April flew by. How is it May bank holiday already? I feel like 2016 has been a completely giant, useless blur of nothingness (even though I’ve done some pretty great things recently). It’s been a weird year so far, that’s for sure.

April Monthly Wrap-Up

Saying that though, I’m super excited about how close we are getting to an actual English summer! I bought some summer clothes in the tiny April heatwave we had a couple of weeks ago, and it’s done nothing but rain since… so,  yeah, I’m sorry England, that’s definitely my fault. I jinxed us all. My sunglasses are still in my handbag though. I’m not fooling for this changeable English weather again. I’m ready, sun. Come and get me.


Last month, in my March monthly wrap-up, I mentioned how I hadn’t had my first “beer garden” afternoon of the year yet – no coat, sunglasses, a cold beer and a bowl of chips! That’s one of my favourite summer afternoons. We had a super hot week this month though, so I finally ticked that off my to-do list. And, as expected, it was a fantastic day.

Hull Queens Gardens Sunny

I made a daisy chain because I’m actually 5-years old in a 21-year old body.

So, let’s get on with this month’s wrap up! (If you’d like to check out March’s post, you can read it here):

Personal Achievements and Memorable Moments:

  • I took the plunge and finally got my hair cut and coloured at the hairdressers. I went from red to brown and had about 4 inches chopped off. My hair is feeling lovely and healthy. I was terrified (and it took 4 hours!) but it was worth it.
  • I’ve been trying to do a lot more things that are way out of my comfort zone, so me and Matt went for a late lunch (the later it gets, the more worried I become) at a restaurant called Level. We had cocktails and it was a really lovely afternoon.
  • I baked sugar cookies and practised decorating and piping with royal icing.
  • Me and Matt had a lovely week of walks around Hull Marina and Hull’s Old Town in the sun. We had our first beer garden drink of the year and even ate lunch outside. (Big achievement for me! I was nowhere near as scared as I normally am)
  • I had a beautiful day out with my mum. We went up to Hornsea to grab patty, chips and peas, and then ate it at Hornsea Mere.
  • Because it was suddenly so sunny, I went spring/summer clothes shopping. The next day it rained, and it hasn’t stopped since. Either way, I’m ready!
Hull Queens Gardens Sunny

It was warm enough to sit on the grass. Yes!


  • Game of Thrones, guys. Game of Thrones.
    Season 6 finally aired this month and the opening episode was absolutely fantastic. It’s on again tonight (well, 2am!) and I’m just so over excited. I can’t wait!
  • Since we finished Glee last month, we haven’t started a new TV series. Instead, I’ve been really into daily vlogs on YouTube – Alfie, Zoe, Louie and the SacconeJolys are my favourite right now.
  • I still haven’t read a book. However, I have placed one on my desk, so… progress.
  • Me and Matt bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for the Xbox One. I am in love.
  • I’ve also started playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360 when I have some spare time. I think Skyrim is my favourite ever game. That’s a bold statement, but I went there.
  • Britain’s Got Talent is one of my huge guilty pleasures, and it finally started up again in April. That’s my Saturday night sorted for the next couple of months – no shame! We even celebrated the first episode with a little party tea.



How was April for you?

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You can read my previous post here.


Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills.

25 thoughts on “April

  1. My April was much better than my March! There were still various kids’ health issues (especially Muffin), but luckily none of these were long-lasting. I read a lot of juvenile fiction, and am happy about my decision to almost entirely switch away from “adult” books. And we saw some great spring-like days!

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  2. You go for trying so many new things in April! I get terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone, but sometimes that’s just what we have to do. I went to my second concert this year, not having been to one in 5 years or so before that hahaha it was totally worth it (we had seat tickets, I don’t think I would have survived the pit with people pressing against me – crowds make me so anxious).
    As always, I love the photos you took. So great!

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  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful month – making daisy chains included! I really like the way you do these summary posts, there’s so much personality in them and it’s not your usual round up 👏

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  4. I completely forgot about Game of Thrones coming back – will try and catch the first episode tonight. This year is whistling past, isn’t it (mind you – I thought that last year, and the year before…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Highly recommend you do. It’s been a fantastic couple of episodes and you’ve done a great job avoiding spoilers if you don’t know what’s been going on!
      I think 2016 has been the first time I blinked and a month passed by. I hope it slows down soon…


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