeating the tune, pausing and stopping to see what the squirrels would do. They were darting across the path and in between trees, doing dramatic head movements and wobbling their tails to the beat. Luckily, I was with a friend – if I was alone, I’m sure I’d be then forever known as the creepy, hysterical, loner squirrel girl. I’d make a pretty sweet superhero though.

Since then, I kinda stuck with the whole love for squirrels. In Disney’s ‘Up’, I would madly giggle when Dug shouts “SQUIRREL”, I own lots of squirrel jewellery and if I see something pretty in the shop that’s squirrel themed, I’ll probably buy it. I just can’t help it.


Cute, right!? Some people consider squirrels as vermin. I’ll never ever understand those people! Don’t even get me started on my absolute love for pigeons either…

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

12 thoughts on “Crazy Squirrel Lady

  1. Adorable! I also love squirrels very much, I often see them in parks and always try to bring some nuts for them! I adore watching how they eat or wash themselves. I even made some short films about them. In case you’d like to watch, let me know, there is my youtube channel where I publish my own films from time to time!

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  3. I like squirrels too, they are so amazing to watch. It is a shame they are a bit of a rat with a furry tail but they are definitely nature’s acrobats and I’ve watched one jumping from trees to fences to trees and all kinds of amazing things – they don’t do safety nets either!

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