Hey There, New Hair!

Evening, lovelies! I’ve been putting this post off for a couple of months now, to be honest. I knew that sharing this would have to include a big old cheesy selfie featuring my new hair, and I’ve been a little embarrassed to post one! Oh well, let’s do this.

One of my chosen challenges for the 101 Things in 1001 Days project was to get my hair cut and coloured professionally for the first time – I’m almost 22 and, before this, I hadn’t had my hair dyed by an actual hairdresser. It was about time, really. I’ve been blonde, strawberry blonde, ginger, red and very, very red but never brown (apart from that stupidly temporary wash-out dye I tried when I was in school, but that doesn’t count). I was properly craving a change! I absolutely loved my red hair, but I was started to feel very self-concious and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with my appearance again if I didn’t give it a go… so I did. From bright, ruby red to a dark, glossy brown – voilΓ !

Hey There, New Hair

Technically, this finished look wasn’t created by a hairdresser. After spending a horrific amount of money on a professional hairdo (and 4 hours of my life that I’ll never get back), I came home absolutely mortified. It was dead and dry. It was patchy and I could see at least 5 different colours and shades muddled together – and not the whole natural multiple colours either, the bad muddle. It was awful and I was so sad. It wasn’t even brown although that’s what I asked for! It was a faded red/ash/ginger. Seriously, it wasn’t very nice at all.

I left it a month, because I didn’t want to risk killing my hair any more with a too-soon dye, then I grabbed a couple of dark brown box dyes with a huge ‘fuck it’. 30 minutes later, I had the most beautiful shade of dark brown I could have asked for.

Honestly, I’m over the moon. I feel like I’ve always been a brunette. I once talked about my struggles with being accepted socially because of the prejudice and judgement I faced at university in such a male-dominated industry, which you can read here. For some reason though (probably the placebo effect), I feel as if that doesn’t apply to me anymore.

Yes, I’ve got banging brown hair and I’ve finally ticked a big one off my 101 Things in 1001 Days project! Win, win :).


Whatcha think? Have you ever had a huge change in your appearance?

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Photographs are my own. Β© Morgan Mills.

41 thoughts on “Hey There, New Hair!

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      • I was nervous too but it was in my bucketlist and I was like if not now when. Certainly not older . Permanent dye as in ummm the ones they do at parlour . None of the dyes are permanent right ? Everything fades with time and shampoos 😳 You can check if it’s pretty or not at my blog πŸ˜‰ the WP community were very kind to me but I have been receiving mixed reactions from my friends and family back in India 😁 Which is actually understandable since it’s a relatively orthodox country 😊

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      • I once went really blonde and that was completely permanent. Like, that can’t fade anymore :p. I’ll go check it out now! Sorry it took me a while to reply. I was away at the weekend!
        Is bright and quirky coloured hair quite a change to your friends and family then?

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      • Wooow. Do you remember the brand of the color they used or the parlour? πŸ˜‰ I would love to go permanently redhead πŸ˜€ Not bright but a dark shade. Don apologise for the delay πŸ™‚ I understand. The important thing is to reply when we do get time πŸ™‚

        Yeah the quirky color is indeed a huge change more to my family than friends πŸ˜‰

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  2. You look great, Morgan. Simon’s totally right, there’s no need to be self-conscious.

    My oldest son died a patch of his hair blue recently – aquamarine – it was part of a plan he and his friends had developed – there’s a lot more to this story, but the upshot is that they each chose a different color/shade, and whether to dye just part of their hair or all of it. He was pleased with the results, and my husband was actually forced to relax when I told him it will come out in a few months, and that all the kids liked it. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much :).
      That sounds like a fun group plan! Semi-permanent hair dye is such a fun way to play with your appearance. I wish I messed about a little more with my hair, but I’ve always been a bit too shy!


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