Pretty Positive

“Believe in yourself”

Thursdays are probably the most difficult day of the week for me. It’s so close to Friday, yet still far enough to be a pain – it’s a tease! On top of that, I was also feeling a little bit more down in the dumps than usual and a bit disheartened about my blog, hobbies, body and appearance. I guess I was just having a bit of a bad day.

Believe In Yourself Watercolour Art
Today, I could have done with a little positivity. I can’t turn back time but I can try to spread a little happiness instead!

Breathe, smile and make every day count.


The beautiful, watercolour illustration I used was created by an artist called Feeling Poh. I’m not one for inspirational quotes but I do love art. There’s no disputing her talent!

How are you feeling today?

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