My Day in Photos | Bridlington Beach

I had the best day today. It’s Matt’s 22nd birthday and, to celebrate, he wanted to spend the day in Bridlington so we could visit this gorgeous pub that we found last year – it opens up to and over looks the sea. It really is something special. As well as that though, we had plans to walk along the beach, play in the amusements and have some lunch. It was a proper day at the seaside! Matt thought it was the perfect way to spend his birthday and I wouldn’t have asked for any other way to spend a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon.

We accomplished every single thing we set out to do today, and more. It was perfect.

Bridlington Beach


Me and Matt don’t drive yet (I know, we’re both pathetic excuses for adults) so we hopped on the bus to the beach. We didn’t realise how hot it was going to be, really. If we did, I doubt I’d have worn tights and a thick dress and I’m certain Matt wouldn’t have put on his black jeans… I probably would have packed some sun-cream too.

We started our little adventure with a walk along the beach. Everyone else was being typically British so all the kids were swimming and the grown ups were topless and/or sunbathing. When we found a quiet spot on the beach, we had a little break and sat down on the insanely beautiful white sand. Like, I don’t know how Bridlington has such beautiful beaches, but it does…

Bridlington Beach Yorkshire, PhotographyBridlington Beach Yorkshire, PhotographyBridlington Beach Yorkshire, Photography

On the horizon was an incredible view – we could see a semi-circle of coast and some great looking white cliffs. How could we resist? That was our next destination. Instead of walking along the beach, we decided it was probably best to walk along the cliff edge in case the tide came in (it did come in quite quickly too, if you’re wondering). Safety first, guys. I found the most gorgeous beach huts on the way up the cliffs. I fell in love and I took what could possibly be my favourite photograph ever. I didn’t even think to pop out my proper camera so I just snapped a few pictures on my mobile instead! They’re still pretty though.

Bridlington Beach Yorkshire, Photography, Pastel Beach Huts

Eventually, we made it to the top of the cliffs and we just took in the view. Wow. I always feel so overwhelmed with natural beauty. I’m a bit of a nature geek, but this was just… wow. Honestly, the entire trip to Bridlington was basically just so we could pop to this amazing pub, but I’m so glad we detoured. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have known that this little spot even existed.

Bridlington Beach Yorkshire, Photography, Coastal Cliffs

It was a long walk up those cliffs, and we were both absolutely exhausted afterwards so we popped into the amusements for a drink and some indoor fun. After an hour or so of winning tickets and slotting 2ps, we finally ended up at the pub with an endless ocean view – possibly my favourite spot in the whole of Yorkshire.


What a week – a graduation and a birthday. I’m so pleased Matt enjoyed his day though! Happy birthday, sweetie.

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Photographs are my own. Β© Morgan Mills

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