Feeling Dotty

Last year, I bought a handful of colouring books to help me de-stress after work and on the weekends. Although they’re colourful and fun to focus on, they were certainly not a form of stress relief for me. My obsessive personality seeped through and I couldn’t concentrate solely on the pretty colours and therapeutic nature of the hobby – instead, I found myself stressing out about complementary colours. Even when I’m trying to chill out, I can’t just turn my brain off like a machine!

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So, I decided to try something different. I love keeping my hands and mind busy. If I’m not in the mood for something actually challenging, daft things like colouring and puzzles are perfect for me.

Dot to Dot Art Craft TherapyDot to Dot Art Craft Therapy

Then I spotted a selection of dot-to-dot books in my local book shop. Less intense, less time-consuming, easy to stop and start whenever you like, simple yet interesting enough to hold my attention – I’m sold. I grabbed two. One of them starts off embarrassingly easy. The first handful of dot-to-dots could just as easily be aimed at 5 year olds… but at least they’ll be easy to complete. They then get progressively harder and harder, with most of the later puzzles being practically impossible to guess what the finished image will be. The other one, though, is full of landmarks (famous and lesser known ones alike). I think that one is my favourite. I’m like a closet traveller… in love with the world, but too nervous to do anything about it!

Move aside, life. We’ve got a new hobby on the block.

Dot to Dot Art Craft Therapy


Do you have any silly hobbies?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

15 thoughts on “Feeling Dotty

    • Yes! Some of the puzzles in one of mine are colour coded. I’d never seen such a thing before flicking through to the more ‘difficult’dot-to-dots later on in the book. Great idea, I think! 🙂


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