Massive Lush Haul!

What a surprise! I splurged a little. By now, I’m certain you understand my love for Lush. Although it started with a simple love for their bath bombs, it eventually blossomed into a part of my daily life. Now, I’m always eager to try anything that Lush has to offer!

Alongside the scrubs, shampoos, creams and lip products will always be a giant box of bath bombs though. I don’t ever bathe without a bath product because, after a couple of years of continuous Lush baths, they feel weird and boring. When I see my supply of go-to products dwindling, I know it’s time for a trip to my Lush store. That place is just heaven. If you didn’t know, Lush are completely cruelty-free, all products are suitable for vegetarians and there are a lot of vegan products too! On top of that, everything smells divine… You always know when you’re about to pass a Lush store in the street – you can smell those places a mile off.

Massive Lush Haul Blog Post

Massive Lush Haul Blog Post


So, what did I stock up on?

Big Blue: Full of seaweed and sea salt, this is the only bath bomb that makes me feel like a mermaid. I generally pair it with a glittery bubble bar called Sunnyside which transforms the blue water into a turquoise, glitter-filled paradise.

Frozen: Originally I bought this for the Frozen film hype because I wanted to feel like Elsa for a while. It turns out that Frozen is one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever tried. It’s full of silver glitter which completely sparkles against the deep blue bath water. I’ve already reviewed this product (one of my favourites) which you can read here.

Superdad: Superdad, which is part of Lush’s Father’s Day range, is a very large bath bomb that I’ve heard only good things about. I’ll be trying and reviewing this bomb soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lava Lamp: I had super high expectations for Lava Lamp, yet after recently using and reviewing it, I found it too oily and messy to enjoy. I won’t be purchasing this product again. You can read my review here.

Intergalactic: This is one of those products with the whole package. It’s incredibly beautiful in and out the bath, it smells divine, it feels great and it’s completely reminiscent of a galaxy! My review for this beautiful bath bomb can be found here.

The Comforter: It’s probably one of the most popular bubble bars and that’s completely understandable. The Comforter creates bright pink bath water, fluffy white bubbles and lasts for at least 4 bubble bars so it’s incredible value for money too. It smells beautiful and makes me feel so girly for the evening! You can’t argue with that.

Dragon’s Egg: Arguably (definitely arguably, because I can’t decide completely), Dragon’s Egg is my favourite bath bomb. That’s why I bought two. I rave on about it all the time because words cannot describe how utterly perfect this product is. It’s everything. You can read my full review here if you want to learn more about how much I love it!

Avobath: See, Avobath is probably on par with Dragon’s Egg for me. That’s why I can’t decide which one I prefer! Whilst Dragon’s Egg is full of glitter and surprising colours, Avobath is simple because it doesn’t need to show off. It’s perfect for evening baths because it’s mellow scent and mellow performance is ideal for a wind-down.


Have you tried any of these products?

I always love to stock up on my favourites!

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. Β© Morgan Mills.

18 thoughts on “Massive Lush Haul!

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this… Lush do activity events. I know, because they visited our local brownie pack, and the brownies all came home with hand-made soaps. No idea how you ask them to organise something though (I guess you would get a group together?)


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