We’re Going on a Pokémon Hunt

“We’re going on a Pokémon hunt, we’re gunna catch a big one! We’re not scared!”

I’ve had that in my head all day… Lemme just take a moment here to point out how creepy that nursery rhyme is. What do they want to catch a bear for? Are they going to eat it? I do wonder.

Anyway, me and Matt went to East Park in Hull today to have a walk around in the sun. As soon as we arrived, we saw crowds of around 30 people all sat looking at their phones or walking around eagerly as if they were trying to find something. Pokémon! Our original plans were quickly discarded and we settled down in the crowd, with a bottle of water and a portable charger, to catch ’em all. Some of the people were continuously placing lures at the Pokéstops so we were flooded with choice too. I even caught an Onix!

Pokemon Go App in Hull

If you didn’t already guess, I grew up with Pokémon so I was quickly sucked into the new craze. Pokémon practically defines my childhood… it even sparked my little love for drawing – I used to draw rare Pokémon cards, hoping people would trade them with me. Fraud? Probably. I forever dreamt of owning my own Pikachu or Rapidash too. Pikachu is loyal as hell and Rapidash is a horse and you can’t really beat that.

We had a great day. We walked just over 7 miles so we definitely knocked out our share of exercise for the day too! My poor little feet are suffering now though.


What do you think of Pokémon Go?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

20 thoughts on “We’re Going on a Pokémon Hunt

  1. It’s been all over the news here…mostly because of the people who haven’t been paying attention while they’re playing it, and fallen into manholes and crashed their cars, etc. etc. Since I don’t do video or phone games, it isn’t something I’d consider… But that’s just me, as well.

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  2. I can’t get it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 My phone isn’t good enough to get the app. I’m really jealous of everyone who’s playing it because I feel like I’m missing out haha. Doesn’t stop me accompanying my friends on Pokehunts so I can sort of experience it vicariously though lol.

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  4. Ahh love this game I’ve been playing too I’m level 8 I don’t play everyday cuz then I use all my poke balls but it is so addicting lol I have 32 Pokemon my highest is CP223 which is not high but for me it is. Glad I’m not the only grown up playing lol

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  6. All of these comments are cracking me up! Only because I’m so, so lost. I downloaded the app because I had to know what all the fuss was about. We walked around and caught some, got some pokeballs, and eggs(?), but have no idea what to do next! We went to a gym when we got to level 5 but kept losing. Am I too old? : )

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