Lush Review | Sunflower Bubble Bar

Admittedly, this review is a little late. Lush’s Sunflower bubble bar was a Mother’s Day exclusive, meaning it’s not being sold anymore (not for another year, at least). Despite that, this product is just too beautiful not to share with you and, because it was so well received this year, there’s a chance that it’ll be back again next year! Get your fingers crossed, because it’s a good one.

Lush Review Sunflower Bubble Bar


Look at that beautiful thing. The colours are incredibly bright and uplifting. Orange is completely perfect for Mother’s Day – it’s a happy colour! The photograph doesn’t actually do it’s size justice (my fault, I apologise) because the product is in fact way larger than my hand. Its huge. Easily, it’s the largest Lush product I’ve tried so far. I’ve used this bubble bar twice already and I’m maybe only a quarter of the way through finishing it! It was an absolute bargain. I actually picked this product up in a Mother’s Day gift set as it was only being sold as an individual product exclusively at London’s Oxford Street store, meaning mine was even better value for money.

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Another lovely feature of Sunflower is the centre of dried sunflower petals. As you begin to break down the bubble bar, you eventually make your way to these and they float around in your tub. When I first started using Lush bath products, I got a little freaked out with things floated around but I quickly got used to it after my horrendous freak out with Big Blue… I jumped into the deep blue and beautiful looking bath water which was, unknowingly to me, packed full of seaweed. I screamed my face off for Matt to come and help me, cowering in one end of the tub whilst he Googled what the hell was going on. That, I’m telling you, was one of the most eventful baths ever.

Anyway, because of the bright oranges, you won’t be surprised to find out it leaves a beautiful golden yellow bath water. Perfect.

Lush Review Sunflower Bubble BarLush Review Sunflower Bubble Bar

Like every Lush product I’ve tried so far, it smells divine. It’s very sweet and because of the Sicilian lemon oil it has the very familiar lemony scent that I adore! It didn’t fade much throughout the process of both (very long and luxurious) baths which is a fantastic benefit, especially considering how many baths I will eventually be able to get out of this one bubble bar.

Although I very rarely do this, I left the best thing about this product until last. It creates, without a doubt, the softest and most velvety bubble bath I’ve ever had. I felt like I’d been dipped into a bath of healing potion, full of magic, creamy white bubbles and a scent to die for. I could have laid in that tub for a thousand years..

I’ve yet to be let down my a seasonal product. Lush, you’re amazing.


Did you grab a Sunflower bubble bar when they were available? Would you like to try it for yourself?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

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