10 Things I Hate About Summer

When summer arrives, so does the stereotypical British moaning. We’re great at that, you know? The weather seems to be a real conversation starter in the UK.

Being a bit of a typical Brit, I do (admittedly) moan about the weather quite often. When I’m cold I forever miss the sun and eagerly await it’s return, yet when the summer sun does arrive I realise how easily I burn and how much I despise being warm on an evening. It’s not just the weather though. Despite absolutely loving the summer as a whole, there are plenty of things that I just can’t stand about the warmer months.

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10 Things I Hate About Summer

That damn wind…


Melting ice-creams and ice-lollies | When you’re cooling down with a frozen treat, it’s such a pain when it starts to drip down your fingers… It’s gross and sticky, making the entire (what should be enjoyable) moment a bit crap.

Stickiness when you’re really warm | This is the worst. You know when you’re so hot you skin is just sticky to the touch? The heat makes you all sweaty and it’s an absolute nightmare when trying to get some sleep. I find it completely impossible to sleep without covers too, even in the summer, so I’m screwed.

Sunburn | If you’re one of those magical people that don’t burn, I envy you. I could be outside for 5 minutes and come home with a tinge of pink. Even if I lather myself in sun-cream, I always burn.

Wasps | Wasps are the most pointless creatures on the planet and I hate them. Unlike bees, which have a purpose and are pretty sweet, wasps are nasty buggers that live to cause pain. If I see a wasp, I leg it in the other direction (I wish I was kidding). They terrify me!

Too hot for a bath | I live for baths. They make me feel better when I’m sad, poorly or tired but they also amplify my happiness if I’m having a great day. Getting in a hot bath after a hot day though (especially when you’re sun burnt) is brutal. I’d much rather get a super quick shower which means I don’t get my bath-fix until the sun goes away.

Wind | I don’t wear my hair up outdoors because I’m self-conscious about my ears – weird I know – but this means that my hair is completely vulnerable to the wind and I hate it. Even the thought of the wind blowing my hair about makes my blood boil. I’m sure those of you with long hair can completely relate…

Crowds of people | I can’t deal with crowds, at all. They spook me so I avoid them as much as I can, and I’m pretty good at avoiding things. In the summer though, everywhere is busy. When the kids are on their school holidays, even the normally quiet gems that I frequent are full of other humans.

Being a bug magnet in bright clothes | I don’t tend to wear many bright clothes for some reason so when I do I always feel quite pretty. Then, the bugs turn up and ruin everything. Thanks, bugs.

Unexpected and unwanted storms | Nothing ruins a day out in the sun quite like an unexpected storm…

Feeling guilty when you want to stay indoors | I think this is definitely the worst thing about summer. Although me and Matt adore being out and about in nature, we also absolutely love spending time indoors – playing games, listening to music, baking, watching a film etc. If we’re set on having an ‘in day’, we close the curtains so the blue skies don’t judge us.


What’s your least favourite thing about summer?

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16 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About Summer

  1. this is where I am not British, well I am not yet anyway….. hehe… I love all this, I love to be sticky, I love to sweat… I love it all! I keep saying to my friends, don’t moan, we all wanted it warmer. I burn easily too but in the heat I stay in the shade and put lots of suncream on. I just looooove summer!

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  2. I don’t really like summer and after-rain humidity ! sweat drops wriggling down your body…is the worst thing in this world. waiting for season to change!


  3. Generally we’ve been staying in, too, because of the heatwave – the humidity is what does me in. My family will never live in about 50% of our country, because of what 6 months of their year is weather-wise…

    All light-hearted moaning aside, it really concerns me that you seem to have a great number of serious phobias, Morgan. Please forgive the matronly tone, but I really think it’s something you should work on addressing – for yourself and your own peace of mind!

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    • Thank you, really, for your concern! It’s kind of just part of my personality now – something I can’t shake. I’ve seen a therapist and had CBT etc. but it didn’t help. I’m just scared of everything and I think it’s going to be one of those things I have to live with.


      • I’d recommend getting a second opinion…many CBT-trained therapists are great for short-term solutions, but when it comes to underlying causes, like physiological and neurological, or metabolic, they’re at a loss… It could be something medical rather than emotional!


      • I think I will. I’ve had blood tests etc. because my doctor had the same idea as you – that maybe it wasn’t a mental health issue – but nothing relevant came up! I didn’t really like my therapist either, to be honest. She didn’t get it!


      • There’s this idea in our society that “different” is “wrong” – and a lot of professionals, like mental health counselors and medical specialists – are seeing through that lens. But the more scientific research done on people with developmental and chemical disorders, the more they’re finding that almost all these issues can be related to something in the body or the brain, and the saying “you’re just imagining it” is utterly codswallop.

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      • Completely, yeah. It’s unbelievable the stigma that mental health still has attached to it – it’s as if those who have never experienced or seen these problems just can’t believe they exist.


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  6. I know what you mean about all of this, I burn easily too (red head as well) and being sticky is the pits. But generally it’s a nice thing if I don’t get too much sun.
    The things with the wasps is they actually are useless, when the come out (about now) they’ve been cast out of the nest as they’re not needed and it’s like their holiday before it gets too cold and they die. Interesting eh?

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