My Day in Photos | North Landing

I used to go to North Landing quite a lot when I was a kid, or that’s how I remember it anyway. Maybe I only went once and my childhood memories are kidding me, maybe I really did go all the time – either way, it’s a lovely place and I was proper chuffed that me, Matt, my mum and my dad ended up there this afternoon.

North Landing is a rocky, pebbly, sandy beach in Flamborough (near Bridlington) with lots of caves to explore when the tides out. Today, the tide was pretty high (cue Blondie’s “The Tide is High” stuck in your head all day) so we didn’t get to explore the caves at all. No worries though, because the views were gorgeous. I absolutely love the cliffs at North Landing – I’ve never seen anything like it. They’re uniquely shaped and bright white, so you can’t really beat that.

North Landing Flamborough PhotographyNorth Landing Flamborough PhotographyNorth Landing Flamborough PhotographyNorth Landing Flamborough PhotographyNorth Landing Flamborough Photography


We started the day with a BBQ on the cliff top before heading down a very, very steep cliff edge to the rocky beach below. There was so much going on today. We saw jet-skis, groups of people exploring the caves at high tide, and even a group of teenagers throwing themselves off of cliffs. My mum couldn’t look and – rightly so – she said her kids would be absolutely grounded if she found out they were throwing themselves into the sea. The smaller cliff they were jumping from was about 25ft which was pretty daunting on its own, until we saw a group of them start jumping from the mega cliff at the other side of the bay… I’d say it was easily double the height of the smaller one. Someone even back-flipped off of it. If they were my kids, I’d be freaking out big time. It was insanely dangerous. You could even see the jagged rocks just beneath the surface of those crashing waves. That’s a giant fat nope from me.

😂North Landing Flamborough Photography

After exploring the cliffs and the rocky beaches, we climbed back up to the top and had an ice lolly over-looking the life guard training exercises below us.

North Landing Flamborough Photography

I slept all the way home and, as soon as I walked through my front door, I threw my coat and shoes off and went to bed. I was absolutely knackered. I woke up 3 hours later and, to be honest, it feels like it’s Sunday. That’s good though because at least tomorrow will actually feel like a bonus, extra weekend day!


What did you do today?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

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