Lush Review | Superdad Bath Bomb

If you couldn’t tell by the pretty obvious name of this bath bomb, Superdad is one of Lush’s Father’s Day exclusive products! Even though Father’s Day was last month, they are still actually available to buy. That’s great news for you though because this is a super simple but super effective bath bomb that is definitely worth a try.

My dad isn’t really the bath bomb type of guy, to be honest, so I didn’t bother buying him any Father’s Day products from Lush. Instead, I grabbed myself this little exclusive treat to try because, well, that’s what I do…

Superdad Lush Bath Bomb Review

Come on, how cool is this bath bomb? It’s one of Lush’s most interesting bath bombs, that’s for sure. I love how they didn’t complete gender-type this product even though it’s aimed at dads – dads can like pink, too! I also really like the spikiness of this bath bomb. It’s different to the more common spherical bath bombs that they sell, so I was already drawn to it anyway.


The most notable feature of Superdad is how long it takes to fizz away into nothingness. I plopped in carefully into the bath, as I normally do, with my camera at the ready. I took a few photographs of the initial reaction to the water, and then nothing happened… I thought it was “faulty” so I went back into the living room and played a game of Call of Duty, as you do.

When I returned about 10 minutes later, it had started to fizz away but very, very slowly. In the end, it took about 20/25 minutes to completely disappear. I’d already took my share of photographs and jumped into the tub by then, too. This isn’t particularly a bad thing, but if you’re after a quick in and out bath then maybe think twice before throwing this product in. On the other hand, if you’re after a long soak then this is absolutely ideal.

Tip: If you gently place the bath bomb in with ‘Dad’ facing upwards, it will continue to fizz the bottom of the product and leave the text til last – it looks so good!

Superdad Lush Bath Bomb ReviewSuperdad Lush Bath Bomb Review

I initially couldn’t put my finger on the smell. I thought it smelt like an incense stick – a bit earthy, a bit smokey. This is down to the sandalwood scent which I absolutely loved. It lasted all night on my skin as a lovely reminder too, despite it being a super faint smell in the actual tub.

The end result is a beautiful bright sky blue/cyan colour. It’s completely translucent unlike a lot of Lush’s darker bath bombs so it feels very fresh and natural. That’s a big tick for me , now that the weather’s starting to behave like July!

Superdad Lush Bath Bomb Review

I didn’t overwhelmingly love this bath bomb but that certainly wasn’t the bath bombs fault. I just personally didn’t like having to wait 25 minutes for it to complete – I’m easily bored! However, I did absolutely love both the scent and the colour of Superdad so I would definitely buy this product again.


Have you tried this bath bomb? What did you think?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

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