Lush Review | Yoga Bomb

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, folks! The weather up in Yorkshire isn’t great today so a luxurious, relaxing Lush bath is clearly the best way to spend your afternoon.

Lush’s Yoga Bomb is one of my favourite bath bombs and it’s not hard to see why – it’s the whole package really. When I review Lush bath products, I tend to comment on its appearance in the water, its scent and how it makes my skin feel. The very special ones always tick off all three of these. Typically, those products are my favourites and Yoga Bomb rightfully deserves it’s place up there with the best.

Yoga Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review


The first time I tried Yoga Bomb I was really surprised. The one I picked up was completely orange, so the multitude of colours within were completely unexpected! This most recent of my Yoga Bombs (pictured above), however, shows the sneaky little selection of colours that peek out just along the join. The outer shell glitters ever so slightly and it’s overall appearance is pretty striking in comparison to the simplicity of my other favourite Lush bath products, such as Avobath or Dragon’s Egg.

It’s a very, very slow fizzer, lasting around 10 minutes. Because I was photographing the process this time, I didn’t jump right in, but lying within the slow fizz of the bomb is wonderful. The scent, a little bit woody and slightly reminiscent of my favourite incense stick, is released instantly and lasts throughout the entire bath. This long process makes Yoga Bomb ideal when you’re in need of a super relaxing and super luxurious bath.

Yoga Bomb Lush Bath Bomb ReviewYoga Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

After a few minutes, Yoga Bomb’s secret emerges and the bath begins to fill with purples, turquoises and glitter. The colours don’t combine to begin with – they swirl within the bath water and create intricate, multi-coloured patterns. Until the colours merge into a dark golden orange after around 10 minutes, you don’t quite realise how glittery this bath bomb is. As well as leaving my skin completely silky, it left a lovely shimmer too. That completely adds to the luxurious feeling that this bath bomb produces.

Yoga Bomb Lush Bath Bomb ReviewYoga Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

Those colours are just so pretty! It’s an overall fantastic bath bomb. It left my skin feeling silky soft, it smelt absolutely incredible and it makes the bath time experience incredibly relaxing.


Thanks for helping, Ivy! I’m sure I wouldn’t have managed to photograph this lovely bath bomb without your help…

Yoga Bomb Lush Bath Bomb Review

Have you ever tried Yoga Bomb?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

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