Weird Things My Cats Do

If you didn’t already know (I talk about them enough), I have two gorgeous kitties: Ivy, our oldest, who’s named after Poison Ivy, and Harley, our little one, who’s named after Harley Quinn. Can you tell me and Matt are pretty geeky? They’re both totally different. We somehow managed to adopt the two most opposite feline friends in the world. Ivy is polite, timid, sweet and intelligent whilst Harley is daft as a brush, lazy and overly loving. They’re my world though, and I wouldn’t change them for the anything.

Cute Cat Toes

Both of them have such weird personalities, and with that comes a range of weird habits. They probably take after their mum (spoiler: that’s me)… I just had to share the weird things my cats do with you.


Ivy is incredibly vocal. She talks to both me and Matt all day long. She’ll talk to things she is confused by. She’ll talk to bugs and moths if she’s ‘hunting’ them. She’ll yell at Matt when I’m not in the room. She’s like a person.

When I’m in the bath or the shower, I always have a feline companion. Sometimes two feline companions. Both girls love playing around with water, but hate it in large amounts. They both wait for me to get out and then eagerly wait for me to drip my wet hair all over their fur… yep, this is a weird one.

Ivy gets excited when we drink from plastic water bottles. She loves it when we pour a little water onto her nose too.

Harley still acts like a kitten. It’s like she’s properly imprinted on me. She completely trusts me and will lay with me like a newborn. Every day I get the biggest drool-filled cuddle, right in the crook of me neck. She even tries to suckle on my ear lobes and engagement ring.

Cat Cuddles

→ Ivy will always go for a wee when I go for a wee… bathroom buddies!

Both girls freak out at the sound of a newborn baby. If it’s coming from the TV, they’ll try to circle it and get behind it to find the source of the noise. They get really distressed!

Ivy always comes running when I open the freezer door. She loves it when I pick off or find little pieces of ice and then throw them across the kitchen, into the sink, so she can chase them.

Both of our girls love belly-rubs. Harley’s favourite belly rubs are when she’s just woken up and trying to get some attention. Ivy wants belly-rubs every time we leave and re-enter the flat, in the morning or before we feed her. She’ll just flop onto the floor and present her little tummy.

Ivy gently taps thing. She “boops” them when she’s not quite sure what they are – flies, insects, carrier bags, light switches, anything new we buy.

Curious Cat

→ Me and Matt always go to bed at the same time so we have a full-on bedtime routine. I’ll have a pint of water, let the cats drink some and then Matt will turn the lights off. As soon as the lights go out, both cats will jump off the bed, out of the bedroom, into the kitchen and eat their cat biscuits. Every night.

→ Ivy is obsessed with my bras. Whenever I head into the bedroom to change into my pyjamas, she’ll eagerly follow me, wait for me to take my bra off and then chase the straps. Bras are her favourite toy.


Do your pets have any weird quirks?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills


23 thoughts on “Weird Things My Cats Do

  1. Your cats sound adorable! I love how each cat has it’s own little personality and they do the cutest things to cheer you up! At the moment we have one cat which is ours, and we’re looking after three of my aunt’s as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • I have always been a cat person. I used to have a ferret. I would have a cat but I couldn’t let it outside. My neighbor had five or six ferral cats that run loose, have fleas and poop in my yard all the time. I really don’t want to have to deal with the fur in the house…or the litter box. I actually checked into getting a hairless cat but they are a lot of work!
        It would be good company for me, probably but I don’t think my mindset is right. I’m afraid I’m too sad right now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m sorry to hear that!
        My two girls are both indoor cats. I’m too nervous really and couldn’t cope if anything happened to them when they were outside. A cat was once hung by it’s collar at the top of a 6ft gate in a park near me. Recently, someone throw a cat into oncoming traffic too. Frightens me! My cats are super comfortable and happy being indoor cats :).


      • My neighbor found a little kitten that somebody had thrown into her back yard. (the one with all the other cats.) She offered it to me but I just didn’t feel like the time was right. My daughter had a cat that I helped raise for a while. We had him (Leroy) for almost ten years. A dog in her neighborhood killed him. She’s never gotten another one. So sad.


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