A Night at Ox Pasture Hall

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may already know that I spent last weekend in Scarborough with my mum. I was invited to stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, a luxury Scarborough hotel in Yorkshire, in exchange for a review. To make the most of our time away from home, we also made sure to explore the surrounding area as much as we could. We had two full days of exploring to do and, despite how exhausted we were on the Sunday drive home, we saw so many beautiful sights.

The first of those beautiful sights had to be the hotel itself. I was pretty stunned, to be honest. If you tried to imagine the perfect hotel in the English countryside, you’d pretty much be thinking of this place. See, this is why I love Yorkshire. The dull grey skies we were having cleared for about 10 minutes as we pulled up to Ox Pasture Hall, and then we saw this… wow.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Scarborough Review


Ox Pasture Hall Hotel:

Hotel and Grounds:

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is set in 17 acres of gardens and grounds, full of flowers, fountains, statues, a pond, a family of geese and views that will take your breath away. I absolutely loved it. Those views surround the entire hotel so I wasn’t ever without my fix of Yorkshire countryside. If you wanted to stay close by, there’s plenty for you to explore around the gardens. On the Sunday morning, before we packed up and left, me and my mum took a stroll in the back gardens around the pond. It was really a lovely way to start our day. If you’re looking for an adventure away from the hotel, you’re spoilt for choice really. Being in the middle of the countryside, you have both the Yorkshire Moors and Scarborough’s coastline to choose from.

Our Room:

Wow. We didn’t just get a room… we got a luxury king size suite. The suite had a living room, a very large bedroom with a ridiculously comfortable king size bed and the bathroom of champions. Seriously, that bathroom is incredible. There was a huge walk-in shower, a giant bath with waterfall taps and twin sinks (which I thought was such a nice touch). It’s definitely luxurious. We even had fluffy white dressing gowns and slippers to snuggle in on the evening.


I think the food was the highlight of the entire stay, for both me and my mum. We’re both massive foodies so being spoilt with such exceptional food was a right unforgettable treat. Before our stay, I told the staff that I’m a vegetarian and that I don’t eat cheese – awkward, right? I thought this would be a huge problem (as the menu that I took a nosey at had a lot of cheese options) but they catered to my needs completely. I was over the moon. I had the chance to try the incredible food, without being pushed aside with a quick, unloved vegetarian option. Big thumbs up.

The head chef, Craig Wanless, deserves a huge shout out and a whole lot of love. My mum pretty much fangirled at the opportunity to meet him. He’s both an exceptional chef and a lovely person. I’m so thankful that the kitchen catered to my awkward dietary requirements!

After the many courses, we were also treat to a fab little show to end the experience. A tray of goodies was brought right up to the table so we could watch the liquid nitrogen demonstration first hand. A white chocolate mouse was injected with eucalyptus and then was frozen in liquid nitrogen. We had to pop it straight in our mouths and, oh my, it was incredible.


Exploring Yorkshire:

Anne Brontë‘s Grave, Scarborough:

When me and my mum first arrived in Scarborough, we parked near ‎St. Mary’s Churchyard with the intention to walk down the famous stairs to the bustling Scarborough front below. On the way, my mum called me over to tell me that Anne Brontë was buried here, so I went to have a little nosey. I actually felt a little disrespectful photographing a grave, so I made it short and sweet, but the Brontë’s are huge. It was kinda great to see so much history right there in front of me.

North Bay Railway, Scarborough:

The weather was starting to take a funny turn when we arrived at North Bay Railway. It started off so bloody lovely, the skies were blue and the clouds were fluffy. Then, all of a sudden the heavens opened and me and my mum were trapped under a tree with the worst storm I’ve seen in ages! I didn’t even bring a coat – typical.

This place is lovely though. It’s made up of lots of little things to make a pretty varied collection of activities for families. There’s a railway (if you didn’t already guess from the name of the place), a tree-top obstacle course, water ball walkers, a water slide, food, drinks and just around the corner is the Open Air Theatre. You get some huge names at this music venue, including Status Quo, Jessie J, Busted, Alfie Boe and Bryan Adams!

Scarborough Harbour:

After lunch, we took a walk up the harbour area of Scarborough coast for a look at the boats, the cliffs in the distance and the lighthouse. It was so windy! The view was incredible though. We had a 360-degree view of Scarborough’s coast. The coastguards were doing a range of training exercises too, so we had a little show!

There’s also a little fair ground around the harbour area with a big wheel and other small rides. The entire area is just perfect for families.

Scarborough Beach:

Ah, the beach. One of my favourite places. I can’t swim and I hate the sea, but oh my, I do love to look at it. It’s beautiful and mysterious and just so vast. From the near-by road, I could see the harbour, the fair, Scarborough castle and the long, sandy coast. The sun even made a little appearance whilst I was snapping away.

Hole of Horcum:

Me and my family often visit the Hole of Horcum and I’ve written about this little gem once before on my blog. It’s a huge natural hole in the middle of the Moors, and legend has it that a giant called Wade scooped up the land to throw at his wife in an argument. How romantic.

The Hole of Horcum is fantastic for walkers – newbies and pros alike. There’s also lots of wildlife to spot, including some rare birds! If you visit in the summer, you’ll be met with a ridiculously beautiful sight as the hole is filled with purple heather for a short while. That’s one of my favourite sights, actually. Sadly, the heather wasn’t blooming when me and my mum visited – nooo! I’ve included a photograph of the last time I visited when the heather was blooming, so you can see it for yourself.

North Yorkshire Moors:

The North Yorkshire Moors are a must-see if you’re heading to Yorkshire. They’re renowned for their beauty, but they’re also just so over-whelming. If you’re not up for a hike, even the drive through the moors is enjoyable. I’m one of those annoying passengers that always coos and goes “wow” and “oh my, have you seen that?” when I know the driver can’t really be turning their head every 3 seconds.

One thing I love about the North Yorkshire Moors is the novelty of sheep just chilling in the road. You have to drive really carefully in a lot of places as it’s common for sheep to dart into the road if spooked. It’s so cute though. We stopped the car so I could take some photographs of my new sheep friends!

We also passed through Goathland on our way home. If you’re a fan of the TV show Heartbeat, you’ll definitely recognise the place as that’s where Heartbeat is filmed. Damn, now I’ve got the Heartbeat theme-tune in my head… This small village was bustling. It was as full of memorabilia as it was natural beauty. I loved it there.


Have you ever visited Scarborough? How about anywhere else in Yorkshire?

Thank you, again, to the wonderful staff at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel for the complimentary stay and fantastic service. It was an unforgettable night, and we’d love to return in the future!

Note: Because I took so many photographs throughout my trip, I’ve displayed them all in a gallery format. If you’re reading on a tablet or mobile device, the format may be a little messed up! I apologise. Forgive me :).

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills




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  1. I actually live in the small village of Thornton dale which is about 18 miles away from scarborough , its a really picturesque area up near scarborough . Hope you enjoyed your stay. !!


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