My Day in Photos | Sewerby Hall and Cliffs

To celebrate the summer and my little holiday from work, me and Matt have been bus-hopping around Yorkshire, meaning we can get lots of stunning English countryside views, rolling hills, blue skies and wildlife in a relatively short amount of time. On Monday, me and Matt visited Sewerby Hall and Gardens and we had the most perfect day. Although this was our main goal for the day, we also had plans to mooch along the beach and paddle in the sea, because the weather was just unbelievable.

In fact, Sewerby Hall didn’t even end up being the most beautiful thing we saw – when trying to find somewhere along the cliff edge to get down onto the beach below, we stumbled across a little slice of paradise.  I’m still completely overwhelmed that this little gem is in Yorkshire and not on the coast of a Mediterranean island… it absolutely took my breath away.

This was the best part of the day, week, month and year all rolled into one.

Sewerby Bridlington Cliffs Photography


We began the day by hopping on the bus to Bridlington, where we also visited quite recently. Sewerby Hall is a beautiful Grade I listed Georgian country house, surrounded by 50 acres of colourful, landscaped gardens. It’s a 2 mile walk from the seaside town of Bridlington, so we grabbed the cute little land train that took us right up to it’s entrance. Although it’s a lovely walk, we were planning on walking along the beach on our way back and we didn’t want to overly exhaust our feet!

As you can see, it’s bloody gorgeous and so massive. Obviously they’re not, but all of the windows look like they’re sparkling with gold. We slowly made our way through all of the rooms, taking in the vintage clothing, accessories, décor and it’s history. There was also a few exhibitions going on in some of the rooms, one of which was about Hull-born pilot Amy Johnson!

Sewerby Hall and Gardens Photography

Although the house was beautiful, it’s the gardens that I’d love to see again. There are two main gardens at Sewerby Hall – the Pleasure Gardens and the Walled Gardens. Both are beautiful but the Walled Gardens stood out the most. They were themed! To celebrate Roald Dahl, many of his much loved characters were scattered among the garden in little sculptures, statues or subtle hints. I imagine it’s a great way to get the children who are visiting more interested in walking around the gardens too – it’s like a treasure hunt!

Even without the theme, the gardens are just spectacular. We spent a very long time walking around and we could easily have stayed there much longer, with a book or a drink. It was a little piece of heaven.

Sewerby Hall and Gardens PhotographySewerby Hall and Gardens PhotographySewerby Hall and Gardens PhotographySewerby Hall and Gardens PhotographySewerby Hall and Gardens Photography

When we finished up in Sewerby Hall, we grabbed a Mr Moo’s ice-cream and head down to the cliff edge. We knew we wanted to walk along the beach with our shoes off, but we didn’t quite know how to get back down… So, we set off back towards the Bridlington sea front until we found a well-hidden staircase. Feeling adventurous, we followed it and ended up… well, here…

Sewerby Bridlington Cliffs Photography

I think we stood, just staring at the view, for about 10 minutes mumbling “wow” and “no way” until we could actually form proper sentences again. It was memorising. The shallow water was sparkling and the white stones were reflecting so much light that it felt completely surreal. The sea was crystal clear, too. You don’t really sea that in Yorkshire… We honestly felt like we were tricking ourselves and we somehow had hopped on a plane abroad without remembering. It was that beautiful.

Sewerby Bridlington Cliffs PhotographySewerby Bridlington Cliffs PhotographySewerby Bridlington Cliffs PhotographySewerby Bridlington Cliffs Photography

I’m still completely in awe. Looking back at my photographs makes my heart swell – it was just so incredible!

Obviously, we took lots of shameless selfies too… On the beach, at Sewerby Hall, against the cliff walls… lots and lots and lots.

We ended the day with a stroll back along the beach, getting our feet al wet and sandy, and then we popped into our favourite seaside pub for a little drink whilst waiting for the bus home.

This is one of my favourite memories. It’s definitely going to stay with me forever… that moment we saw the sparkling, bright blue water was just insane. I fell in love and that’s, for sure, the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited.

I can’t wait for us to go back!


Have you ever found a hidden gem like this?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

18 thoughts on “My Day in Photos | Sewerby Hall and Cliffs

  1. Great day by the sound of things, loved the pics and shameless sefies, that’s the kind of place I would like to go to. I can see you and Matt are enjoying yourselves far too much! Lol

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