10 Things I Love About Summer

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m starting to feel summery – I’m currently on holiday from work and the weather is fabulous. The sun has shone for 3 whole days in a row! Surely, this must be a record for the British summertime. Tomorrow has already been dubbed the hottest day of the year so far, yes! It’s been glorious – maybe, too glorious? As I write this, my brand new life-saving electric fan is cooling off the terrible sunburn that I caught during today’s travels. It’s my own fault, I know, but it still bloody hurts.

Despite that, I had the most perfect day in the sun today. Before sharing what I got up to with you (because, damn, that’s going to be a very pretty and very long post), I thought it would be a lovely idea to talk about the little things that I love about the summer.

Ice Cream Cone


Spending more time outdoors | Nature is my boyfriend and we’re very happy together, thank you very much. I love being outdoors in both the spring and the autumn, but there’s something about the blue skies of summer that makes everything look so much more spectacular.

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds | Speaking about blue skies, you can’t beat gorgeous blue skies with the odd, perfectly white, fluffy cloud. It’s like a fairytale.

Eating outdoors | Eating outdoors is such a novelty because you only really get to do it when it’s warm and, because summer lasts around 3 weeks in Britain, you can never get used to it. Me and Matt make a lot of pack-ups in the summer, so we can just plop down wherever we want to have lunch.

Walking through the shallows of the sea | Ah, this is a lovely one. Walking along the beach, with the sun glaring down on you, barefooted where the sea meets the sand… perfect. The wet sand always feels lovely, too, until you remember you have to try and get rid of it all.

Summery clothing | No more baggy jumpers. No more huge coats, hats, scarves and gloves. Hello, cute dresses, sleeveless tops and strapless bras! Summer clothing is always a lot prettier.

Seeing lots of children playing in the sun | Well, it’s just adorable.

So many ice-lollies | Me and Matt are ice-lolly addicts. We try to avoid buying packs of them for the freezer because they could quite easily be gone in an evening… One after another after another. They’re just so perfectly refreshing though! If we’re having trouble sleeping because of the heat, we’re certainly not opposed to bringing ice-lollies to bed.

My freckles come out to say hello | I feel like such a cutey when my freckles start to show. Because I’m so pale, they can deceive people into thinking I have a slight tan too, so that’s always a bonus.

Camping | It doesn’t feel like summer until I’ve spent the weekend in a tent. I blame you, parents! Having grown up with extremely frequent camping trips, there was no way I’d grow out of it. I feel like camping is what heaven would be like.

Everyone tends to be happier | I think this is my favourite thing about summer. The cold and dark months really lower my mood so to be reunited with the sun is a wonderful thing. It seems to make a lot of people happier too. You always see people smiling when the sun is out.


What’s your favourite thing about summer?

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14 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Summer

    • I know what you mean. Even if I throw on the most basic dress, it always feels/seems like I made more of an effort :p.
      I think your winter is generally way hotter than what we get over in England haha!


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