10 Random Acts of Kindness

I’d love to think I’m a kind person: I’m polite, empathetic, caring and I am forever thinking I can change the world for the better. I also enjoy sharing the love and making other people’s day. That’s why I think random acts of kindness are so heart-warming. Admittedly, I don’t strive to perform 10 random acts of kindness every single day (there isn’t enough time!) but when the moment comes, whether that’s holding the door for a stranger or helping someone pick up what they dropped, I’m always willing to be kind.

Being kind is a wonderful feeling and seeing kindness is just as fantastic! When I read a story about a wonderful stranger who went out of their way to help another human or animal, my faith in humanity is momentarily restored.

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Because it’s super difficult for us all to be globe-trotting charity workers who spend their days helping less fortunate people and animals or to be local heroes who do everything they can to improve the lifestyle of their neighbours, here are 10 random acts of kindness to get you started.


1. Smile at a stranger. You never know, that could be the first smile they’ve had all day. You could make their day.

2. Clear out your old winter coats and donate them to a homeless shelter. Hats, gloves and blankets are appreciated too.

3. Volunteer at a local dog shelter for an hour or so. A lot of rescue shelters are looking for people to walk the dogs!

4. Compliment someone you know. “Your hair looks lovely” or “I love your top” could make them feel great. Boost their confidence.

5. Bin your rubbish. Whether your in the cafeteria, the park or the office, don’t leave your rubbish behind. It’s bad for the environment and it can ruin somebody else’s day.

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6. Donate blood. Nice and simple. Blood is always in demand. It could save someone’s life!

7. Let someone go in front of you in the shopping queue if you’ve noticed they only have a handful of items.

8. Talk to the elderly. A lot of older people, those without a close family, could go days without speaking to a soul.

9. Invest in an entrepreneur from a developing country with charities such as Kiva or Lend with Care. Help them build their business with a small loan! You’ll eventually be repaid and can then invest in somebody else’s business.

10. Ring a family member or a friend that you haven’t spoke to in a while! They probably miss you.


Are you having a nice day? What’s the nicest thing that a stranger has ever done for you?

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15 thoughts on “10 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I bought my sister a muffin once at GREGGS then I got greedy and wanted a donut (in true me style) she bagged it and everything before I realised that I did not have enough change or my card on me. I apologised and asked her to return it. She let me have it anyway. Like, I almost cried with joy 🙆

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  2. I really like this post, small things like this can make a huge difference to someone’s day. I’ve always been one of those people who puts rubbish in the bin. Even if it’s at McDonalds I will always clear my tray 🙂

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    • Thank you! I completely agree. They may seem little but they could mean the world to someone, if they’re having a tough day and what not.
      Me too 🙂 I don’t like mess, and it just makes it harder for others if we don’t clear up!

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