DIY Golden Photograph Holder

Having my own creations on display around my home is one of my favourite things to come home to! I have a macro photography triptych in the bathroom, mandala wall art in the bedroom, a geometric colourful cork-board in the living room and now some golden photograph holders on my bookcase. I love having my photographs on display and I love crafts so it’s pretty obvious that this craft project was perfect for me.

Because it’s such a simple concept, I thought it would be a great DIY project to share with you. Not a lot of materials are actually needed – just a little patience as the primary material takes a little while to dry! It’s not a lot of effort, just a lot of little bits prolonged over a couple of days.

Here’s the final result. Me and Matthew didn’t have any photographs of our girls anywhere in the flat so we thought it was about time to change that (especially considering how bloody beautiful they are!) They’ve taken centre stage on our bookcase, you can’t miss them.

DIY Photo Holder Craft


So, how do you make one yourself?

Materials you’ll need:

  • Air dry clay (you can find 500g of white clay at Hobby Craft for £2.50 – you’ll only need half of that to make 3 photograph holders.)
  • Scrap material, preferably canvas, to help roll the clay
  • A rolling pin
  • A craft precision knife or blade
  • Sandpaper
  • Scrap paper
  • White paint (optional)
  • Gold paint or spray paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Clear gloss finishing spray (optional)

This post will be split into two parts – the creation and the decoration, to put it simply. The clay takes 1-2 days to dry so the entire process is split into two naturally, anyway.

Part One:

1. Split the 500g block of air dry clay into two and roll it into a ball.

2. In between the canvas sheets, if you have them, use you rolling pin to roll the clay to between 1 and 2 centimetres thick, depending on the size you’d like your holders.

DIY Photo Holder Craft

3. Using your craft knife, cut out triangle shapes in the clay and then chop off the pointy bit to make it a trapezium. If you like, you can also smooth out the edges with your finger to neaten it up a little.

DIY Photo Holder Craft

4. Slice from the top of the clay to the middle, creating a slit for your photograph to fit snugly in.

DIY Photo Holder Craft

5. Place a little bit of scrap paper between the split to prevent it from drying shut.

6. Leave them to dry overnight – at least!

DIY Photo Holder Craft


Part Two:

1. Sand down your clay photo holders! Be aware – this is going to make a huge mess… Damn, I wish I knew that before I started.

DIY Photo Holder CraftDIY Photo Holder Craft

2. If you want to, give your photo holders a white base coat. Depending on your gold paint or spray paint, this could make it look a lot smoother once applied.

DIY Photo Holder Craft

3. The final step and the fun bit! Spray or paint your gold all over the photo holders! Make sure you have some paper or newspaper down if you’re spray painting because it’s bloody messy.

Metallic paint is always going to be your best bet – it shines perfectly in the light!

DIY Photo Holder CraftDIY Photo Holder Craft

How pretty are those!?

Again, here are my final photograph holders:

DIY Photo Holder Craft

Ah, I love them.


Do you like them? Is this something you’d like to try for yourself?

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

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