What’s In My Bag?

I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to the contents, cleanliness and organisation of my handbag so it’s no surprise that my everyday bag is pretty neat. Understandably, sometimes I’ll throw a full day’s worth of receipts into my purse but they get cleared out as soon as I come home anyway! My mornings are always rushed (despite how organised I tend to be) so keeping the contents of my bag packed up and ready to go is a must.

What's in my bag? LYDC London Fashion

That doesn’t mean I don’t like pretty bags! My new handbag* – you can find a very similar bag here, is just lovely. I wanted something colourful as summer is just around the corner and I’ve been a bit boring with my choice of bags in the past. Not anymore – this one is a pretty pastel blue and pink. I love it! It’s also large enough and strong enough to carry everything I need for work, even fitting my DSLR snugly in the corner which is a huge bonus.

So, I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you what I carry around on a typical day. I hope you’re feeling nosey.


What's in my bag? LYDC London Fashion

Notepad and Coloured Pens // The practicality of the notepad alongside the childishness of the coloured pens sums me up pretty well. I’m also a super fan of colour coordinating my notes! I always have something to write down and I’m the Queen of Lists – seriously, that should be my title. I write lists for absolutely anything. I wouldn’t be able to function at full capacity without my pens and paper.

Keys // Ah, my keyring is just the best. I had so many keys at one point, I had to separate them to create three different bunches… I know, I know, completely mad. I had to bring a little bit of fangirl into my bag though! The giant keyring also makes my keys really easy to find.

Purse // That’s adulting for you. My nude Next purse had to be huge because I’ve got about 16 billion cards, a handful of loyalty stamp cards and a need to carry everything from plasters to stamps all in this one pouch. I can’t help it but at least it’s a tidy purse!

Glasses, Sunglasses and Glasses Case // It would be silly to leave the house without my glasses! I’m pretty blind and I’d be at a ridiculous disadvantage. My glasses (from Tesco!) are lovely – they’re a dark shade of brown and are a vintage cat-eye style so I can complete any vintage look I like even when I need to wear my glasses. I had to continue this theme into my sunglasses too. I found my beautiful cat-eye sunglasses at a vintage fair. They’re probably one of my favourite purchases ever.

Camcorder // For all those small moments that I just need to capture whether that’s me and Matt being cuties, the cat’s acting up or a funny pigeon in the street. I take photographs of and video everything! I’m a self-confessed memory hoarder.

Lipsticks, Lip Balm and Hand Cream // Currently, I’m carrying around a lovely pink Barry M lipstick, my mango Burt’s Bees lip balm and a Superdrug hand/nail strengthening cream. I wash my hands a lot and my hands would be like sandpaper without some moisturising loving! Burt’s Bees lip balms are always super to just carry around. I have a couple: one in my bag and one in my night stand. It’s the only lip balm that I’ve found actually works and now my lips are in the best condition they’ve ever been.

Lighter // I don’t smoke but I’m terrified of every possible situation that could happen to me, despite how unlikely it may be. If I find myself stranded somewhere, fire is just life!

Portable Phone Charger // My Samsung Galaxy S5 runs out of battery quite quickly so this is just a little safety net in case it dies. I’d be absolutely gutted if I was away with Matthew and in the middle of snapping some gorgeous shots my phone died! Or, you know, I got lost and needed to ring for help. Either way, I think these portable chargers are so handy. I got mine from Primark of all places!

Self-defence Spray // Pepper spray is illegal in the UK, stupidly. I’m not comfortable outdoors and I’m frightened of all the terrible things in the world. This is just my precaution. I haven’t had to use it yet, thank God.

A Ridiculous Amount of Bobbles // This is such a typical thing to find in the majority of ladies’ handbags… Like bobby pins, they go missing all the time. The only sure way to keep hold of one is to constantly wear it like a bracelet but you should see the horrible marks and dents that forms! Ouch. Whatever I try, they end up at the bottom of my bag but at least I’ve always got a selection.


Are you a messy or a tidy bag person?

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You can read my previous post here.

The handbag was gifted by LYDC but all opinions are my own and genuine.

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