5 Tips For A Better Morning

I am not a morning person! Me and mornings have never got along but I knew if we didn’t fix our relationship soon then it would last a lifetime. That wouldn’t be good! Just to add insult to injury, I’m a terrible sleeper too. So, when I don’t get to sleep until 4am and I’m having to wake up for work at 6am… yeah, you can imagine that’s not going to go down well.

Tips For An Better Morning Alarm Clock

Recently, I’ve been trying to make a point of improving my sleep pattern and my morning routine. Good news, it’s working! I’ve started ignoring the urge to stay up to do something more fun than sleep (which is basically everything else) and I’ve forced myself into bed at a reasonable time. Now, even if I’m laid awake for a very long time, at least I tried.

Slowly but surely, my bed is becoming so much more inviting. It’s mostly down to my new morning routine and my focus on trying to make both bedtime and morning the best it can possibly be!


Here are my 5 tips for a better morning!

Leave yourself enough time:

It sounds counter productive, I know. Giving yourself less time to sleep surely couldn’t make your mornings easier… but I completely disagree.

Rushing around in the morning makes me so miserable and it sets me on the path for a super bad day. Instead, I set my alarm 30 minutes or maybe even an hour earlier than it needs to be. That extra time gives me room to wake up slowly with a cup of tea. I can even fit breakfast in too.

Go to bed earlier:

It’s a bit of an obvious one, but your sleep hygiene is the key to a good night’s sleep and, in turn, an easier morning. For a very long time, I put off going to bed because I had terrible insomnia – it seemed pointless to try if I knew I wouldn’t sleep anyway. That was such a bad idea though, and eventually it made me poorly.

Recently, I’ve been making early nights an essential. It feels fantastic to wake up after a refreshing night’s sleep, so it’s worth a try.

Plan, plan, plan:

I think this one is definitely the most important thing to remember if you’re after an enjoyable and easy morning. Plan everything in advance. Everything.

Choose what you’re wearing for work and hang it on the outside of your wardrobe. Make your lunch the night before when you’re making your tea. Decide what you’re having for breakfast if it’s not something you can prepare in advance. If you’re a fan of breakfast smoothies, freeze individual portions of cut fruit so you can shove them straight in your blender each morning. It’s so simple but it saves you so much time.

Tips For An Better Morning Poached Eggs Breakfast

Make your bed a cosy place:

If you make your bed the comfiest and most inviting part of your home, then you’ll definitely be more eager to climb into bed at night. By doing so, you’re giving yourself a good start on the path to a pleasant morning.

Cushions. Cushions everywhere.

Give yourself something to look forward to:

If you’ve got absolutely nothing to smile about in the morning, it makes it very difficult to wake up. I had a huge problem with this last year. I couldn’t think of anything to actually look forward to!

Now, me and Matt are making an effort to make mornings a proper part of the day, rather than simply something you have to get through to begin your day. On Monday’s, we wake up an hour early so we can catch up on Game of Thrones before work. Some mornings, we play on the Xbox before even starting on getting ready. Our morning smoothies alone are something to wake up for because damn they’re delicious.


What are your tips for a better morning?

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20 thoughts on “5 Tips For A Better Morning

    • Thank you! Me too, normally, but I like the feeling of having a full day instead of wasting my morning so I’m trying to get better with them :).
      Sorry it took me so long to reply, you got lost in my spam folder!

      Thanks for stopping by :).


  1. Like you I’m not a morning person but a while a go I started getting up an hour early so I could do some writing. Although I wouldn’t go as far to say I enjoy mornings, it does give me a reason to get up and once I’ve showered and started on my coffee I start writing and that part of the morning I really look forward to. It has also meant instead of arriving at work half asleep my brain is working.

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  2. For a good morning, I’d add: a good morning playlist to brush your teeth to, a clean room to wake up in (when I was a kid, I couldn’t sleep unless my room was clean; unfortunately, these days I tend to sleep in a mess), and some good smelling soap in the shower.

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  3. I can be a morning person and it does feel good when you’re up early sometimes. I’m more of a night owl though, I always get 7+ hours sleep but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough lol. Great post! xx

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