Lush Hand Care Routine

I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with keeping my hands and nails well kept and in good condition. Dry hands were something that didn’t affect me up until a few years ago when adulting became unavoidable. Daily life takes its toll, like it has to eventually! So, when I started to notice my once-delicate little hands becoming slightly rough, I made a point of trying to reverse and prevent it from becoming a problem in the future.

Since then, I’m pleased to say my hands are just as lovely as they were when I was young and carefree (albeit, I do have way longer and nicer nails now). It’s all thanks to these two wonderful products!

Lush Handcare - Lemony Flutter Cuticle ButterLush Handcare - Helping Hands Hand Cream


Before finding (and falling in love with) Lush Cosmetics, I would use simple hand care products such as compact, scented hand creams that could easily slot in my handbag. I’d always forget I had them with me though so the habit never stuck.

Then, Lush came along and brightened both my life and my hands.

In March, Lush’s Mother’s Day range was released and I excitedly picked up a gift box to try out some of the new products. As well as a lovely selection of bath bombs, bubble bars and shower gels, the gift box also included two lovely hand care products. Lemony Flutter is a beautiful, lemon scented cuticle butter and Helping Hands is an unbelievably softening hand cream with a subtle almond scent. Both of them are fantastic and I’ve been using them ever since.

Before bed, I always use my hand cream first as it’s very creamy formula means it takes a little while of rubbing before it all ‘soaks’ into your skin. I finish with the lemony cuticle butter – it’s such a great way to relax before bed! I’ve not only noticed a dramatic change for the better in the condition of my of my cuticles, but I can also end the night with my all-time favourite scent. I think it’s a lot like the Avobath scent which, again, is my favourite smell on the planet. Beautiful.

I go to sleep and wake up with incredibly soft hands! I’m finally happy with them too. I know this may sound a bit silly but I feel like my hands actually belong on a grown-up lady now. Taking care of yourself in the smallest little ways can do wonders.


Do you consciously take card of your hands and nails?

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6 thoughts on “Lush Hand Care Routine

  1. Love this! I think I may include some more hand care products into my routine too. I currently use the Full of Grace face serum at night that smells so good and relaxes my face completely – especially good for tension headaches! ❤

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    • Thank you :). I think pretty hands make such a difference! They make me feel quite girly too. I’ve never used Full of Grace, but I’m after some Lush facial products so thank you for the recommendation :D.

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  2. For a while I was trying to do hand cream every night. Faded away pretty fast. But now I’m really tired of the damage I’ve done to my nails (stress biting). Recently I’m thinking I need to take better care of myself in lots of “little” ways, including my nails. Glad you found something that works!

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    • That’s the reason I started taking my care of my hands too. I had lovely nails and hands before university, but then the stress got to me and I constantly bit them off over and over again. I hope you find something that helps you too :).

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