Saturday’s Super Six | Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Hi, lovelies. How are you today?

Looking back, I’m not sure if this week has been a good one or a bad one – you know the type, where it just flies by without you really taking notice of what happened. So, to try and relive it a little bit, I thought this week’s Saturday’s Super Six could focus on the things that made me smile this week. Yey, positivity!

Spoilers ahead. I’m sure you’ve already heard about it by now, but this post contains huge spoilers from episode 2 of Game of Thrones season 6. You’ve been warned!

Hull Queens Gardens Flower

A pretty but old photograph of mine that I took back in college. Our town centre is full of beautiful flowers in the summer.

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1. Today, me and Matt played squash. It was so much fun and we ended up completely sweaty and out of breath! Afterwards, we began to think about signing up for a membership card which would allow access to all sports facilities and fitness classes including swimming, gym, sauna, dance classes and ice skating!

2. Last Saturday, I spent the morning watching films. It felt like Christmas. I only ever watch films at home during the day when it’s the Christmas holidays! We watched Wreck It, Ralph (which is so incredible I can’t even put it into words) and Mean Girls (a classic).

3. This week, the sun made an appearance again. Thankfully! Last Saturday, we also went for a lovely walk around Hull Marina and Princes Dock, stopping off for a lovely beer in the sun. The sun makes me and Matt both glow with happiness and it was a fantastic day.

Hull Princes Dock Drinks in the Sun

I sneakily caught this and it looks like he’s being super posey! My gorgeous fiancé.

4. The reintroduction of the sun also means we’ve started opening our windows up wide for the cats again. We live on a first floor flat so both of our girls are house cats – a matter that I’m very happy with. They’re safe, happy and so bloody spoilt. No accidental run ins with foxes or cars, and that makes me worry a lot less about them. Anyway, our living room windows are freaking huge. Opening them up kind of creates a little balcony for us two and the two cats to get some fresh air and sun. It’s lovely!

5. On Thursday, I went to a board game café. How good does that sound? We actually went on the night time, so it had already transformed into a little pub – okay, no, it was just a café that sold alcohol. Either way, it was a great night. Me and Matt went with his older brother and girlfriend. We played The Settlers of Catan, Guess Who and Would I Lie To You?, finishing the night with a Moroccan spiced vegetable pie and sweet potato fries. Lovely stuff.

6. I’ve saved the best until last… JON SNOW IS ALIVE. When I watched the most recent episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday night (okay, it was technically 2am Monday morning), I almost broke our sofa. I jumped up so high and screamed so loud when he took his first breath that I dread to think what our sleeping neighbours must have thought. I dreamt this moment would happen, but I was sure the show writers were just messing with us by prolonging his burial! Wow. Seriously, wow. It was an absolutely incredible episode and I’m dying to watch the next one!

Jon Snow Is Alive Home Game of Thrones

We’re all hoping for R+L=J, right? I have my fingers crossed this preview into Ned’s past will reveal all!


What was the highlight of your week?

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12 thoughts on “Saturday’s Super Six | Things That Made Me Happy This Week

  1. Ohh yessss!!! To the last point 😀 Hubs and I were like, come on we know he is going to get up make it soon 😀 😛 Though I must say I was still wary knowing how GoT goes, things can get pretty disappointing 😛 Did you notice something? None died yet 😛 I mean did the script writer change or something? All good things happening in this season 😀 I am stunned! 😀
    P.S- I am hoping for the R+L= J theory to be showcased this episode too. Do you believe Tyrion might be a Targaryen?


    • I think it’s been fantastic so far :D. I’m loving it? Did you see yesterday’s episode? Yey, I’m so happy Jon is back, but how cool was “my watch has ended”. Roose Bolton and Walder Frey died, though!!
      Me and Matt have been discussing Tyrion being a Targaryen! I definitely think there will be a 3rd Targaryen, but I’ve also heard a rumour that it could be Meera Reed. In the Ned Stark flash back, her dad was fighting with Ned!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeaah I did! I was SO annoyed that they did not show Lyanna’s scenes :\ I was expecting so much on that 😡 I had heard about the R+L= J+M theory but then Howard Reed died right? The theory was like he would take Meera home. Hmm. And yeah, Jon Snow dropping his mic was so cool 😀 Jon go get Rickon before that maniac Ramsay decides to make another Theon out of him :\ I am SO SO looking fwd to Ramsay’s death! He could be a competition to Joffrey in cruelty if he was alive!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think they’ll show them next week in Bran’s flashbacks!
        Oh yeah he did! That’s a good point.
        Poor Rickon. He looks so old now. I can’t wait for Ramsey to die either, he’s an absolute monster. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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