“It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!”

Although that’s the cheesiest, and possibly the worst, song of all time, it super describes my feeling right now. It’s Friday! Not only is it the start to a weekend (which is always a bonus on it’s own), it’s the start to my two week break from work. I’m not going on holiday, but it’s going to be an amazing couple of weeks. I almost ran home I was so excited.

In the first week, Matthew is graduating and then turns 22 a few days afterwards. That’s definitely going to be a busy week. He doesn’t seem particularly fussed about his graduation but I’m super excited. I’m so proud, I just can’t wait to see him in his robes (or “dress”, as Matt said). On his birthday, we’re going to the beach. Fingers crossed for some nice weather, please! Our plan is to get a bus up to Bridlington, mooch around the beach, play in the amusements and have chips and beer in this fantastic pub that overlooks the sea.

Bridlington Beach Yorkshire 2015

Summer, 2015. We took the bus to Bridlington and went on a Pirate Ship!

In my second week off work, me and Matt will be redeeming a weekly bus pass we have that gives us unlimited travel around Yorkshire on Yorkshire buses. We’ll be visiting countryside, castles and villages galore. Maybe even some pubs and I wouldn’t say no to a cheeky hike if we happened upon one. I’ve planned for some fantastic places and I’m sure there will be a lot of lovely “My Day in Photos” posts coming up in the near future (don’t tell me you’re not looking forward to them!). Last year, me and Matt did this whole bus-hopping thing around Yorkshire for the first time and it was possibly the best week we’ve ever had together. I love travelling around England, even though I’m a newbie – me and Matt are hoping to move to Canada in a couple of years, but leaving the English countryside behind is a tough one. I’ll miss it!

There’s definitely going to be time for a lot of blogging, gaming and reading which is always a great thing too. My Goodreads to-read list is growing at an alarming rate and my Xbox One has been whispering at me in my sleep, so… I think it’s about time I cracked down on all my forgotten hobbies.

I’ll see you around!


Do you have any plans for the summer?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

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