Bravery and Blood Tests

Today, I surprised myself. I let a nurse stick a needle into my arm and take some blood. I faced one of my fears and I did something that, 6 months ago, I would never have dreamed of going through with… I came out of the nurse’s office in a little bit of shock actually – was I really just that brave? Did I really not even freak out or cry?

Feeling Brave Pretty White Roses


Since school, I’ve been frightened of needles. I don’t know whether this fear came from the nasty, emotionless school nurses who gave me my injections in that dusty school hall or the nightmare-inducing time my dentist missed the correct place to jab me over and over and over again until I’d swallowed enough anaesthetic that my throat became numb. They both probably contributed. Either way, needles have sent shivers down my spine, made me feel dizzy and closed up my throat with fear for as long as I can remember.

So, when my doctor told me he’s booking me in for a blood test, I obviously freaked out a little. The idea of someone poking a foreign object into my fragile little veins disturbed me. I only had to wait 4 days, so the dread didn’t drive me completely mad. It did work me up a little more though. When something freaks me out this much, I tend to avoid it. Crowds, heights, tight spaces, noisy places… I keep them off limits. That’s pretty much the basis of my personality but, importantly, it’s something I’m working on fixing. This wasn’t something I could just avoid though!

Despite the looming needle, I had a lovely morning. I had to take the morning off work so I could go to the doctors and, with him in between his degree and PGCE at the moment, Matt could come with me and hold my hand. I wasn’t as spooked as I thought I would be.

Honestly, the entire process was completely fine. I’ve never had a blood test before so I didn’t know what to expect but my nurse was fantastic and she made me feel so comfortable. I had a tight band around my arm, I felt a tiny, sore little prick and then a weird gushing feeling… but it didn’t hurt. She’d already began to fill the second vial before I even clocked on to what was happening!

I know it seems like such a simple thing to be so happy with but I’m so proud of myself. I thought my fears would get the better of me and turn me into a sobbing pile of patheticness. It’s such a big deal for me. Matt was so proud of me too. “You didn’t even make a noise” he said, because I’m sure we both thought I’d squeal or yelp or something. He even bought me some beautiful white roses to cheer me up and to tell me how brave I was! What a sweetie.

Feeling Brave White Rose


How are you today, friends?

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44 thoughts on “Bravery and Blood Tests

  1. If it helps, I was recently in the ER and needed to have a LOT of blood taken…and I HATE HATE HATE having it done…

    The trick is to do whatever it takes to concentrate on something else. Just close your eyes and breathe deeply and try counting to a hundred, or see if you can mentally list 20 of your favorite movies, or name an animal for each letter of the alphabet… you get the idea. Works really well for me (especially when I’m in pain).

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    • Thank you!!
      Oh yeah, I never even considered that I’d be scared of tattoo needles. IVs freak me out loads… like it’s a constant thing, something going inside your vein! Ew, gross :p.


  2. Great post. Needles are a fear that, like anything else, can be overcome by experiencing them. I was petrified of them as a kid and then I had major back surgery when I was 14. I overcame my fear of needles quickly as I had more of them than I could count over the period of a month. Hopefully you’ll never have that experience, but it did help me see that needles were not to be feared.

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    • Thank you!
      Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. At least there’s a silver lining – you’re not frightened of needles anymore.
      My fear of heights isn’t something I’ve been able to shake with repeated experiences which is a shame. In fact, it probably gets worse every time I try! Other things, though, do become less frightening once I try and try again.
      Thanks for stopping by :).

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  3. My oldest daughter is a medic with the fire department. She has literally picked up severed limbs after an accident and seen death more than anybody should ever have seen. When she had to get a TB shot, she started crying, her BP went up so high, they couldn’t give her the shot. It took FOUR days for her to be able to get that shot! LOL
    Some people don’t mind needles….she can start an IV on anybody….some people just don’t want to be the recipient. LOL
    The way you told the story is great. πŸ™‚

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